32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (2024)

The top stops along the way from Auburn to Louisville (with short detours) are The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, and Horseshoe Indianapolis, Shelbyville. Other popular stops include Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, Harrah's Hoosier Park Casino Racetrack, and Brown County State Park.


Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

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Wildlife refuge

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What a wonderful experience! The staff was very well educated and told us numerous facts about the animals they've rescued. The areas were very well maintained and the gift shop was spectacular!

Ann M — Google review

I love what they are doing for these animals. the people who worked there were very kind and considerate for the residents I had with us that had walkers and they took their time to make sure our group caught up. Thank You so much for the lovely trip and tour!!! definitely need to come back again. only con is I wish we could go at our own pace to fully take in and enjoy seeing the animals(I am a photographer 📸 love taking pictures hehe 💗)

Sarcastic D — Google review

I thought this place was amazing! The animals are all very well cared for and they are so beautiful! I love that the staff tell us their back story and how they got there. Definitely recommend this place!!

Christina T — Google review

Having visited and volunteered at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary many times over the years, I wholeheartedly recommend it as a destination for people who truly love their furry, feathery, scaly, and shelled fellow beings. This easy-to-walk sanctuary has dozens of uncommon species as permanent residents. It is a rare gem not only for Northern Indiana but for the country. All of the people, from director to keepers to gift shop to volunteers, work long, hard hours because they care deeply, and they've achieved the highest caliber accreditation in existence, GFAS, which is not given to roadside attractions or even most zoos. To visit Black Pine is to have a peaceful experience; schedule a tour to learn about where the animals came from and how exotic animals need to be treated. You'll get to ask questions, learn, and feel connected. Go see how ordinary people stepped up to create an extraordinary place, a sanctuary that is still growing and can become a place you will love, too.

B A — Google review

I have lived in Fort Wayne for about 18 years, and it was my first time visiting Black Pine. It was a great, different, wonderful, and educational experience. We would definitely visit again. It was clean and very organized. All the volunteers were very friendly, welcoming, and definitely very well educated about the animals, etc. You could tell they really love what they do and really care about the animals. Loved it and can't wait to go back! Thank you for everything you all do for the animals!

Terry S — Google review

Family friendly place with very friendly staff. Very educational as well. Many animals to see. All were saved from deplorable situations. Also, hot summer nights events are a blast. They are themed and always have activities for the kiddos.

Stephanie S — Google review

Such a caring and compassionate place.For those with mobility challenges, there is a lot of walking.The animals are much closer than at the zoo.Very nice, well cared for habitats for every one!

Wanda G — Google review

Very unique place! Animals normally needing euthanasia are given a place to live their best life for their remaining years. Hard to believe this is in Albion Indiana, but it is and you really should go!

Car J — Google review

We took the feeding tour. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly. The animals were eager to come out and eat and curious about the human visitors. Black Pine is a one of kind experience and they are doing a great service to the community and the welfare of the animals they rescue.

Lisa S — Google review

Black Pine is an amazing place where animals can live their lives out in peace! It is very interesting learning about all their lives and where they came from. Each animals have a unique story and plus you going on a tour helps support them!

Tiffany A — Google review

Guided tours through the sanctuary where they tell you about the animals and why they are at the sanctuary. We booked tour online before going and you currently need to wear face masks to protect the animals from getting Covid. They have a small gift shop also. Tour guide was very nice and knowledgeable about the animals. Lots of different animals to see. Would recommend if you are in the area.

Christi H — Google review


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1426 W Main St, Albion, IN 46701, USA

(260) 636-7383


Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

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Zoos & Aquariums

Non-profit organization

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is an extensive animal park that provides children with the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes. Featuring over 1000 animals, this sprawling zoo includes multiple regions landscaped to transport visitors to different continents. They offer interactive feeding experiences with a variety of animals such as stingrays and have knowledgeable employees at many exhibits discussing the animals. Additionally, visitors can enjoy various rides throughout the park, including a ski lift and water log ride.

We LOVE our visits to the zoo! There's something for everyone. My daughter was disappointed that she no longer gets to visit her favorite pony, Candy. I hope the zoo considers bringing the pony ride back. Also, would LOVE to see more on the sky safari.Otherwise, our visit was fantastic! She LOVED that there's a mural with the butterfly photo-op now! I loved that the jeeps I rode in have at least returned to Nyumba Village.

Mary L — Google review

I really liked and enjoyed this zoo better than the Indy zoo, albeit I give the Indy zoo 5 stars as well. I just enjoyed this zoo and experience better.My reef encounter tour wasn't as good as expected, seemed a bit short and a boring but I was just hoping for something better like feeding the sharks and lion fish however the lady that gave me the tour was great and knew her stuff!All of the staff here were amazing, friendly, helpful, very upbeat, positive, and seemed to go above and beyond!!

BigTexXxDogg T — Google review

This was my 1st time visiting and I loved it. It was so hot out yesterday but the zoo has plenty of shady rest areas. A lot of the animals weren't out because of the heat so I would definitely love to go back when it is a little cooler outside. It was still very enjoyable.

Tammi B — Google review

Went on a rainy Saturday morning to find no crowd and everything open! It's changed a lot over the years and would be hard to recognize if you haven't been in the last 10 years or so. It's worth checking back out! The goats, chickens, and giraffes are $1 each to feed, and the rides are $3 each per person all done digitally on an iPad in the zoo, card only no cash that we saw.

Alex B — Google review

5 stars all the way around! If you go early, you get the most out of your day, the staff is out and ready to interact with all of the zoo goers! Food was great, rides were smooth and no issues ever at this location. The animals were amazing and vibrant as well as seemed to enjoy their handlers! Just a spectacular display once again Fort Wayne Children's Zoo!!!

Lovely S — Google review

Loved this place!! We visited today with our son and had a blast. It's neither on the large side nor on the small side of zoos, falling right inside that sweet spot middle. Like all zoos, some areas were better than others, with this zoos monkey/ape and red panda enclosures being their best features. I am excited to see their sea lions' habitat once they are completed. All in all, it was a positive experience for all of us.I had to edit this: the grounds themselves need to be mentioned. They are made in such a way that you become very immersed. Really nice touch!Will totally recommend it and definitely will be back in the future. Keep up the great work here!!

Samual E — Google review

Always a fun time at the zoo in Fort Wayne! From the sky lift over the safari to the Indiana farm petting zoo, there are animals everywhere although some are pretty good at blending in to their surroundings. The monkeys and seals are adorable, while the carousel and train are fun for all ages. The zoo is very well maintained and clean and the staff is friendly.Bring a snack and drink for yourself and the kiddos, it's allowed, which makes the trip more affordable for families. It's a great way to spend the day!

Christina B — Google review

We went as a school event. It was a very chilly day so we didn't get to see a few animals because they were inside. And there was no bears? Anyways the paths were nice the enclosure were nice. You can touch the stingrays!! The seals were very active we were there at feeding time. The tiger was very active. I would def go again.

Karen D — Google review

Took my favorite kid to the zoo before he headed back to school. I hadn't been to the zoo in several years, and enjoyed all the fun times we shared there. The zoo is so inviting, super clean, wonderful friendly staff and amazing animals. Highly recommend to kids from 1 to 101!

Sue C — Google review

The last time I went to the Fort Wayne children’s zoo was before Covid! Well, since I’ve been back, they made a lot of major improvements and have added quite a few new features. I love that you can purchase a ride pass for the day at a low cost of $25 for 12 rides. I recommend checking them all out and most importantly, enjoying all the time with your little ones!

Sachet M — Google review

Zoo is okay, trails are pretty clean & easy for every age group almost. Wasn’t too impressed with the wild life overall. Nothing too exotic. Parking can be a pain esp on the weekends.

Malik A — Google review

This was my first time visiting this zoo and I was surprised at how sprawling it is. They have multiple different "regions" which are landscaped and designed very well to make you feel like you've been transported to another continent. They have lots of different animals, and even some interactive feeding experiences with animals like giraffes and stingrays. They do a good job of having employees at a lot of the exhibits discussing the animals. They also have a few rides to check out around the zoo, including a ski lift type ride and a water log ride. Overall this is a great zoo and absolutely worth dedicating a day to.

Sam S — Google review

We had the best time! Easy & free parking. Lots of animals where you can get up close! Lush gardens of beautiful flowers and greenery everywhere. Very easy to navigate with strollers, wagons or wheelchairs. Lots of photo opportunities throughout the zoo. It seemed as if there was always a bathroom nearby which helps tremendously with small children. Plan your trip accordingly, they have different animal feedings throughout the zoo. We went when It was overcast so the giraffes weren’t as active and if you don’t get there early they may have eaten a lot for the day. The stingrays only feed at 11 & 2 I believe. The petting zoo is always fun we did that last. We started in Africa and moved counterclockwise. Cafés throughout the park and lots of benches to stop and take a rest. They even had more private places for nursing mothers. We can’t wait to come back!

Mar S — Google review

I really enjoyed spending time at this zoo with my husband. He wanted to go there the day of our concert as a way to pass the time before it started and it exceeded our expectations! Lots of animals to see and well kept from what we saw. Would definitely recommend!

Aries C — Google review

This was our first visit and we enjoyed it very much. I truly appreciated the vegetation and water features all around the zoo. There were many places to rest in the shade. The exhibits seemed large enough for the animals to have adequate space and were clean. The animals all looked healthy.

Christel W — Google review

What a great gem in Fort Wayne! We spent the afternoon enjoying the animals, the botanicals, the rides...all lovely. Peaco*cks roam freely. The zoo is clean and walkable. The theming is excellent throughout. Don't let the name fool you, it's for all ages...we were a party of five adults!

Micki — Google review

Great experience. The zoo was very clean and mostly shady. Not extremely large so you’re able to do in a day. We went on a Sunday and it wasn’t busy. We were able to see a good amount of animals. Tickets were $18.00 an adult. All the feedings and tickets you can buy digitally throughout the park on kiosk. There’s also 2 kiosk at the food area which was nice if your using card, we were able to skip the line. Bathrooms were clean and found throughout the park. Free parking.

Nicole K — Google review

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is an absolute gem and a must-visit for families. This fantastic zoo offers a delightful and educational experience that both children and adults will cherish. With a diverse array of animals and engaging exhibits, it's a place that manages to strike the perfect balance between entertainment and learning.One of the standout features of this zoo is the remarkable diversity of species it houses. From playful penguins to majestic lions, the zoo covers a wide spectrum of wildlife. The exhibits are well-designed, providing animals with spacious and enriched environments, which is not only great for the creatures but also enhances the visitor's experience.The staff at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo deserves special praise. They are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the animals they care for. This enthusiasm is infectious and makes interactions with the animals more enjoyable. The zookeepers often provide fascinating insights during their feeding and enrichment sessions.For families, the zoo offers an abundance of interactive opportunities. The Australian Adventure and African Journey exhibits, in particular, allow visitors to get up close and personal with animals. There are also playgrounds, a train ride, and a sky ride, all of which add to the fun.Cleanliness and maintenance are top-notch, making the zoo a safe and pleasant environment for everyone. Additionally, the pricing is reasonable, and annual memberships are a great value.In conclusion, the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is a place of wonder and discovery. It educates, entertains, and ignites a passion for wildlife in children and adults alike. If you're in the area, don't miss the opportunity to explore this exceptional zoo.

James — Google review

It's a great place for kids. We paid the extra to ride stuff. It's cool but not many animals to look at

Sheri H — Google review

It was my first time going to the zoo and I enjoyed it so much. Getting to see the animals from Africa kinda made me reflect on the great history and contributions of Africa.

Ebenezer F — Google review

We went on December 15th 2023 and while not all the animals were out due to it being winter and too cold for them we enjoyed it so much. The zoo keepers were amazing and welcoming, there were enough animals, birds and fish to see to have a blast. We took a ride on a mini train, pet the sting rays, brushed the goats and just enjoyed the cozy atmosphere! There were even some things we didn't take advantage of that were available like free carousel rides, letters to Santa station, princesses Anna and Elsa and a visit with Santa.We had a great time and I highly recommend visiting!

Kseniia G — Google review

I loved the experience! The new updates to the Zoo was pretty amazing. The Red Panda Ridge is really cool even for the Bigger Kiddos. The options of food has also improved immensely! The option to bring a packed lunch is great for picky eaters. The rides were safe and reliable. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Seria D — Google review

Fortunate to be members here for a few years and it is worth every penny! We always make a memory here! If you go to the zoo close to closing time, especially if you are a member and have that extra hour. You'll most likely see the tigers. Very active, as I think they're waiting to be fed. Thank you for your customer service, Fort Wayne zoo employees.

O M — Google review

We made our way to the zoo this weekend for the first time in a very long time. Our kids are mostly all grown now with just one to go. The three of us had a grand time checking out the improvements to the zoo and enjoying the areas that make this zoo great. If you're not been to the Fort Wayne children's zoo, you need to make it a priority to get there.

Gordon L — Google review

It's the Fort Wayne Zoo ! One of the best zoos in a smaller city in all of America. They have later hours on Wednesdays which is nice ! The family zoo pass also gets you discounted admission to other zoos across the nation !

Kinta D — Google review

We had a good day. Very family friendly! Landscaping was pretty. There was an employee talking about the animals with the kangaroos & giraffes. At this zoo you walk on paths that feel like trails (paved for the vast majority of the areas). It's not just one big open area. There are a couple good food places, a coffee shop, and a few snack stands and ice cream stands. Chicken fingers, fries, hot dog, and peanut butter and jelly were all good and as to be expected in this type of environment. There were a ton of bees around these eateries. Watch out so you don't get stung. We also rode the carousel, a train ride, and a "boat" ride. All were really fun! They also have a chair lift, but it was shut down while we were there.

Alivia L — Google review

My niece had her son’s fifth birthday party here. For the amount of money she paid. They were a bit unprepared, and the animal encounter ended up being a tour of the aquarium from the top which she couldn’t see anything. I feel like they should’ve mentioned to her that her son picking an aquatic animal would not truly be an animal encounter. The entire African Safari section was closed. They discontinued a few staples from the rainforest. The new sky ride only has one available slot for anyone over 14 👎🏼 overall, todays venue want the best experience.

Louisa C — Google review

Great place for kids! The layout is great compared to others. Food prices are decent and good options. Tons of shady spots all around the park to sit and relax in. Nice little water/stream feature for the kids to cool down in, also in the shade. Carousel only 3$ per rider, and if you're standing (not sitting) with your kid you are free. There's also a log ride and train also 3$ per rider and opening soon there is going to be a huge rope course. Lots of photo opportunities and animals to pet!The only thing I would change/add is the bee population is wild out there (early September when I visited) couldn't eat/sit without being flown at but it didn't effect our visit. And I wish there was an actual playground.

Nicole L — Google review

The prices are high, but zoo has lots of updates & workers upkeeping the grounds that are willing to talk about anything. Didn't see the sealions, as they are renewing their habitat. Unsure where the penguins were. The water turtles were fighting so they need to be separated. Too many ppl around the stingray tank to experience interaction. Should be real plants in the orangutan area. Love the atrium but not enough birds. Please add Meercats.

Brigette S — Google review


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3411 Sherman Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46808, USA

(260) 427-6800

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Rooms, guests


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Allen County Public Library - Main

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Public library


The Allen County Public Library - Main, located in the heart of Fort Wayne on West Washington Boulevard, is a top destination for book lovers and families alike. With an extensive collection of over 4,500,000 books, articles, and journals, it's a haven for those seeking a quiet place to read. The library offers more than just books; visitors can explore an art gallery, catch a movie at the theater, grab a bite at Dunkin Donuts or utilize the parking garage.

Whether you're there to work, you brought the kids, or you're just checking out a book, the main library is awesome.There's more than meets the eye once you explore a little. A room dedicated to public 3D printers & a sound booth. Literally one of the best places to explore your family history in the US. A local TV broadcasting studio. A HUGE children's section with so many activities to keep your little ones occupied. And so much more.

Logan T — Google review

Great library has a lot of historical things displayed. Very great customer service for someone new to the city I will recommend this location. Will visit the location again. Clean library and lots of lighting compare to the smaller locations and has extra parking in the basem*nt something I was aware about. They have the Rolland center with history on president Lincoln . Amazing info

Lya R — Google review

Was here doing some scanning work. First time visiting. Very very nice library.

Lord J — Google review

Upon booking a room, the lady working upstairs in teens was very unpleasant and unwelcoming. Dark-haired and heavier set. She never smiled and seemed to be bothered by my presence, as if I was interrupting her. She walked off and didn't even tell me to follow her, to which I just had to assume that's what she wanted me to do. When saying thank you, I got no response. Very rude! Everyone else is very welcoming and pleasant to work with though!

Arianna ( — Google review

I visited the Allen County Public Library specifically for their Genealogy Center.Their specialists were a tremendous help in breaking down a brick wall I’ve been trying to get through for several years. They showed me how to get information I’d been trying to find & didn’t know how. They also allow free computer use & are there to answer any questions & help guide you to new data pathways.I travelled from Oklahoma, spent 3 nights in Ft. Wayne & believe it was more than worthwhile. The face to face professional help & guidance was simply fantastic. I highly recommend visiting Allen County Library’s Genealogy Center!

Michael K — Google review

Always a pleasure visiting this branch. Helpful women at the Help desk and at security station. Enjoyed seeing Sydney McQuade Otto’s artwork. Really like several of her paintings and bronze work. “Great State of Indiana” brings the idea of perspective to life as I thought I saw something quite different from a distance.

Iris M — Google review

Good place to get work done. Very clean and modern. Great place to focus on ur tasks and to relax and read a book or do research! Easy check out process and renewal is a simple click on their app!

Christopher K — Google review

This place sucks. Apparently, playing guitar unobtrusively in the plaza is a no-go and you will be asked to pack up, clearly violating first amendment rights in what is supposed to be a public space. Meanwhile, being an obvious drug addict covered in filth and blowing clouds of cigarette smoke near the entrance is perfectly acceptable.Way to keep it classy, Ft. Wayne. What a disappointment!

Spike N — Google review

We enjoyed the children's services on this visit. Very good selection of materials. Took part in a reading activity, the kids seemed to enjoy the storyteller, music activity and fun with bubbles. There are lots of reading cubbies, computer access and interactive play areas.

LaDonna S — Google review

It's REALLY fun!! Found alot of books I've been waiting/looking for and the staff is always friendly!!! Has awesome staff and found a few cool people to hang out from the library!!! Is always an amazing place to go to for total silence and is accepting of all kinds of people regardless of who you are!! 😁😁 Very helpful to find past family members aswell! Even has a Makerspace with tons of EXTREMELY unique features and equipment!!!

Devin K — Google review

Everyone was great. Help my daughter and I set up new library cards. They help from beginning to the end. Very pleased. This was my first time in. I didn't know how many years I had even been to the library. But I will make it an upcoming thing for myself and my daughters.

Kevin P — Google review

Lots of resources, in branch and online. Underground parking is great and free if there not too long. Elevators will take you from garage level to top floor, but you will have to transfer elevators on main level. Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Arthur K — Google review

Very cool library! A fabulous children's section, an art gallery, a Lincoln museum, and a section for buying super cheap books (5 for $1!). Also a large globe that was fun to look at in such great detail.

Rebecca — Google review

I always enjoy the downtown location. I've had a library card for years. Sometimes they have a rogue employee that tries to give me a hard time about using the Science and Technology computer. I simply enjoy the quiet up there.

Amy L — Google review

Love it! The staff are so nice whenever me and my brothers go here! And they have super fun events year-round! They really know how to keep someone busy for a few hours!

Carmen C — Google review

Absolutely blown away by how great this library is especially for children interested in learning computers. The creators lab that allows access to 3d printers, sound booth, audio recording, ceative computer software that's hard to access such as Illustrator really wowed me. Beautiful art all over this library, fantastic grounds and organization and selection.

Bryan G — Google review

Large, well stocked library with plenty of space to sit and work. The computer labs are nice and easy to use.Library staff is friendly and wants to help patrons.The variety of the collection is wonderful. They have board games, video games, books, magazines, movies, music, sheet music, whatever you might desire.The genealogy collection is incredible.

Zoë S — Google review

If you had to say the Top 10 treasured places in Fort Wayne, this would have to be one of them. Maybe number 1. The library has an art gallery, a movie theater, food as Dunkin donuts, a parking garage, and BOOKS; oh did I mention one of the best genealogy sections in the nation. There are whole towns in Indiana that have less interesting things than this single block in the summit city. My sister needed a movie and apparently this library has it. The library is continuing force of Knowledge and stimulation in one place. Everyone should go to this place. They now have new Abraham Lincoln exhibit that is more assessable. They do curveside pick-up for books as well.

Philip P — Google review


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900 Library Plz, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA

(260) 421-1200


Parkview Field

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Sights & Landmarks

Baseball field

Arenas & Stadiums

Parkview Field, a minor-league baseball stadium, not only hosts baseball games but also serves as a venue for concerts. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of the field from any seat, thanks to protective nets that cover most of them. In addition to numerous food stations and well-organized merchandise shops selling quality products at reasonable prices, there is a walking path and splash pad for visitors' enjoyment. During baseball games, spectators can expect classic minor league fun with contests and silly activities between innings.

This stadium is great! The fireworks nights are awesome. There is a wide variety of alcohol drinks if you are into that kind of stuff.

Erik L — Google review

Love this ballpark. Every seat is fantastic, inning entertainment is a hoot, and the fireworks are always great! The thirsty Thursday deals are top notch - $2 domestic and $4 premium beers, $4/$6 well drinks (2022).

Aubrey H — Google review

Fun evening of good clean fun!!! The Tincaps won, the hot dogs were just okay and the funnel cake was good. But the best part for me was the fireworks! I think they were the best I've ever seen, or real close!

Kimberly M — Google review

Great place to watch a ballgame, but in early April, we were frozen by a cold cold wind 🥶Lots of smart locals with their blankets. Thank goodness for hot chocolate.

Tatiana H — Google review

This baseball park is sweet. Great field. Great views from pretty much anywhere. Nets protect most of the seats. Stadium has numerous food stations. Ushers and security are friendly and efficient. Classic minor league baseball with contest and silliness between innings. Worth the price of admission in a family friendly environment. Classy array of merchandise and the shop is clean and orderly and prices are average for quality merchandise. It’s nice the TinCaps win a lot too.

Jack W — Google review

Very nice ballpark, clean and well designed. Food and drink areas well placed with a nice variety. Fun theme nights, great for families. I used to live near a MLB park and was really missing baseball, I was very pleasantly surprised with this park.

Debra L — Google review

What a great MILB ballpark. Great seating, quality food & beverage at very fair prices, interesting downtown location. Every staff member we came in contact with, was incredibly nice. Have to rack my brain, to find anything to nitpick, at all. Maybe…upgrade the graphics & presentation on the main scoreboard? Highly recommended.

Mike B — Google review

Beautiful stadium in the heart of Fort Wayne. It has great views of the city! Everything is clean and updated. The staff is extremely friendly. The games are always fun to watch. There are usually fun activities/entertainment between innings. The concessions stands are well stocked, however they are a little expensive (just like all sporting events). Highly recommend going to a game!

Lucas — Google review

Great venue. Helpful and polite staff. Delicious food and drink. Lovely gift shop where I bought a cool sweatshirt. Thank you Heartland Insurance Partners for a great evening at the ballgame. Happy 15th Anniversary!!!

Winston P — Google review

Have been here for many baseball games. Saw a great comedy show. On the field seating was packed pretty damn tight. Had some dudes shoulder in my ribs all night. Concert was great, the seating was much to be desired.

Epic D — Google review

Great minor league park. Not a bad seat in the house. Food is good and prices fairly. Always a fun time for people of any age. We take the kiddos down a couple of times a season for games.

Christopher H — Google review

Great fun watching the Tin Caps here. Easy to have good seats. Nice big screens and good sideshow sketches during the games. My only complaint at all is that everything in the concessions is cashless which I really don't like. But you will have fun and get some sun (unless seated under the overhang). So head on out to a game!

George J — Google review

We had our wedding here in the Lincoln Event Center and it was absolutely amazing. The staff was fantastic and it was perfect in every way! The food was delicious and our guests agreed! Plus, it was very affordable and less than other full service wedding venues in town!

Lesley L — Google review

Nice stadium. Not much small but I wish I attended a game . is in downtown area hidden gem

Lya R — Google review

It’s a wonderful facility that provides wholesome family entertainment. Tix prices are good but the food can get pricey. 🌭Bring the whole family out for a fun night!

Kelly M — Google review

Parkview Field is a beautiful place to watch a ballgame. All of the staff is so helpful. There is lots of stuff going on during the game to help keep the kids engaged. I'm already looking forward to next season!

Jane C — Google review

Parkview Field is an amazing place to host your next event. We hosted our wedding this past weekend and after almost a year of planning with the absolutely wonderful staff everything came together even more beautifully than we could have ever imagined. Every detail was meticulously met throughout the planning process & on the day of. ALL the staff involved were amazing, from planning, to serving, to bartending, & more!We cannot thank Holly, Lexi, & the rest of the team that helped make our dream day come true!Highly recommend for your next event!

Genevieve G — Google review

I was working at an event in one of the suites. Did not attend the game but saw it from the windows from time to time 😀. Got me realizing how much I missed baseball games. I will definitely be going back soon.

Michael T — Google review

It's always a good experience when going to Parkview Field! The entertainment is incredible here. During the baseball game they have quick little games where people who are chosen can go onto the field and win some prices which is fun to watch. There are many different places to sit at. They have a wide variety of foods at this ball field. My favorite is the Dip n Dots with the ball cap! You get a quick treat and a souvenir you can take home. Many nights they have special themes including, Family Feast Night, Princess Night, Thirsty Thursdays, Peanut Free Night, and Star Wars night just to name a few. Sometimes they have post game fireworks and post game autographs as well! Stop by and watch a game!

Bean ! — Google review

Had an overnighter with the Cub Scout crew. Pretty cool event! They kept the concession stand open til midnight, played a movie on the Jumbotron...it's great that they do these things for the community. It was our first time at the field and it's very nice and kid friendly! Concession prices are what you'd expect and the folks working inside the stadium were all very nice. We'll be back!

Terrence J — Google review


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1301 Ewing St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802, USA

(260) 482-6400


Zip Timber Lake

Adventure sports


Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks

This place never fails to amaze me. Matt and Sarah were awesome tour guides that made the experience that much better. My group of 4 opted for the full experience. It was a great time joking around with each other and Matt as well. I highly recommend going in the fall when the leaves are in their prime changing stages. I will definitely be back next season!

Noah H — Google review

This was a wonderful experience! Matt and Jed were professional, but still a lot of fun. I would recommend this to everyone. 👍👍

Connie C — Google review

Shane and Savannah were really fun guides! Our 19 year old birthday girl loves adventure. We brought her & our 16 year old (who’s usually NOT looking for adventure) for their first Zip Lining experience. They both had a blast! 💥🎉👏🏻

Michelle L — Google review

We had an amazing time for our 7 year olds birthday. We did the intro course to make sure he could handle it and he loved every second of it. Our guides Matt and Daphne were awesome and made every one feel comfortable. We will absolutely be back this summer to check out the full course.

Pete S — Google review

We had Isaiah and Kayden as our guides and they were great. Our kids got cold feet at the last minute but they helped us out the entire time. Great experience and would definitely recommend it 👍

Bradan T — Google review

Zip Timber Lake is an amazing place to experience the thrill of zip lining. You first zip through the trees and if you opt for the High Adventure package, you even zip across the lake . The great thing about zip lining is that it can be for everyone. Zip Timber Lake is the only place you can zip line in North-East Indiana and it is definitely an incredible way to spend an afternoon!

Jacob C — Google review

Place is awesome! Kaden and Sarah were our guides on the zip line tour and you couldn't ask for 2 better people to be guides. Very nice, very knowledgeable, very quick-witted sense of humor! Will definitely be back!

Chris M — Google review

I first did the intro course in the fall of 2022. My daughter wanted to go back for her 13th birthday and do the full course. We completed it today, and she had an awesome time! The staff are knowledgeable, professional, and very kind. Highly recommend!

Jessica S — Google review

What a hidden gem! Our guides, Isaiah and Kaden, were knowledgeable and cognizant of supporting everyone's comfort level. They balanced humor with challenge during the course while practicing upmost safety. We are excited to visit again and will be bringing a new set of friends to share this adventure!

Nikia B — Google review


(66)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (14)


(118)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (15)

1740 E 675 N, Huntington, IN 46750, USA

(260) 672-3251

I'll never travel to Louisville without this trip planner again

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32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (16)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (17)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (18)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (19)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (20)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (21)

I will never travel to Louisville without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Ouabache State Park

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (23)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (24)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (25)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (26)

State park

Nature & Parks


State park with hiking & biking trails, campground, pool, tennis courts, playground & nature center.

This is a great park for a day or a week. Tons of things to do. They have around 10 miles of easy to moderate hiking trails, a fishing lake, swimming beach, campground, small herd of bison, and tons of other things to do. A short distance outside the main entrance is White Bridge picnic area and public access.

Mikel R — Google review

Went for a day in April for the eclipse. Such great staff! It's a wonderful park with plenty of space and trails. It was still spring so the trails still had standing water and mud as expected, so bring proper footwear. Has a beach front and seasonal boat rental. Fishing is allowed but only two keepers. Rock path around most of the lake. Has a bison enclosure you can walk around the outside. A few different playgrounds and bathroom areas. We plan on going back in the summer.

Paul A — Google review

Beautiful park. I enjoyed the 6 mile trail 5 park today.The bad: The trail was very muddy but not atypical for early spring. They do have a lot of loose rock on the trail so the problem areas are not bottomless quagmires. Sturdy hiking shoes or boots can get through but you may get wet. I recommend the park put some board walks in a few areas like we see at other parks in the state.The good: great mix of timber, creeks and wildlife. If you need some pine tree therapy, this is a great trail and park for you. The camping facilities look nice too.

Dustin H — Google review

For such a small state park, there's quite a lot you can do. If you like to go fishing, you can do that. If you like visiting a beach, you can do that. If you want to go for a hike in the woods, you can do that. If you want to see some bison chilling, you can do that.So if you like doing those things, give this park a try.

Micaela E — Google review

Such a wonderful place to camp. Our cat particularly loved exploring the nearby woods. Lots of locals come by for lunch or just to look out over the river. Very relaxing space. We will definitely be back.

Satya D — Google review

My friends camp here. The campground is all electric.The campground building restrooms are very clean. The viewing bison feeding is a must. Beautiful animals . Beautiful lake. Several trails with trees marked telling what they are. We did all the trails. It was a total of 13 miles.

Nicole H — Google review

What an amazing place! Though, to be honest, I haven’t been to a Indiana State Park that wasn’t amazing! The paved bike path was phenomenal. The Bison exhibit was fun, the dogs didn’t know what to think. There is a Tree Hike (trail 3) that has signs posted by trees with QR codes to scan so you can learn more about the trees (I loved this). A lot of pretty easy trails, great campground and absolutely wonderful employees that were g]helpful, friendly and offered great suggestions. Many interpretive programs to learn about the park. We will definitely be back!

Judy V — Google review

It's a smaller campground, but it's very nice for a quick weekend getaway. Walking trails and exploring nature is the main thing to do there, but there also is a bison encounter usually in the morning.

Anya — Google review

It's a small lake but an excellent place to kayak with kids.Special notes:Be prepared for people to have "main character issues" while you're trying to peacefully enjoy your trip!People are beyond inconsiderate of anyone else around them in many circ*mstances, including bringing infants camping, screaming for hours multiple days in a row. Especially at night/midnight and turning headlights on for hours shining straight at our campsite during the peak of the meteor shower!Driving on the road in the campground is very difficult when people won't get out of the road. It's one small lane, not oversized.

Disillusioned S — Google review

Beautiful camping park. Very clean. Love the tower you can climb and the Bison. The beach looks nice, however it is still closed due to its before memorial day so I am unsure of how the swimming actually is. Brand new shower and bathrooms at the camping sites. Camp sites all paved for campers. Deer, coons, lots of woodpeckers. Great fishing. $30. A night for elect hook up site.

Cindy R — Google review

We've been coming here for years. There are lots of hiking trails, a campground, a swimming area, paddle boats, picnic areas, and a playground. The restrooms were clean and I love watching the Bison. Some of the trails are really beautiful. Definitely a nice state park to visit ❤️

Rachel B — Google review


(1346)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (27)


(65)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (28)

4930 IN-201, Bluffton, IN 46714, USA

(260) 824-0926


Honeywell Center

Performing arts theater

Concerts & Shows

Art gallery

Banquet hall

Concerts, musicals, comedy shows & more at a theater that also houses an art gallery & restaurant.

This was our third time here to watch the cirque dreams! It's our newer annual tradition! Highly recommend! It's full of color, great music and singing, acrobatics, and just plain excitement!! This is fun for kids and adults! We sat in row B, which seemed to be pretty perfect seats!

Sarah J — Google review

This is a nice venue for all sorts of big activities. They have a variety of rooms to accommodate parties of all sizes.They offer catering and everything you might need for a wedding or other celebrations.Parking is surprisingly easy compared to other venues like this.

Greg E — Google review

Fantastic venue, usher staff super friendly. performance was killer! sound was not to loud Classic Rock and amazing talent on stage..

Scott P — Google review

This is a very nice place to go for an event. The chairs are super comfy. There's not a bad seed in the house

Robin C — Google review

The Honeywell Center is one of my favorite venues to see concerts and/or other shows at. The Honeywell Center frequently hosts many excellent acts. I've seen several shows at the Honeywell Center over the years. The parking is all nearby and free also.My wife and I saw The StepCrew show last night. The StepCrew show was excellent, and my wife and I really enjoyed the show.

Erik L — Google review

We come to shows here often. The Honeywell center is an amazing performing arts center especially given the size of the town. It's newer, with comfortable seating. Large enough to bring in nice shows, but small enough that there are no bad seats. Parking is free and never an issue, the art gallery in the lobby always has something new on display, and the on site restaurant is pretty good too. If you live nearby, definitely check out the schedule of shows coming.

Jared C — Google review

Best venue I've personally gone to. The prices are very reasonable, the customer service is top notch and the seating is beyond great. Not a bad seat In the house.. Would recommend 1000 times over!!!

Sabrina P — Google review

A wonderful place to see a concert or variety of other things like musicals or comedians, etc. the seats are comfortable and there’s enough room to walk by people in the rows. The acoustics are good. Only negative is (like every other venue) they need more women’s restrooms.

Kelly M — Google review

The parking was easy to deal with before and after a concert. The volunteer staff do a great job of assisting customers and keeping.things organized. The music sounded wonderful .

Tami A — Google review

A wonderful asset for Wabash, IN! I have attended and photographed weddings, shows, concerts, and exhibits at this amazing facility over the years. Always first-rate experiences.

Glen D — Google review

Watched Celtic Woman in a beautiful theater room! 2 stories, the sound was incredible, the lights, everything, was so very immersive.There was security as you go in, and all throughout the center.

Lauren R — Google review

Outstanding venue for concerts. Sound is excellent and every seat has a great view.

Jeff O — Google review

Always love this place staff is wonderful 💯 And the music I could never say enough about it excellent I would recommend this wonderful time All day long!

Tawnya S — Google review

Watched the AC/DC tribute band 'Thunderstruck', and it was AWESOME!!! Great venue and friendly staff.

Paul R — Google review

Very nice place. I would definitely go back. The facility was clean & staff were friendly. The seats were comfortable & there really isn't a bad sear in the house. They have a concession stand that offers a variety of alcohol, beverages, & snacks. I also enjoyed the artwork that they had on display from local schools. It is in a plesant small town that offers some good restaurants. I'm looking forward to going back.

Audrey C — Google review

Great place to see a show. Comfortable seating, Clean. You can have beverages at your seat. No elevator to the upper floor so if you don't do stairs don't do the upper deck

Brad K — Google review

Saw Tennessee Whiskey Chicago Chris Stapleton tribute along with the Eric Church tribute. Was a nice evening out with my wife.Didn’t like the way we had to go outside the venue to go back into the building to get to the concession stand.

Jim M — Google review

My wife and I saw The Princess Bride viewing with Cary Elwes. Sat in row C, seat 12. Had a blast!

Josh C — Google review

Enjoyed Scotty McCeery concert. Not a bad seat in the Ford theater. Friendly staff and beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Stacy R — Google review


(1574)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (29)


(92)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (30)

275 W Market St, Wabash, IN 46992, USA

(260) 563-1102


Cardinal Greenway Muncie Depot Trailhead


Nature & Parks

Biking Trails

Hiking Trails

The Cardinal Greenway Railtrail and Museum is a class operations. As I walk across America, I realize that this is a gem. Matt and Steve are great ambassadors too.

George K — Google review

The trail is well designed and maintained, I biked from Richmond to Muncie and back in late March 2024. For people who are biking long distances, we really need the water sources turned on, I realize that they are turned off due to possible freezing weather. Otherwise it was a good workout

Dave C — Google review

Perfect , great Trail , rode Muncie to Richmond and back. The Trail was clear and I’ll absolutely go back as the staff in the Train Depot (office) answered all of my questions and were very friendly. Great ride and worth the drive.

David S — Google review

The depot is a wonderful old restored train station building that serves people who use the Cardinal Greenway. However, I was somewhat unhappy with my most recent visit. I had a friend from Brazil visiting me with his girlfriend. They were doing a roadtrip across the US, so I offered to take them on a 3-mile hike along the Cardinal and White River Greenways. I started by showing them the Little Free Library and then the inside of the Depot. As soon as we entered, I had them sign the guestbook. As they were doing that, a woman behind the counter said "Can I help you?" She was not smiling at all. I told her that I was just showing them around. We looked at some of the historic photos on display and then checked out the gift shop. We were waiting for my brother to show up, since he would be walking with us, so we sat down at the table there. The woman walked up to us and asked, "Is there some sort of a problem?" I politely told her that we were just waiting for my brother, since he was on his way to hike with us. Then after some minutes, we left. The woman said nothing. She seemed to resent us being there.The following day, my Brazilian friend realized that he had lost his wallet. So he was checking at all the places he had visited. I stayed in the car while he and his girlfriend checked at the Depot. The same woman was there. She told him no one had found a wallet. Before they left, they took another look inside the gift shop. The woman immediately followed them in and said, "I thought you came here regarding a wallet." So they left.Since none of the places we checked had my friend's wallet, we went back later that day to retrace the steps of our hike. This time we stayed out of the Depot. Amazingly, he actually did find his wallet. He also came across someone's dropped credit card. He actually felt it was necessary to turn it in at the Depot, in case the owner thought to look for it there. So back we went. I stayed outside. He told me she had actually been somewhat friendly that time and even smiled. But she also talked a lot about how the Greenway is supported by contributions from donors. He said he had the impression that she was hoping they would become donors. If that's true, it's kind of strange that she would think that foreign tourists would sign up to become donors.Anyway, I just felt like getting this off my chest. The Depot used to be a wonderful resource for trail users. The first time I went visited it, the fellow working there was extremely helpful. He made sure I had a map and answered all my questions. But now it's apparently being run by someone who doesn't like to deal with the public. I will definitely continue to use the Greenway and the Depot parking lot, but I don't plan to go back inside the Depot any time soon.

tvindy — Google review

The old depot is beautiful and charming. Love the historic elements they have kept. Lovely little shop and great information about the Greenway.

Brenda K — Google review

This old Muncie train depot was a really cool stop on my road trip. The gentleman inside was extremely helpful and friendly. He pointed out the low spot in the floor where the ticketmaster stood. Such beautiful architecture. Now a stop on the bike path.

Brian D — Google review

Very nice trail nice scenery. I recently rode 81 miles on my Catrike with e-assist. Had a blast!

Steve F — Google review

Very nice rails-to-trails bike path. The pavement outside of Muncie is some of the smoothest I've ridden. Tree roots are starting to push up the pavement in a few places, but it's still very smooth overall.

Jeff C — Google review

Nice gift shop (some great deals on tshirts), and helpful staff.

Jeremy S — Google review

This is the centerpiece Cardinal Greenway Trailhead featuring free off street parking,gift shop,benches,restrooms,air conditioned building and beyond the fence an active freight rail line. The Cardinal Greenway extends for many miles in both directions from here. It's not far from a main road in Muncie that has motor fuel and many restaurant options.

A. ( — Google review

Secure and safe place to park and begin your ride or walk/run. Neat setting, historic building, restrooms , water fountain. I only wish the parking lot had more shade.

Job S — Google review

One of the coolest thing east central Indiana has to offer! So well kept and an awesome experience no matter how you use the trail.

Steve T — Google review

700 E Wysor St, Muncie, IN 47305, USA

(765) 287-0399


Mounds State Park

Mentioned on

2 lists

State park

Nature & Parks

Park centered on prehistoric monuments also offers hiking, fishing, swimming, camping & more.

This park has good amenities for young children, including a nature center, easy trails close to parking, and a playground. Their playground could use some updates but my 2.5 year old was still able to play and have a great time. The playground was shaded during the summer and early fall when we were there, making it a great option on a warm day but beware it may be damp if you go in the morning. They had recently redone the walking path near the great mound and it all looked great. My kids loved the nature center and all the animals they were able to see up close. Hoping to go back for programming at the park.

Melanie H — Google review

Very cool place. We went as part of a field trip for my child's school. So we had a guide that told us about the Mounds, a live animal demonstration and a lesson on the atl atl (a weapon used for hunting). Where we also got to try our hand at using it. It was all very interesting and just a peaceful place to be. The staff was all very courteous and knowledgeable. I myself learned a lot. The cost to us was discounted as a group. I'm not sure of the cost of admission, but I know it was cheap. Maybe $9? Parking was easy. There is also a little gift shop that sells a handful of neat items and reasonable prices. Will definitely revisit with the rest of the family.

Lucky L — Google review

Really nice State Park. $7 per car, unless you have a State Parks pass. Lots of trails that cross each other so that you can meander many ways. The trails are mostly gravel pack, some are dirt, and one has asphalt. The trails are wide and well maintained. Several have stairs that make valley access easier. Really nice nature center.

Bob C — Google review

Great for all types of people, kids and family friendly. Excellent Visitor Center, much educational material, aquariums in terrariums, and things to see. Staff was super friendly👍🏽👏

Jon T — Google review

We love this state park! Hiking and history combined. It was really neat looking and learning about the Indian earthworks. Trails for all ages, plus fishing! There is also calling available. Restrooms at the entrance plus a small nature center.

Desiree S — Google review

I'm a host at the campground of mounds State Park for 30 days. Very nice hiking trails. Lovely welcome center. Staff is very hospitable and welcoming. Spacious clean campsites.

Brian G — Google review

Short version: unless you are going for a walk, or talking pictures in the fall, I’d go to another state park over this one.This is a very unique place that can be fun if you either just want to go for a walk through nature or perhaps have already seen many of the other wonderful state parks around Indiana. The reason I gave this 3 stars is due to the lack of interesting sights. The mounds are just as interesting to read about as they are to see and it’s not very interesting at that. While it’s not perfect, the main trail goes by a lovely stream that blows a cool breeze in the summer and the trees are lovely in the fall for stunning family photos or portrait sessions.The trails are well maintained and loop back in a short easy to follow path. Be sure to pick up a map from the nature center!

Daniel P — Google review

Trail 5 loop can be easy choice. The mounds look like a UFO came before. Anyway I sweat and burn fat.

Zhe R — Google review

We stayed overnight in the rv park with our motorhome. Didn’t know what to expect. But we were pleasantly surprised to find a nice nature center and then LOTS of trails through the hills and along the river. There’s a historic home there open on the weekends I believe.My 6-year old daughter and I walked for 2 hours and cleared 3 miles. She never complained about it and we enjoyed it so much!

Nick D — Google review

Clean park. Nice trails. A lot of interesting history behind the mounds themselves. My only complaint was that we couldn't find a trash can! We had to take all our trash with us

Brittany R — Google review

Eh. The bathrooms are only convenient to the people beside them or in front of them. Depending on where you are in the park it's quite a hike to the bathroom. They don't have sidewalks or anything leading to the bathroom so you have to walk on the main roads. Or you'd be walking through someone's campsite. The women's bathroom is so small no matter what you do when you open that door or close the door you're gonna have to back up onto the toilet so you don't hit yourself with the door. I didn't hike we just camped for the eclipse not one of the best parks I've been to. The hiking looks great. The staff is very friendly. A man was complaining because they have not had hot water for Showers for a couple of days and it's not going to be fixed for a couple of weeks. The electricity went out they look like they are working on it, but we left. There was not a lot of shade because of the time of year the trees did not have leaves, just keep that in mind if you go, a canopy would be nice.

Peg G — Google review

feeling very close to nature here.good walking paths.clean and kept up bathrooms.really nice peoples.

Samuel M — Google review

Loved the ease of having a fireplace, rest rooms, and shower right there. The campground and park were awesome.

Ashleigh S — Google review

A beautiful park with a very fascinating history. The nature center is great and has a little animal watching area. Camping is pretty good, the campground is beautiful with good hiking trails. But you are in the middle of the city, so a lot of train noises, cars, and airplanes. Perfect for a quick camping trip or a day at the park. If you are looking for a camping retreat might not be the best, although being in a city gives you a lot of other amenities

Paint B — Google review

Really great State Park.We used the campground for RVing. The old air strip added an extra layer of excitement for the kiddos. The sites were large with electric only. Water was at several pump sites. Dump station at campground entrance.We really enjoyed the nature center and trails and other amenities on our trip through. The staff had kind smiling faces when they interacted with our family.

Adam V — Google review

Beautiful though small state park. We enjoyed our afternoon here yesterday and would like to come back in the spring. We did the Mounds tour and found the extra information helpful and liked the ability to ask questions.

Nicole C — Google review

Went to the park to get some pictures of birds. I got distracted and scared off a blue heron. Didn't see much else bird wise. The park runs along a portion of the White River. It has some decent trails to hike. I was interested in the mounds as well. They were interesting. There were signs that told a bit of the history of the site. It was a decent trip.

Allen B — Google review

Had an amazing time here on April 8th and me and my Fiancé got to experience the solar eclipse together and this park was the perfect spot for it, it had many things to do and explore here while we waited for the big moment, and there was lots of grass space and many tables to sit at and the smell of people cooking on the public grills was amazing. The staff are so friendly as well and they make everyone feel like they are important when the visit the Mounds State Park. Will definitely be coming back again!!!

Gatorbrayden — Google review

Very, very nice park. Spacious spots. Mature trees everywhere! (several do need cut as they are not good for tall tt's, 5th's, etc) We visited friends staying there. Beautiful and lots of trails. No sewer but they have dump stations. Very nice, paved windy roads back to the campground. Would definitely recommend!

Shelly H — Google review

If you like to hike mild trails or visit unique sites it is worth a stop.

Stephen ( — Google review


(2273)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (33)


(241)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (34)

4306 Mounds Rd, Anderson, IN 46017, USA

(765) 642-6627


Harrah's Hoosier Park Casino Racetrack

Mentioned on

2 lists


Casinos & Gambling

Horse Tracks

Casino with horse-racing track, indoor/outdoor concert venues & multiple dining & drinking options.

Is A Nice Night Out, Good Food & Drinks, Fun To Play. Very Cool Looking Front Entrance Lit Up Bright, Valet Parking A Plus.

Gotathng4Grohl — Google review

This is a nice casino for adult entertainment. Food and drinks are served here. Someone did win $13,000.

ShiningStar — Google review

We just stopped in to check it out. Very nice, lots of slots and table games. Seen several people win big including a lady with a $17,000 handbag! Pretty cool. If we ever get back that way again, we will definitely stop in. Hopefully to play for awhile 😉

Ck C — Google review

Well worth the visit. But I did lose $5 in 1 hour at the penny slots. We charged the Tesla enough to make it to and from our trip.I've never been here before, and this place is huge, and quite entertaining. I'll definitely stop here every time we travel. The Tesla charging 40amp makes this place a no brainer if you need an extra 30 miles to make it wherever you're going and get back home.Mind you, I'm not a gambler. But I'll gladly give you my cash in exchange for free charging while parking right next to the front door. No brainer. Sadly the J1772 charger was damaged on the same station. No worries though, I had a great experience. The staff are super awesome and polite, and ultra helpful. Thank you very much, you've got a customer for life.

Donald H — Google review

Was in the area and wanted to stop in. Read the reviews prior that they are under construction so I expected some areas to be closed off.They had a self serve fountain drink machine. There is a bar in the middle. Bathrooms were clean.I didn’t hit the jackpot but I won a little something which is better than nothing. Can’t wait to see the finished construction!

Anna — Google review

It is a wonderful place to go. They have a very big variety of slot machines blackjack tables any and all casino things. The restaurants are wonderful to go eat at and they have a great variety of alcoholic beverages. You get free fountain drinks and coffee while you're gambling.

Amber P — Google review

Saw Night Ranger last night. Great performance but venue is terrible. Super small and super small stage. Stage is lower than seating and so people in first 3 rows severely limit view of performance even though we were in row 6.

Ty P — Google review

Absolutely the best from the time you walk in the door with Amazing customer service. There machines are clean the floor is clean. The drink station does not smell like dirty feet. The deli was amazing the food was so so much better then the Horseshoe. If your looking for a great night out drive the extra mile. You will NOT be disappointed.

Meagan M — Google review

My husband & I visited this Casino on Valentine's Day and we really enjoyed our day there. The Deli was a bit expensive but the food was delicious. The machines paid out fairly well. There was a wide range of machines available. We arrived shortly after 12:30p and stayed until early evening. We will be going back sometime soon. The staff was very friendly and helpful, bathrooms were very clean. Other attendees (customers) were extremely friendly. All in all it was a very enjoyable day at Harrah's.

Sara N — Google review

They change their rules whenever they feel like it. No where have I ever played where there is a minimum (per bet). I understand it's a $25 table meaning you must put no less that $25 on the outside or inside. Not $25 per bet for each bet. People who want to come play and enjoy their time are not wanting to only make 4 bets on a roulette table. 🤦 don't waste your time because clearly they are just hungry for money making and push people out who are just here to have a good time.

David C — Google review

I have visited many casinos across the states and this was my second visit here.. I like the renovations they are doing...I noticed their lightening link machines are all capped grand jackpots at 10,000.. I haven't seen that before... overall nice place.. great variety of games... not very loose but if you know how to play.. it's on... I'll be back to Anderson my next trip to Indiana

Kim M — Google review

I love the remodel.... And lots of new games..We go just about every week and still can't win no more than $200.00.😥 can't even get free games anymore no matter what we bet. But we do love what you all did with the remodeling of it. Bigger more space and still spending too much money not to win something bigger.

Marilyn G — Google review

Love the track here. This place has been under construction for awhile now and they've finally got the new entrance open.. looks fabulous except the trash cans were overflowing onto the ground. Ive seen their cleaning crew and they are on their game, but the outside new entrance was not as I would have expected.

Lisa R — Google review

I hate casinos, but I like horses. Didn't win at either one. Clean environment, the horse track and vip tent were right on point. This race, this weekend October 27 to Oct 29 is the one you want to see. Our horse didn't win. If you go bring money, unless you slick enough and don't gamble. But for those who do,awesome place to drop your mortgage and your kids collage fund. Jk gamble responsible. But I had a great time and enjoyed my night.

Jason H — Google review

Fun place to go, clean, blue moon on draft is $8 though. It's pretty easy to find your way around as it's a smaller casino. Parking is easier than most casinos as there is no garage, just a big lot.

Amber — Google review

I really liked this Casino. Slots, table games, and horse racing. What more could you ask for? The new addition is fresh and nice. Self serve soda stations. It was honestly great. Crapless craps was the icing on the cake!

Josh S — Google review

Casino seemed a bit dirty.. Ashes laying on slot machines, Dirty Ashe Trays on slot machines, Sticky Slots, Dirty empty bottles and cups on machines, Casinos I go to in Michigan have so far eliminated smoking , as a non smoker I enjoy them better, I believe would be better if made people go outside to smoke, . If gonna allow smoking need to have someone go around and keep machines clean.. Clean ash trays and wipe machines off..

David L — Google review

Apparently this company likes to fire people wrongfully and let's other coworkers falsely make claims about other coworkers on multiple occasions and doesn't do anything about it. Not to mention the will suspended only one person for cussing but let the other party who was also cussing work their shift. There is so much favoritism in the EVS aka Housekeeping department I wouldn't recommend anyone working there. They need to get new management in that department.

Destinie T — Google review

Okay, I am back with another review. After 5 years they have really upgraded and updated the floor the atmosphere and the slot machines very nice, very clean. It's more open with more space. It kind of reminds me of the Mirage in Las Vegas. It is beautiful, great job. The slot machines are a lot better. Hey, you can even win money. Money money go and enjoy the drinks and the atmosphere. You won't be disappointed but don't forget. The casino always wins, so just enjoy yourself.... I got my hand pay..

Slot D — Google review

The games were good and drinks and food were good. You may wander, why only 3 stars? I got jipped out of 10 dollars on Christmas Day. I wanted to use my credit card to put 10 dollars for games by donating to a charity. She said I had to use cash. So I did. When I used the casino card it didn’t come up. The 10 dollars I put on the card towards games. I told that same lady. She said try again. I tried. It didn’t work. We all made peace with the fact that I was cheated out of 10 dollars. It is a good place to go to. Just don’t donate to charity. They may cheat you.

Karen H — Google review

It's a nice size casino with a good selection of slots. Didn't like having to present an ID upon entering. Slots were somewhat tight, but they did play with you. Left loosing all my money.

Gary K — Google review

A solid Casino but a little cramped in my opinion. Slots are close together, tables are a always packed and though to sit down at. Nice bar and entertainment area with a solid selection of food. Sports book is mediocre at best. Not well ventilated either and I’m a smoker. Not great, but not bad.

Dustin W — Google review

I go to the Casino pretty regularly and have spent a lot of $$$$ there, I've been going early in the morning lately. Apparently they collect the cash from the machines in the morning. On my way out today this long haired punk that is employed there told me that I can't walk there and before I could take a step he repeatedly himself, I was also checked for a weapon at the front door that turned out to be my wallet that I've had every time I've been there! Low class moves and low class employees, I'll be taking my business elsewhere! If you don't want to be harassed be the staff I would suggest you do the same!!! Pukes!!!

Edward C — Google review

I'll never travel to Louisville without this trip planner again

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Ruoff Music Center

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Concerts & Shows

Outdoor concert venue brings in major tours & festivals of all popular musical stripes.

Pretty nice venue! Great for concerts.. Some seating is in actual seats under a pavilion, the rest are lawn seats. If you are in the lawn seats, expect large crowds and an overwhelming smell of marijuana. If you want a good spot with lawn seats you need to get there super early, as it is first come first server. As with any venue, the concession prices are absolutely outrageous.

Lucas — Google review

Has a BLAST at the Zac Brown Band concert! Love the blankets you could buy to sit on. Food and drink lines were reasonable. Security was strong and the show was awesome. We always love soaking up the sunset and music having a picnic in the grass seats.

Angela F — Google review

Dion... you are awesome, this man needs a raise!!!! Dion went above and beyond to make sure everyone was settled and happy. If you weren't happy, he took you around on his golf cart to find another spot that might fit your needs.I have to thank Ruoff Music Center and their workers for treating us like humans. We had been following Dead and Company for about a month, and you were the only venue that didn't have a nasty attitude or yell at us. A lot of us didn't agree with the parking arrangements but that didn't take away from the kindness shown to us by the workers. Indiana was my family's last stop on tour, and you really helped us end it on a good note.

Jessi S — Google review

I went to a concert here for the first time. It is a very cool venue. It was nice being outside. My tickets were covered. It was utterly amazing. I definitely recommend the concerts here! They had many drink and food choices as well.

Colleen R — Google review

I went to see Jelly Roll and it was a sold out show. Besides it being jam packed it was a all in all great time. The staff we encountered were super nice and helpful. I haven’t been in so long and a lot has changed. I definitely plan on going back soon again. I sent an email to inquire about something and they returned it quickly. All in all a great experience. They also sent out many informative emails leading up to the concert. They made it aware that it was likely going to be hectic. Everyone seemed super cool and helpful. Very impressive considering 25K was there.

Megan B — Google review

Awesome experience, really nice setup. Went and seen Chris Stapleton with a party of 6 and it was amazing. Very packed when we went due to it being over capacity😂 26 thousand people attended. Would love to go here again.Drink selection is good but not cheap! 14 for a beer, shots are 16. More expensive selection of both if wanted. Plenty of bathrooms everywhere. Nachos and other snacks available aswell.Tip - don't show up too early, otherwise you'll be sitting in parking lot trying to get out for 45 minutes after. The people who showed up late were parked in the back so they got out first!Highly recommended!!!

Josh P — Google review

We saw Phish on June 2022 at “Deer Creek.” We stayed at the Sleepybear Campground across the street. It was very convenient to just walk across the street rather than try to brave parking. The lines were long but moved fast. Security was efficient. I suggest you bring extra water bottles (new & factory sealed.) The venue is really cool if there’s good weather. We were on the grass, and you could see clearly and hear everything! We’ll definitely be back!

Ginny A — Google review

Best outdoor amphitheater in the Midwest! If you get lawn tickets in the summer and want to avoid sitting in the sweltering sun, arrive at least 2 hours early and sit nearest the awning as far north (to the right of the stage) as you can. This will put you in the shade earliest. Be sure to get a clear bag to bring your goodies in so you aren’t forced to bring it back to your car or dump it.

Aaron L — Google review

This is a really nice venue! There are concession stands and places to actually sit down and eat. It almost has an amusem*nt park feel to it as you walk through. If you have a seat in the pavilion, there is literally not a bad seat. We sat in the back section and I was surprised with just how close we still were. The lawn is kind of steep though. I was a little disappointed with how high some of the prices were with the concessions. For example, a bourbon "shaker" was over $20 just for one and a hamburger and fries were $14. I had just been to another concert in Ohio and the prices were not this high, so I'm not sure if this is just standard in the area. I definitely recommend this venue though. It's beautiful and the parking isn't too crazy. You don't have to walk really far to the lot. It needs to be noted that if you want to buy alcohol you need your ID no matter how old you are. You have to show your ID at every single place to purchase alcohol.

Kati L — Google review

I took my son to his first concert…Luke Bryan at Ruoff. This was my fist time to see a concert there since before the pandemic, and we had a great experience. We had reserved seats (v. the lawn), and the staff members that we encountered were friendly and helpful. I was also impressed with the amenities, selection of food and beverage and the sound. Do yourself a favor and purchase the premium parking. It’s worth every penny.

Doug M — Google review

I have been going to concerts here since it was Deer Creek! (It will always be Deer Creek to me!! ❤️) They have made beautiful additions over the years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I even got to work here for a couple of concert seasons. It was amazing!! Definitely arrive as early as possible, and just be patient!

Stacy B — Google review

Recently came to see the Blackbear and Maroon V show. Great show. Good time. I've been coming here to see concerts almost 30 years. Usually on the lawn. Nothing better than standing around barefoot singing and dancing to your favorites. There is only ever one problem at this venue, when the concert is over, and you just want to go home, it literally takes an hour to get out of the parking lot. The earlier you get there for parking, the less you walk, but you are almost the last to get out. Think I will try premier parking next time. They have their own access road out, seemed to be much faster.Concessions aren't cheap, but that is expected. One reason so many pre game in the parking lot. I have had many a good time here. Will continue to come back as often as I can.She will always be Deer Creek to me!!❤

Rachel C — Google review

This was the most awesome concert venue I have EVER been to. We went to see Zac Brown Band and parking was easy- and free! The entrance wasn't crowded and took no time getting through security or the ticket gate, there were adult beverage stands EVERYWHERE and the lines were super short, come to think of it, I don't think we even waited. As we walked up every time the people in front of us were walking away and we were able to order immediately! The crowd was great too, everyone friendly and having fun, everyone respectful of people's blankets and chairs, and NO fights!! You could see the entertainment from anywhere in the venue thanks to super large video screens , and the sound was crystal clear. We have decided we will be coming back for all the concerts we want to see if they're being played here. I didn't see a lot of kids, but again, it was a Zac Brown Band concert, so I'm not sure if it's kid friendly. I guess it would depend on who's playing. I can't wait for the next time we go!

Melanie H — Google review

Seen The Dead and Company 3 years in a row here and can't complain about any of it! Very clean inside and out of the bathrooms..Friendly staff willing to go the distance for the venue. Thank you so much❣️🤗🤗

Erik S — Google review

Last year this time we went and seen Zac Brown Band and had a blast! He puts on such a great show! Headed back today to see him again! Didn’t have premier parking last time but we do this year. Hoping it will help with the exit but we shall see! That was the only horrible thing about going was leaving. Stand still traffic for over 2 hours when we left last year. Hoping with the upgrade parking it won’t be as bad?

Tara L — Google review

Very cool place if sitting in the grass get there early. If you do, you will have awesome seats for cheap. Staff and everyone were very helpful and friendly. The beers are 14 bucks but are 24 oz. The mixed drinks are 22 in a shaker, but my wife loves them, so worth every penny. Thanks for all that you do. Keep on keeping on!

Chadilac — Google review

Came here to see Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top. Was an absolutely amazing experience. Seats were great and the staff was awesome. Also, the concessions are fantastic. There’s something for everyone.

Bret W — Google review

I have been here multiple times. My biggest complaint is that parking is a nightmare. Most of the time the line is so slow that it is backed up all the way down into actual traffic and round abouts. Staff are always incredibly friendly. Food and drinks are pretty pricey and it is a cashless venue! Bathrooms are really nice and very clean.

Eliza H — Google review

It was the best time I've ever had. There were plenty of vendors, bathroom lines went fast, and the people were so much fun! We had a group of 12 and we all had a blast watching Jellyroll 2023! ❤️

Deborah H — Google review

We attended farmaide yesterday and it was a nice venue. We arrived around 1 and we were able to basically walk right in. You are allowed to take in a gallon clear plastic bag of food. Maybe not in all cases but for this all day event it was allowed. I did purchase farm made pork sandwiches and cash only fruit at farmer venues to the right of the stage. The lawn was crowded but for the most part people were friendly. The security staff were quick to take care of unruly intoxicated people with little disturbance to others. Smoking is allowed though not only cigarettes is smelled. I used the bathrooms on the right and never waited in a line. I got my merchandise before the sun went down, also to the right, and the line moved quickly. Twenty minutes tops. Because I was in the lawn pictures of the stage were not clear. Staff standing by the pavilion were courteous to allow me to take a few shots and return to my seat. The only complaint was a few lawn patrons attempted to purchase food after dark, to the left of the stage, and were in line over an hour. Not sure if this was staffing, an increase of event goers later into the day or everyone going to the left vs the right of the stage. Overall, as long as the day was, the acts, the food, the merchandise and the lines made this trip memorable. On a side note, the free water should come with a disclaimer. Most of us are city folk and drinking well water is an acquired taste. 😉

Carrie W — Google review

Love this venue! I have done all kinds of tickets - Lawn Pass, individual seats, lawn seats etc. each time I have enjoyed the experience. Crowds can get a little heavy during sold out shows and you’re going to spend a lot of money on alcohol. The upgrades can be a bit tricky to navigate if you don’t know what they look like/add to the experience ahead of time. Highly recommend spending the $50-$60 for the Lone Pine areas when you can. It’s a fun addition!

Chelsea L — Google review

I went to a TLC concert here this summer. It was great! The only problems i had were the pillars blocking the view, and the heat. Though the heat is not their fault, the price of items is.

Zoey 9 — Google review

Overall, the event I went to: Odesza: The last Goodbye was decent. I got there probably too early, so next time I can get there later. Not a lot of shade, but if concerts go towards late evening, then it's fine.

Engi89 — Google review

I've been visiting Ruoff for several years..my most impressive experience was recently seeing Dead & Co. The staff/volunteers were amazing in their handling of such an epic crowd of people. Lines moved quickly once the gates were opened, the food trucks were efficient and kind, even the restrooms.were attended to, which kept the massive crowd moving. It was a great experience.

Stacie F — Google review


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12880 E 146th St, Noblesville, IN 46060, USA

(317) 776-8181


Conner Prairie

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (50)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (51)

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Sights & Landmarks

Conner Prairie, located in Fishers, Indiana, is a recreated 19th-century village spread across 200 acres. This interactive history park offers a glimpse into the past of Indiana through engaging exhibits and activities. Established in 1934 by Eli Lilly, the park showcases the evolution of Fishers from a town to a city in 2015.

Conner Prairie is a fun, unique adventure that you really don't get anywhere else nearby. We got a membership this year, so tried out the Christmas village for the first time. For the member price, it was a good value and certainly a nice NEW thing the kids hadn't done before. I can't say it'll be an annual tradition, but it had some nice things they enjoyed. The staff was friendly and helpful. I was hoping for more interaction with imagining how Christmas was and traditions they'd be doing during that period, but there wasn't much of that... but maybe I didn't ask the right questions. In one house, we got that he was in town visiting his sister & he did a little sing along for 1 song, and in another house a couple that had recently moved to the area and bought some property & his brother was settled in Indy.. but not much describing Christmas or plans or traditions. It was also REALLY busy the night we went, so I'm sure a less crowded evening would've helped some as well. The lights on the bridge were cool and the projection story on the Connor house was enjoyed as well. During the summer months, we enjoy our trips with our family and also often school field trips to the Prairie. Lots of areas the kids enjoy, though definitely a much better experience when you go on days when there is a lot of staff interacting in the houses and shops.

Elizabeth W — Google review

A little away from main indianapolis city, it's a farm land with its own historic importance. They tried to maintain this place as if time clocked 200 years backwards in Indiana. But overall not a very-well managed one, and too hot out in summers. I don't think you'll miss anything if you skip this in your visit to Indianapolis. All in all a dry, undecorated place with rough farm land mostly. Balloon ride will cost you $15 to $18 extra on top of your entry ticket. Cafe is overpriced considering the location. Even very basic plain patty burger will cost about $12 while you sit out in summer. Children play areas are pretty good (specially the air conditioned indoor one), and small children will surely enjoy it a lot. If you're visiting Indianapolis, consider taking Indy Pass. They cover 8 places in their $48 day pass, and Conner Prairie is one of them. It's a good deal if you know how to best utilize it.

Punit O — Google review

Out of many options in the area, we traveled from Wisconsin and decided to attend Conner Prairie’s festival to watch the total solar eclipse. Our group is in agreement that we could not have made a better decision. The event was extremely well organized. I was worried about traffic and parking for such a highly anticipated event, but we didn’t wait in a single line to enter or exit the event and there were several friendly parking attendants instructing us where to go. Every staff member and volunteer from Conner Prairie we interacted with, from the ticket booth to the merch stand to concessions, were incredibly kind, friendly, and helpful. We arrived at about 10:30am so had to wait several hours for the eclipse but we weren’t bored a minute! The live music and entertainment schedule was great. We appreciated the variety of food trucks and concessions that gave us plenty of options and helped keep lines short and quick. Bathrooms were clean and plentiful! This was an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives, and I can’t imagine spending it in a better way. For an event that doesn’t come around very often, we were thoroughly IMPRESSED with how organized and smooth everything at Conner Prairie went – with a smile on everyone’s face! So thank you to everyone involved. I’m already trying to convince my group to come back for the hot air balloon festival in September.

Savannah C — Google review

This place is an absolute must visit, especially if you have kids. Conner Prairie is massive, with different settings and villages all built around providing a "living history" experience. As an adult, I found this place to be fascinating from a historical perspective, but my kids were the ones that really loved it. With a massive treehouse, lots of animals, buildings to explore, and indoor/outdoor play areas, they could easily spend an entire day here. I felt the reenactors did a great job of interacting with the kids as well. With the cost of tickets, I would recommend looking in to an annual pass if you plan on visiting more than once. They also have a military discount as well. We came here first thing on a Sunday morning and had the place to ourselves! Definitely try coming during an off-time to maximize the experience.

Sam S — Google review

Conner Prairie is a good place to spend the weekend. There are lots of attractions and activities. Visit the museum and village. Experience corn maze. Get the feel of riding in a hot air balloon. General admission is expensive ($20/person) but kids and seniors get some discounts. We visited Conner Prairie for hot air balloon festival and it was really eventful. Novel experience to get up close with 12-15 huge hot air balloons. Lots of playing activities for kids. Surely nice place to come with family.

Vipul P — Google review

Went to Connor Prairie for headless horsem*n event and was pretty cool! We were unable to do the hayride as it was booked but made for an exciting fun evening. Everything is spread out so makes it nice to control the crowds. We did the haunted maze and listened to spooky stores. Will go back for other events as well.

Tiffany L — Google review

We've been coming here for the Symphony on the Prairie 4th of July celebration for a couple of years now. We pay a bit extra for a table(instead of just lawn seats) and the VIP parking. This allows easier in and out and an exclusive air-conditioned bathroom. It's worth every penny. We have an absolute blast every year. No doubt that we'll be back next year! 💙🤍❤️

Nicole L — Google review

Did not know I was going to get the opportunity to fly in a hot air balloon!!! They have it attached so you’re not free flying around but still so cool! This was a wonderful experience walking around Connor prairie and doing the headless horseman ride! It’s not too scary and they have it all wonderfully decorated. The staff is all great and actors work hard to make your experience immersive! Highly recommend checking it out!

Ally B — Google review

We had a great day on our first visit to connor prairie. There was alot of people dressed up and telling you about how they would have lived. My son at 11 was bored by some stuff but loved the tree top area. I would highly recommend.

Mark B — Google review

Boy, it sure has changed over the years. It's a great place for kids especially, with lots of interactive activities for them. Most of the houses and barns are open and the volunteers are available which is great. Sadly though, many of the buildings are showing signs of not being maintained (dry rot, wood boring insects, missing chinking on log buildings)

Patty F — Google review

Conner Prairie is a captivating outdoor museum located in Fishers, Indiana, that takes visitors on an immersive journey into the past. With its interactive exhibits, historical reenactments, and beautiful grounds, Conner Prairie offers a unique and educational experience for visitors of all ages.The museum's focus on American history, particularly the 19th century, provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of early settlers and pioneers. As you explore the expansive grounds, you'll encounter a variety of historical buildings and structures, each meticulously reconstructed or preserved to reflect the time period accurately.One of the highlights of Conner Prairie is the interactive nature of the exhibits. From the moment you step onto the property, you're transported back in time, engaging in hands-on activities that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the era. Whether it's churning butter, participating in a historic game, or trying your hand at traditional crafts, there's a sense of authenticity that brings history to life.The staff at Conner Prairie are knowledgeable and passionate, eager to share their expertise and engage visitors in conversations about the past. The historical interpreters, dressed in period attire, provide captivating storytelling and reenactments, giving visitors a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of early American life. Their dedication to authenticity and attention to detail add an extra layer of authenticity to the experience.The museum also offers a range of special events and programs throughout the year, catering to different interests and age groups. From summer camps for children to themed festivals and workshops, there's always something happening at Conner Prairie. These events provide an opportunity to delve deeper into specific aspects of history and make the visit even more memorable.The grounds of Conner Prairie are well-maintained and offer a picturesque setting. The expansive green spaces, walking trails, and serene river views create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere. It's an ideal place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic, providing a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.One aspect that could be improved at Conner Prairie is the availability of food options. While there is a small café on-site, the selection can be limited, especially for those with dietary restrictions. However, this minor inconvenience does not detract significantly from the overall experience.In summary, Conner Prairie is a remarkable destination that blends education, entertainment, and historical immersion seamlessly. Its dedication to providing an interactive and engaging experience sets it apart from traditional museums. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply looking for a unique outing, Conner Prairie offers an enriching and enjoyable journey through time. Prepare to be transported to the past and gain a deeper appreciation for the rich history of the United States.

Sarju P — Google review

Such a great place to visit! The staff are super friendly and very knowledgeable. The hiking paths are beautiful and take you on such scenic routes. And, if you are able, the hot air balloon is an AWESOME experience!

Gretchen — Google review

Such a great experience. Only downside was we couldn’t ride in the hot air balloon. But that was because it was windy!Otherwise, we had fun! We loved how everyone stayed in character, it was great.

Becca — Google review

Loved this place. The people in costume stay in character no matter what, and are probably the most informative people we’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering in this type of environment. They had charm and personality. Such a joy.We’ll be back. If you haven’t been here, it’s time.Used the AAA discount to save $3 for 2 adults. Went around 3pm so didn’t have enough time to enjoy everything BUT there were no field trips.

Jen G — Google review

We brought my kids here for the first time (7, & 5) and I believe they were the perfect age! We spent 4 hours here and we still have so much to explore for the next time we go back. The kids loved hands on learning about history, and the actors/actresses kept them interested the whole time. I may have loved it even more than they did! I cannot wait to take them back. This is a place we can come back to and see new things we missed each time! Our kids truly learned a lot as well. On the car ride home we asked them questions from throughout the day, and they knew every answer. Awesome place! Well done!

Abigail P — Google review

This is a great place to go. Weither you're a child or adult. Learning about history. I like the headless horseman and a Merry prairie Christmas.

Angel — Google review

The first time we went here we ended up spending hours here because there was so much to do so we bought a pass and have been to every event Conner Prairie puts on from the sunflower garden, to the Halloween and Christmas event. There's so much for the kids to do, learn and interact with. Can't recommend this place enough.

Heather S — Google review

Careful in the "Commons" area. Watch out for animal feces in corners and in the open rafters overhead. There was a brown streak on the walls where they have some interactive displays for the kids. Broken picture frame was there for a week with metal protruding. Hope it's fixed.

Armando A — Google review


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13400 Allisonville Rd, Fishers, IN 46038, USA

(317) 776-6000


Hoosier Gym

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (56)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (57)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (58)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (59)


Fun & Games


Sports Complexes

We stopped here in August on the way from Ohio to our home in the Chicago area. It was so worth the stop then, that we immediately made plans to return in early November with a friend to attend the premier of the 2+ hour version of the movie Hoosiers. The return trip and visit was enjoyed as much as the first. Bob and Merv are two of the most passionate, inspiring people that you will meet, and they make sure your visit to their museum is the best. If you visit - and you should - please be sure to consider making a charitable donation to support their good work.

Ted W — Google review

Just happened to stop by because we saw their sign on the main road thru town. I've been watching this show every fall since it has come out. I am so glad that they kept this place exactly the way it was in the movie. They let us shoot some hoops there and got to go down to the famous locker room. The lady overseeing it for the day was a gem! Full of information and so kind to show us around. I got to learn what was true of the "based on a true story". I was surprised. You gotta check it out.

Patrick C — Google review

If you loved the movie Hoosiers, this gym is a must-see. It's the actual location where they filmed. Almost gives you goose bumps. Great piece of Americana, too. Oh, and they let you shoot baskets, too. How awesome is that!

Bob C — Google review

If you like history and basketball, this is a place you need to visit. Hoosier Gym is where most of the game scenes for the movie "Hoosiers" was filmed. Great atmosphere and nostalgia.

Allan H — Google review

I came here for a work meeting and loved it. The 1936 floor was beautifully restored. So much dedication has gone into preserving this space. Nice work to the locals and investors. Who saved it from the wrecking ball.

Tom B — Google review

A magical place to visit that brings back amazing feelings about the movie. The people who work here couldn't be friendlier or more knowledgeable.

Craig M — Google review

Awesome nostalgia. Such a cool historic gym even if the movie hadn't been filmed here. Knowledgeable volunteers and a great gift shop selection.

A S — Google review

If you are a fan of the movie "Hoosiers" then this is a must-visit place! This gym was still in use as an elementary school gym when the movie was filmed in 1985. Years later it was restored to the "Hoosiers" gym as depicted in the movie. There is no entrance fee but they have a gift shop that is a big source of their funding. You can walk all over and/or get a personal tour. Any fan of "Hoosiers" or Indiana high school basketball needs to visit here!

Steve E — Google review

We took my son’s basketball and swim team here and rented the gym for two hours. What an amazing experience. Huge thanks to the volunteers you work so hard to keep this treasure open. I encourage everyone to visit and support.

Chris F — Google review

I’ve traveled the country searching out different filming locations. From the “Christmas Story” house in Cleveland to the Eastern Sierra of “Tremors” fame. The Hoosiers Gym tops them all!

Dorsey K — Google review

Really cool place to visit! Loved the iconic gym and locker room! Gotta be sure to support places like this! Admission is donation only, gift shop is reasonably priced!

Zak W — Google review

Absolute, PHENOMENAL place to play. My daughter and her team had the privilege of playing in this historical gym and grabbing a 35-14 victory for the BGC Thunder.If given the opportunity, we would love to come back and play here again.

Dizzology — Google review

An absolute hidden treasure in Indiana. A gem. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and super friendly. I was enthralled by the place. They also sell Hickory gear. I am so glad we saw the sign on the highway and stopped. A must visit if you love the move Hoosiers and are in Indiana.

Mary M — Google review

Such a neat experience from really wonderful, thoughtful caring guides. A beautiful town with a gem famous for a movie but really become a point of pride

Marc T — Google review

What an amazing piece of Hoosier basketball history! Watching a game there is perfect! Staff is warm and friendly too! ❤️🏀❤️🏀❤️

Pamela H — Google review

If your looking to get to see the gym from Hoosiers this meets all the expectations! We had a great tour and the gym is in amazing condition!

Ryan C — Google review

They are closed on Sunday, but my brother-in-law is a big fan of the movie. So, while we were traveling from California, we went by for him to at least get some outside shots. As we were there, they were taking down the amerrican flag for the evening. They asked if we wanted to see inside. Got a tour by the wonderful caretaker. What a finish to the day. We are so grateful to them. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Mark B — Google review

Absolutely amazing. The Volunteers there made the experience even better hearing stories and sharing their knowledge.

Will K — Google review


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355 N Washington St, Knightstown, IN 46148, USA

(765) 345-2100



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Art museum

Sights & Landmarks

Newfields is an art museum with a nature park and historic mansion. It also has a year-round schedule of community-oriented programming, such as a popular summer film series.

This was a fun art museum to visit. The different works were displayed well & had pieces on display that attracted all ages. I appreciated that they even had family activities for younger visitors to do. We will have to come back to view the outdoor garden when the weather is nicer. I would reccomend purchasing tickets online in advanced for the special traveling exhibits. Sometimes the showings of the special exhibits are full if you try to visit the same day.

Katie P — Google review

What an awesome museum! I was visiting out of town from Raleigh North Carolina and was super impressed! We saw the MONET show and stopped in to the clothing showcase also. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The show was spectacular and shouldn't be missed even if you aren't into art it was such a wonderful presentation and to feel like you were in the picture was unbelievable! There were children chasing butterflies on the floor and wandering streets. I can't say enough good things about the show and all the many shows on the other floors AND then there are the grounds! Wow! So much to do and see and a paragraph doesn't begin to describe it! I will be back!

Hope W — Google review

We truly enjoyed the art exhibit. We were visiting from out of town. It was a great choice for spending time with our 19-year-old niece and her friend, her Dad (50), my husband and I (60s). We also enjoyed the garden and refreshments available. It was a great option for us because we were able to discuss the art, we love world history and we enjoy plants, too. This was relaxing but not boring. We will return.

Gwendolyn M — Google review

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. The exhibits are exquisite. A fun educational experience my family loved from mom in law to 10 year old child. I very much recommend a visit.

Kelly H — Google review

First time visiting the Newfields and what a great experience!The place is huge, clean and all staff are so nice.The gardens are beautiful! Tons of flowers to see, small gardens and really nice and clean areas.I can’t wait to visit the Halloween and Christmas expo!!Their Café is very good too!!Portions are very generous and great prices. The caramel cheesecake was AMAZING!

Maria S — Google review

I had an enjoyable afternoon at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. There is a good variety of exhibits and periods and styles covered. The design exhibit is very interesting. I loved the Robert Indiana sculpture that gets you outside and when you enter. Recommended!

Steve W — Google review

This is a wonderful museum with gorgeous grounds, the Lilly mansion is a must visit if open, when we went it was decked out for spooky season. The walk was beautiful and the grounds well kept. Staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. Highly recommend visiting in multiple seasons.

Heather K — Google review

It's a great place to spend time with my kids and grandkids. The staff is always wonderful! There is something for everyone, whether it's enjoying art, walking the grounds, participating in a workshop or artistic activity it's always enjoyable. I definitely recommend a family membership 😉

Anne C — Google review

I visited in December around 7:30p. Parking was limited but organized. The walking path was wide enough to handle the amount of people there. The lights were beautiful and there were so many of them. Always neat to go through the mansion to be reminded of the history of Newfields. I did not experience the food and drink but nice that it is offered. Looking forward to returning.

Derek G — Google review

Winter Lights at Newfields is such a great time! Fun filled time for the family. My Mom and Step Dad were here visiting for Christmas and we took them to see the lights and they loved it. I'm a member of Newfields and love everything they offer. Tonight was the best weather to go, it was 60°. I give the people who put up the lights Mad Props for doing that! If you have not been you need to get there and see the lights!

Adam W — Google review

My boyfriend and I took a day trip to see the Van gogh experience but ended up stating for so much more. They have amazing art from local artists as well as design fixtures. I got some good inspiration 😌

Tanukimasu — Google review

What an experience. While the museum part was interesting and entertaining, there's nothing much that standout. The highlight is The Lume. The immersive experience was worth every penny and it was very claming and entertaining. We were there for Van Gogh Live and that was mesmerizing. If you haven't gone there yet, make some time and make it. You'll thank me later!

Chanaka H — Google review

We did the Harvest Nights tour. Great for little ones. No strollers in the Lilly Mansion. Strollers park outside of the rear entry door.

Brad R — Google review

Fabulous event. Thank you to our dear friend #DrKimberlyDarlingForniss for allowing us to be a guest in her annual family visit. The entire display was spectacular. The use of the Three D Glasses, carmel popcorn and Christmas lights on a miniature scale for each guest was fabulous. The hot chocolate 🍫 was very well made and came in at a perfect time. The Lilly Mansions are breathtaking and very well preserved and maintained. Photos do not do the show justice.

UN N — Google review

This museum was excellent. I've been a member at Crystal Bridges, the Art Institute Chicago, and the Philadelphia Art Museum...and I think I enjoyed this experience as much as any. The Van Gogh underside was incredible, but there were so many extras (staff and elementary student art exhibits, a design lab, interactive displays with visual media, drawing stations for kids and adults, a piano for guests to play, and more). Then, the trails around the garden add an additional element. I can't wait to return.

Dave B — Google review

Amazing place, enjoyed every second.We visited the LUME Salvador Dali. Interesting experience. But the garden really took my breath away, with blooming daffodils everywhere it is worth visiting.

Ellen V — Google review

Incredible art, too much to see in one day. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff at every point. Very well thought out displays. Includes many Gauguin, Monet, Matisse, Seurat, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Pissarro , Great cafe and shop. Weather was rainy, didn't get to see the gardens

Karen H — Google review


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4000 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46208, USA

(317) 923-1331


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (71)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (72)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (73)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (74)

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Children's museum


The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is the biggest in the world and certainly worth a family visit!

I took my 9 year old and 5 year old and we stayed from open to close and still had things we didn't get to do. The outside sports area is amazing. They had so much fun they wanted to return the following day. Parking was free, food was a little pricey but was as expected. You can bring your own inside the dining area. The place was clean and employees were so friendly.

Kim F — Google review

My 7 year old son had this on his summer bucket list so we drove 6 hours to get here. It was well worth the drive. The size of the place is mind staggering. A very well organized and engaging museum of science, culture, history, and an endless amount of learning opportunities for young and old alike. Surprising you around every corner. Keeping children engaged in large and small hands on spots from the 1 st floor to the fourth. I cannot recommend this great gem of a museum enough. If you can drive and know a child who will accompany you, make plans now to visit. You won’t be sorry!

Roger M — Google review

Nice museum but not the top. I would expect more for smaller children. You start your tour among the dinosaurs and end up on carrousel. I would say it is more for older kids as there is a part dedicated to Greece and also inspirational stories of Anne Frank, Ruby, etc. This is very well done with useful information. I mean, definitely the best part.Everything was clean and staff was friendly and nice. The outdoor part was unfortunately closed due to heatwave.

Veronika K — Google review

This place is very nice! A lot of walking, so make sure you have on comfortable shoes. I love their different exhibits; the kid history and Greece were my favorites. I appreciate all of the hand sanitizing wipes and liquids that they have placed around the museum.The outdoor sports center was FUNNNN! My boys loved being able to play all the sports. Make sure your kids are wearing closed toe shoes.The place was spotless, even the cafeteria and bathrooms. I appreciated the free parking.The only con is that the food place closes pretty early, so if you plan to eat there, arrive before 2:30.If you are visiting from out of town and plan to go to the zoo and children’s museum, purchase the Indy Pass to save. You can visit both within 24 hours if you purchase the day pass. We arrived at the CM at 11:30 am, then made sure we arrived at the zoo by 10/30-11 am the next day.

Yanna L — Google review

Went there on president day. The place was packed. All the children were enjoying themselves and actively participated in various activities. This is a well organized and beautiful place. All the parents should take their children there for a pleasant outing.

Farhana A — Google review

We had a spectacular time!!Garage and Lot Parking is free. Park on 3rd level for easy skywalk access. Take 4-5 quarters for single use lockers. Plan to spend the entire open time there! It blew by and we got to do everything without rushing. You can bring your own food!

Rachel H — Google review

It is a massive museum for children. There are lots of play areas fun things to do for children of all ages. We're greeted with a giant bumblebee (actual prop used in the movie) from Transformers at the entrance which is cool. The museum has five floors of play spaces and fun thongs to do for children. You can't cover the entire museum in one day; you will need multiple visits. The place has sufficient restrooms and food stalls to keep the little ones going throughout the day

Sriharsha K — Google review

We had a great day at the museumIt was a bit busy .The kids still enjoyed it.They really liked the dino area..Would like to go back during the week when its not to busy. The tickets were 34. Each and snacks were $10. for each kid.We didn't know you could take your lunch in ,will do that next time.

Debi K — Google review

We had a great time. I did think it would be more engaging for the kids. There was a lot to learn, as expected for a museum. But, not a lot of FUN engaging activities as I expected. The kids did enjoy themselves. We had to wait over an hour to get into the Minecraft exhibit. It is new so we kind of expected that. Definitely buy tickets online!!

Jessica S — Google review

- Love this museum. It’s huge!- There are so many activities to do for kids and I like the way they also incorporated activities for adults as well. My favorite was the interactive music. I didn’t upload pics because I do not want to post people’s faces without permission.- I recommend purchasing tickets in advance. There was a long line when we arrived - not sure how fast the in-line purchase was though.- The bathrooms were not clean. I used one. But there was enough toilet paper and paper towel.- There are some sitting areas. I’ll recommend for parents with infants or others who may need it.

Victoria O — Google review

I grew up going to this museum and love bringing my 4 kids (ages 10 to 4). They love exploring different parts and the new exhibits. It is always clean, wonderfully nice staff and great play areas for all ages. The museum is always updating exhibits for the best experience and has so many fun random programs in each exhibit you can participate in!Plus, they have amazing safety measures if you ever need to use them. They will shut down the entire museum if you have lost your kid. They won't let anyone in or out and have all staff come out to search. (Not that I know this from personal experience 🙃)The family pass is worth the money. Even a day pass is worth it! You won't need to do anything else for the rest of the day! Plus, you can bring in your own food if you plan to stay during lunch.

Camden I — Google review

LOVED THIS MUSEUMIt is the best children museum I have ever been to.The outdoor area with all the sports experience was out of the world. We enjoyed golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, football, racing... it was amazing.The indoor area had so many interesting exhibits, including minecraft and pop art.We went when the museum opened. We left when the museum closed.

Miel R — Google review

An awesome experience here. First with my kids, and now with my grandkids. Over time I have seen the admission price increase, but try to imagine the upkeep of all the displays, and it becomes understandable. There are way too many exhibits here to describe. Plan on spending hours here and having a great time. If you wish to save some money, eat at home and come here with a full belly.

P C — Google review

Worth every penny. Tip : order tickets online at least a week in advance. I am a non resident so no extra discount. There is something to interest every age even adults. The Dinosaur exhibit was one of our highlights of the visit. There is literally something to do or see on every floor. The outdoor sports area was a marvel. You could easily spend hours here. It’s impossible to experience everything in one day. I’d love to get a season pass , we need to visit 2x more before the year is over.

Shaney G — Google review

We had an ok time. It was super crowded! So much so you could barely maneuver around between exhibits. Made it so the kids couldn’t get up to see stuff. We never made it through the half of the museum before they closed. That’s how packed it was. There should be a limit on how many tickets they sale each day so families can really enjoy the day. There were hour waits to do some of the stuff. We did our best to enjoy what we could

Tiffany K — Google review

So much fun! Doesn't matter what your age is. I personally, haven't been here since grade school and seeing the trains brings back so many great memories. I loved to be able to share the experience with my family. All the exhibits were fantastic. My boys were thrilled to ditch school for a family - educational field trip!

Celia A — Google review

Great place for fun, education, culture, and art. Great for kids. I really appreciated the kid-friendly exhibits that are low to the ground, and the kid-friendly bathrooms. The main downside is, since it's so popular, it can be packed and noisy. I mean, it was hard to talk to the person next to me, and at times I couldn't think straight. It's so huge, we didn't even do all the indoor stuff in one day.

Michael S — Google review

We had a great time at The Children's Museum. Our 7-year-old loved the Sports Legends area, especially the paddle cars and treehouse. And he also really enjoyed the play areas on the third and fourth floors.The food selection is also great for adults and kids. 😁

Darcie H — Google review

It was so much fun and lots to do. We were there for about 5 hours and still didn’t get to see and do everything. Our favorite was the dinosaur exhibit in the beginning. It was very very busy and crowded but that was to be expected. Only complaint is that something different needs to happen to the food court. It was such a cluster and so crazy. Either needs a different system or add more restaurants. But I highly recommend everyone to visit. It’s great for all ages.

GG — Google review

Hands down best children’s museum I’ve ever been too! My toddler and child enjoyed themselves so much they couldn’t stop talking about it in the car! The outdoor sports was mega fun and the museum inside was full of kid friendly activities and a toddler safe space it was perfect!

Sandra M — Google review

I’m going to give this place 5 stars. For one, nostalgia, I used to love going there as a child. I was able to bring my son back here about 30 years later and the updates, along with some of the nostalgia, didn’t disappoint. I will say that after about 11-12 years old, it only becomes worth it to see the new exhibits that come out a few times a year. We went to it recently and had a great time, but the NASA/Space area is the only standard thing my son was really interested in. Unfortunately, a couple of the activities were broken, which I’ve noticed in past visits also. I believe they are funded by donations and memberships and not sure if they receive subsidies, but overall they do a great job. The dinosaur exhibit is a must see for anyone and the sport area is a great new addition that wasn’t there when I was young, but that’s only open in the warmer weather.Add on: The winter fest snowball fight is a good concept, but they need to have different times for different age groups and they need to expand the play area. As you can see, it’s a giant cluster. Still fun, although more focused on 8 and under.

Paul G — Google review

We've been here several times and it gets better every time! Between my and my bro in law's family there are four kids between 3 and 6 and they absolutely love it! I often think I want to visit here without them!The interactive dino coloring mural wall is always must see! And you can't ignore the giant dinosaurs you see busting through the walls on the drive up. The exhibits are engaging for all ages and if you go on the right day, it won't be too busy and you can jam around as you please!Don't forget the sports area off the main area and play with all the interactive games! Coach David was awesome!

Marlon D — Google review

What a great place to take kids. Very clean and well maintained facilities. The Ryan White exhibit got me all chocked up. They allow reentry all day so bring a cooler. The outdoor experience was great too, with tons of space to run and play.

Zachary H — Google review

A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the museum. While the main exhibits remain the same, they are still worth your time and attention. Recently, I went on a day trip to the museum and found that it was extremely hot inside, and there were a lot of people there. This seemed to make some of the visitors irritable. Even so, it was still a worthwhile experience!

Justin T — Google review

Wonderful place to visit and had lots for little kids to do! I especially loved the dinosaur exhibit and the kids play scape was a huge hit! The “inside out” temporary exhibit was super cute, and very creative.

Sari M — Google review

The place is certainly big and if you're tight with time, it's recommended to plan your visit in advance.There's always something for the kids to do, to play, or to have hands-on experience. Definitely designed with kids in mind.The outdoor sports center was a hit with the kids. They loved it!

David D — Google review

Lots of bathrooms!! Very clean, great deal for the kids. Just an all around good experience, truly. The outdoor space and sports activities are super cool. They have to redesign the tree though so folks can go up and down, but I was thoroughly impressed with it all.

Terry B — Google review

This place is amazing! We took our daughter here and she loved it! The exhibits are diverse, interactive and very well done. The place was clean and the staff was friendly. There is just a ton to do. We spent several hours and didn’t see everything. They also have a very nice outdoor area with a lot to do. If you’re in the area, this is a must see if you have kids.

Brook P — Google review

As a parent, I can’t recommend the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis enough! Here’s why it’s an absolute gem:World-Class Exhibits: This museum is a treasure trove of knowledge and fun. From the moment you step inside, you’re greeted by interactive exhibits that ignite curiosity in both kids and adults. The dinosaur fossils alone are worth the visit!Outdoor Sports Legends Experience: The recent addition of the Riley Children’s Health Sports Legends Experience is a game-changer. Imagine a 7.5-acre outdoor wonderland where kids can play basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and more. It’s like stepping into a sports paradise.Art, Science, and History: The museum seamlessly weaves together art, science, and history. Explore five floors filled with captivating displays—whether you’re fascinated by space exploration, ancient civilizations, or the wonders of nature.Theater Magic: Catch a children’s play or live entertainment at the museum’s theater. It’s a delightful way to engage young minds and spark their creativity.Rare Gems: Where else can you find some of the world’s rarest dinosaur fossils? The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis houses these ancient marvels, and they’re awe-inspiring.Remember to take your time—there’s so much to see and do. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this museum is a must-visit. Kudos to the team for creating an enriching and playful environment for families! 🦕🌟

Sai K — Google review

I was expecting "the biggest children's museum in the world" to be way more fascinating. It is okay, with some interesting things, but nothing out of the ordinary. I felt it was missing some more activities that the kids could do to learn something. The outside playground was really nice and the kids enjoyed it a lot.

Jair R — Google review

Phenomenal museum particularly the outdoor fields of sports - basketball, tennis, hockey, football, mini golf etc. the sports are customized for all ages. My kids spent half the day there.The indoor exhibits were pretty good particularly the dinosaur area. Being a children's museum, the only thing I'd say that could be improved is more tactile activities for the younger kids.

Aziz B — Google review

Took my son here after his doctor’s appointment. We had such an amazing time. My son loved the exhibits and so did we. There is no lack of interactive materials and areas for children to play and learn. We were extremely impressed and happy with the experience. Will continue to come back and I recommend it highly for anyone interested.

Bret W — Google review


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3000 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46208, USA

(317) 334-4000

I'll never travel to Louisville without this trip planner again

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I will never travel to Louisville without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (87)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (88)

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Heritage museum

Sights & Landmarks

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is home to a vast collection of racing cars and memorabilia from the Indianapolis 500 race. The museum offers guided tours of the speedway, as well as opportunities to sign up for a narrated tour and experience racing nostalgia around the track.

Husband and I came here from Illinois, we couldn't WAIT to visit this place! It was so freaking awesome to be inside the racetrack and also to see all the history inside the museum. Our whole family had a great time! Next time for sure we will go earlier so we can go on one of the tours!

Sofia B — Google review

Though I'm not a racing enthusiast, I still thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Speedway Museum! We added the Kiss The Bricks tour to our day and it was well worth it. It was very informational and gave a great look into the track itself.The staff was some of the nicest I have ever interacted with at a museum. Right, when we walked in we were greeted and they helped us plan out our day to fit our interests. They truly made the experience even better!

Abbey M — Google review

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum delivered an unforgettable journey into the world of racing history. Our visit was filled with memorable moments, from experiencing a lap on the legendary track and seeing the iconic bricks up close, to immersing ourselves in the museum's comprehensive exhibits that beautifully narrate the full racing history. The museum proudly showcases two cars listed on the National Historic Vehicles register, highlighting their significant role in the racing world. The gift shop offers a wide selection of merchandise catering to all racing enthusiasts. The museum staff were exceptional, providing friendly and knowledgeable assistance throughout our visit. The only minor suggestion for improvement would be to relocate the buses from the fountain area, as it would enhance the photo opportunities in that picturesque spot. We were thrilled to find the Borg-Warner Trophy available for photos, along with the chance to sit in a racing car and enjoy the simulators. Our experience at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum was nothing short of fantastic, with the staff being the highlight of our trip.Join as a team member for the best value on seeing the museum and saving at the gift shop plus many other perks! Give yourself time here we spent 5 hours and it was not enough! Can't wait to go back, since we are members we can as many times as we would like for the year which is great for all the changing exhibits they have.

Phillip C — Google review

The museum was very well laid out. I enjoyed looking at the cars, the winner wall and the other things in the displays. We chose to take the tour too and really enjoyed seeing some of the 'race day' behind the scenes areas up close. Our tour guides were fun and knowledgeable and I learned all sorts if interesting trivia. Frankly, not a fan, but still overall enjoyable.

Kathi D — Google review

First time here!Off my bucket list now.Watching the qualification time trials.Very cool to watch.Saw our neighbors Indy Cars from home.Dale Coyne Racing.Saw the Kombuchade Crew here too from Chicago.

M T — Google review

Excellent hands on experience of the most famous racetrack in the world. Took a bus tour of the track (unfortunately only at 20 MPH), got to kiss the bricks. Took a tour of the museum. They say every car starts up and runs. You can try to break a speed record in their video game race game (free). Price breaks on active military, veterans and seniors.

Javier C — Google review

Great tour of the facility. We did the tram tour with 3 kids and it entertained them too. The museum has plenty of old cars to look at and examine. The information about the history is amazing! Ferrari’s were on the track the day we where there and sounded amazing.

Victor V — Google review

I came here right before the remodel for the first time. I had a great experience and prices were cheap. The building was very clean and organized. We bought the tour bus tickets and got to kiss the bricks and take photos with pagoda from the track. The tour guide was very nice. We also went to the gift shop. They had a very wide variety of items that were fairly inexpensive

Eliza H — Google review

Enjoyed my visit at the Indianapolis Speedway Museum! Not really into the Indy 500, but wanted to stop anyway. It was really interesting to see the exhibit and cars of past years winners.

Martinez — Google review

Even if you're not a racing enthusiast, you'll enjoy this stop. We added the tour to our package and it was well worth the additional charge. The guide was great, shared his life experiences as a Indy 500 fan which made the tour much more informative. Only item which couldn't be included was the speedway lap because it was in use by Chevy running Corvette test trials. Museum has many of the past winning cars and an interactive area with racing simulators.

PG M — Google review

Awesome experience if you are a race car fan.The toure around the track was really good.Lot of things to do. Plan to spend at least 2 hrs. It would still be a rush.

Sanket L — Google review

Had a great time visiting. Take a moment to get into a real Indy race car, plus a free 4-lap virtual qualifier was a good time. The main exhibit is smaller compared to similar (vintage) we have been in around the US, but it was still a great stop to make

Dave 1 — Google review

Way cool! If you even remotely like cars this is a spot to go. They have cars from almost every era. The staff are friendly and plenty of things to see and do.They had neat simulators to try when I visited, super fun! The tour was informative and interactive, was told all the cars here function as well regardless of the date. They host team builder events too.Was definitely worth the visit.

Wilson F — Google review

A neat tour about the history of the speedway. You can take an on-track tour of the race course. They let you out at the starting line and give you a chance to "kiss the bricks" and take photos. Inside the museum has many displays that tell about the history of the speedway. There are many cars on display that won previous races as well.

Yashica D — Google review

Unfortunately, the museum is under renovation and is not set to open until April 2025. We did receive a tour of the grounds, the 'Winner's Circle', the Pagoda, and we were able to go to the gift shop. We were only here 30-45 minutes.

JC B — Google review

While temporarily closed, they are still doing tours when available. Took a great tour of the pagoda and got to see views of the track I’ve never seen before. Tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly answering all my questions. Seemed to be well organized even though they just changed locations due to closure of museum.

T. H — Google review

If you are any kind of a race fan this is one of the most iconic tracks in the world! Unfortunately the museum is closed but we took the tour and visited the gift shop. Our tour guides were great and made the tour even more fun. We got to visit the winners podium and suites. There also happen to be a test of the new electric Hummers going on so we did get to see some of that. Overall great experience and I hope to come back for a race day and when the museum reopens.

Eatable M — Google review

What a fun experience! Definitely recommend the Kiss the Bricks tour! Buy tickets in advance! Give yourself a few hours to spend at the IMS! On the KtB tour, they take you on a 45 minute narrated tour around the 2.5 mile track and provide you with a wealth of history along the way! Once you arrive at the bricks (finish line), you’re allowed to exit the bus and take photographs, and even kiss the bricks like the tradition is for the winner of the Indy 500! The museum is awesome too! Many of the vehicles used to race are on display. There are interactive exhibits as well! At the end, there is a large gift shop with tons of items to purchase. We definitely recommend doing this tour if you’re ever anywhere near Indy or Speedway!

Tom B — Google review

The IMS Museum of "old" was a must visit for any motorsports fan, history buff, or Indiana native. It has always had cool up close displays of Indy 500 winning race cars, & cool Pace Cars from the Brickyard 400 & 500. I had to visit 1 last time before the remodel & can't wait to see the updated Museum in 2025! The staff has always been very friendly & knowledgeable about the displays.

America's G — Google review

I came into the tour and museum with basically zero racing knowledge. I learned quite a bit about the history of racing and particularly the history of the Indy 500. I found it fun and informative and felt that the staff rolled out the red carpet for our group (we were there with the FFA during National Convention week).

Kassandra B — Google review

While the museum closed on Nov 5, 2023 for renovations which will take 18 months to complete, they will still be offering tours of the race track, which was a highlight of our visit. You can even walk across the finish line and kiss the fabled bricks.

Jeff P — Google review

I thought that I was not a big fun of auto racing until we visited this museum. I bought tickets in advance, just wanted to entertain my boys. When we came to museum we were offered an extra guided tour to the racetrack, Victory Podium and the iconic Pagoda. After visiting Victory Lane. We traveled to the top of the Pagoda for a breathtaking view of the Speedway and the surrounding downtown skyline.The museum is full of vintage cars, trophies, photographs, fine art, and other artifacts. So fascinating.

Ellen V — Google review

Great place, lots of interesting race cars and history. We did the kiss the bricks tour around the track. Museum closing November 6 2023, for remodel. Reopens in 18 months.

Marc A — Google review


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4750 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA

(317) 492-6784


Indianapolis Zoo

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (93)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (94)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (95)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (96)

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Zoos & Aquariums

The Indianapolis Zoo is a great place to take the kids, with an aquarium, rides, shows and play areas. The zoo also has an indoor/outdoor garden.

We love the zoo! Our youngest kids hadn’t got to go so we decided to go spend the day yesterday and we had a great time! The only part that wasn’t so great was the forest, the only animals out were the birds. We know it was probably due to the new exhibit coming so no big deal. We will still be back! It was completely packed but we still got through in good time! Our kids loved the monkey and the elephants! We got to see all our favorite animals and everyone really enjoyed it! It’s worth the money you spend to have the fun with the family!

Ashley F — Google review

Overall it was an enjoyable trip for our family of four. When we arrived we had to park in the south lot and take a shuttle to the main entrance. This was fine, but it could use more signage as a out of town guest in an industrial area.Entry was easy (we bought tickets in advance), and staff were friendly. Exhibits were well marked, and the dolphin show was a lot of fun for kids and adults. The area by the cafe was shaded and nice to take a break to eat in. The plains area was nicely laid out with lots if room for the animals. Additionally, the entire zoo has a very clear linear path, which makes it easy to navigate.We were let down by the orangutan exhibit, only seeing a single one. The cost of admission, with parking, was just over $100, so not a cheap day. Overall, a little pricey, but our kids did have a good day.

Benjamin H — Google review

I love the Indianapolis Zoo. I grew up in Indianapolis and I hadn't been to the zoo in a long long time. We live in Wisconsin now and I wanted my wife and kid to experience how awesome it is. So we stopped here for a 4 hour visit. It didn't disappoint. It got better since I was there when I was probably about 12 years old. My wife commented on how clean and well kept the grounds are. The exhibits are well thought out and have gotten better over time. It didn't even look like the Zoo aged at all. A definite must see when in Indy.

Court H — Google review

I've been a zoo member for the past 4 years, and it's truly a great place to visit! It's always clean, mostly all the staff are incredibly nice and they're starting to add more member benefits as well so that's a plus! I've really enjoyed the updates to the zoo and can't wait to see what else will come!

Jeff H — Google review

Nice zoo! Great variety of animals of course. Relatively clean. The souvenir penny smashing machines, just avoid those. Tried 2, which I had to use my credit card on, 1 that I tried a bill in one... All the took my money, gave no smashed pennies... 🫤 all staff we interacted with were friendly and helpful.

Thomas M — Google review

One of my favorite zoos I’ve been too. Definitely try and time it for an animal showing, SOOO worth it! The trainers are experts with their species and the show is phenomenal and short enough that you won’t get bored or tired. The exhibits are spacious and considerate for each species, try and time it for an overcast day so the animals are more active. Definitely bring water or money for a vending machine. The bird rooms are also one of the best stops, for sure check it out after you stop to feed the giraffes! Lots of interactive opportunities and a great variety of species. Definitely worth the drive from Purdue!

Daniel P — Google review

Nice. Not overwhelming huge..but big enough...about 3 to 4 hours to see everything....Lots of parking...and handicap spaces..Lots of helpful friendly employees.Loved the dolphin show..And a demonstration of macaws..beautiful birds..Lots of big animals...elephants, giraffe, zebra, tiger, lion, cheetah...Variety of colorful birds...and reptiles..Very nicely laid out..use a map....lots of restrooms...very clean and maintained..Several choices of getting something to eat or drink stands..and outdoor tables with umbrellas..some inside eating too.Not included in your entrance price..is a mini roller coaster.A gondola ride over the orangutan outdoor enclosure...also fantastic view of the city skyline..its quite a high ride..but goes slowly.And a train around the zoo...(my opinion...i wouldn't waste my extra $$ to to ride it...just went by the back lot..zoo maintenance..weeds....didn't see any animals..just a train ride)And a carousel for the kids..Overall..quite an enjoyable day..And gift shop..

Mabel — Google review

The zoo was beautiful .The atmosphere very calm relaxing feeling. Getting greeted at the entrance with a smile and good morning. The only thing I didn’t like was that everything you purchased had to be with a credit card from the beginning to the end . Than again it was my first time coming here I should of checked. Other than that everything was perfect we were there on a Friday from 10:30 to 4:00pm.

Berenice D — Google review

The Indianapolis Zoo offers an exceptional experience that seamlessly combines entertainment, education, and conservation, with two captivating stars – the sand cat and red panda – stealing the spotlight.As you traverse the zoo's well-designed pathways, the sand cat exhibit stands as a testament to the zoo's commitment to replicating natural habitats. Observing these elusive and compact felines, you gain a newfound appreciation for the zoo's dedication to creating environments that mirror the unique needs of each species.Similarly, the red panda exhibit is a true delight. These adorable creatures captivate visitors with their playful antics and distinct appearance. The red panda's presence serves as a reminder of the critical role that zoos play in raising awareness about endangered species and the need for their protection.The Indianapolis Zoo goes beyond being a mere showcase of animals; it's a hub of learning and conservation efforts. The staff's enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge is evident in the informative talks and interactive experiences, offering visitors a deeper understanding of the animal kingdom and the challenges it faces.What sets the zoo apart is its dedication to animal welfare. The well-maintained exhibits, enriched environments, and attentive care demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the well-being of every resident.In conclusion, the Indianapolis Zoo is a treasure trove of discovery, providing an enriching and joyful experience for visitors of all ages. With its focus on education, conservation, and creating engaging habitats, the zoo not only entertains but also fosters a sense of responsibility for the planet's diverse inhabitants. The sand cat and red panda are just a glimpse of the wonders that await, making a visit to the Indianapolis Zoo a must-do for anyone seeking a connection with nature and the animal world.

James — Google review

This was another great zoo! We love our zoos, and this one did not disappoint. The dolphin meet and greet was worth every penny and definitely an experience you should do with the children or even your adult self, not everyday you can go behind the scenes of the dolphins! The animals looked well taken care of and mostly active. All around, just a beautiful, well maintained zoo.

Captain J — Google review

11/9/23- we went to renew our membership, which I recommend. If we didn't have one this would be an expensive visit without many of the animals out.I'm at work when my family comes to spend the day and today I had a good time with the animals that were there to see.I recommend stopping by the Oceans and learn all about the different fish. They have a section to pet sharks and sting rays. It's a cool experience and if you tell the employees you're new there they take time to tell you about all their names and ages.If you miss the Dolphin 🐬 show like we did, go below to watch them. It was more fun to watch from there.If you're buying a one time ticket make sure you're early and get ready to be disappointed. Lots of animals are put away for the winter.I'll update next time I go.

Ya S — Google review

Very fun! One of the biggest zoos I've been to in a while for being in the Midwest.Lots of fun things to do, recommend getting there early to get to see and take in everything the zoo has to offer.There's even an optional itinerary if you decide you can't decide! I highly recommend the dolphin show if you've never been to one, and the individual talks about some of the animals can have some really fun trivia.Keep in mind feedings are a separate price, and some animals are seasonal since it can get pretty cold here. Summer is ideal so you can see everything!Odd thing to point to, but I can also highlight the pretzels they sell on grounds! The food court can get pretty busy, so going to the few outside is your best bet if you don't want to wait a half hour to eat on a busy day.I'd recommend keeping cash on you (specifically $5 bills if you want some special tokens for cheap) as it can help you around the grounds sometimes.Overall, highly recommend as a spot to visit if you've never been to Indianapolis before! Will be visiting again.

Renee ( — Google review

Everything was clean and not very crowded. Animals were all really active and looked healthy! No concession places were open, but maybe that’s because it was during the week? Overall a fun experience for the family! Tip: Get the zoo pass! It covers parking and admission + guests!

James G — Google review

Took the kids (8/11/15) in the afternoon starting about 2 pm. The zoo was decently crowded, but manageable. We really enjoy zoo's you can get through under 3 hours and this one was perfect. Since it was pretty warm, we got through it in a little over two hours. They have a lot of key animals most would really enjoy seeing.+Good size and layout+Under 3 hour to see everything (not read everything :) )+Ray and Shark (dog) petting+They have most all the animals people want to see+Easy ticket and entry process+Butterfly Garden-Overall a decently expensive thing to do, but well worth if you've saved up-It was hot, but from Texas it was manageable

Micah ( — Google review

Very fun place! Lots to see! Kids love the petting experiences with giraffes, sharks and rays! Unfortunately they removed their playground area and splash area which was really disappointing. There are rides you can purchase tickets for but in addition to any pass or ticket. Still worth the trip!

Brooke W — Google review

The new re-design and gardens are BEAUTIFUL!! The chimpanzee walkway opening in May 2024 will be extraordinary!! The Halloween decorations and all the extras were just awesome, but we wish more of the animals could be on display. Our family can't wait for Christmas at the Zoo with all the lights!! Definitely a place we enjoy!!

Hessa J — Google review

Always beautiful, clean, and well cared for! Every single trip is better than the last. This was our very first Zoo Boo experience, and it was wonderful! The amount of love and care that goes into decorating this zoo is amazing. The Halloween decorations were so creative and placed all over the zoo for magic and fun around every corner.

Kimberly N — Google review

We planned a trip to Indiana and went to the zoo. Before going, I read the reviews on here and felt a bit like I would be disappointed when I got there but I came on here to say DON'T LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS! We had a fantastic time, all the employees we met were nice and caring. The dolphin show and meet and greet was amazing! Getting to touch the dolphins and learn about their rescue was lovely. Almost all of the animals were on exhibit. I believe only 3 were not. This is a large zoo with plenty to see! We were there from noon to 7pm and enjoyed every bit of it. I highly highly recommend going to this Zoo. Much better than the one here in Tennessee especially when it comes to their interactive exhibits. Feeding and touching birds, kangaroos, sharks and stingrays. 10/10 would go again!

Nichole ( — Google review

A very nice zoo. I do recommend buying tickets in advance online. The admission price is more at the gate, and the parking is an additional charge. I will try to go again in the spring or summer as the zoo keepers are working on the gardens, and spring is just beginning. My group had lunch, and the smash burgers were everyone's favorite. We also spent a lot of time at the shark touch tank and in the butterfly garden.

Nickey — Google review

Such a great experience! This is a clean zoo, very large, and so many areas to get up close and personal. This was a wonderful zoo! AND as I was leaving, people were arriving for a wedding! What a cool place to host a wedding! I will be back!

Danielle D — Google review

It was a very nice time. The walrus and another enclosure was down. The zoo says it closes at 5pm but it doesn't advertise the ocean exhibit closes at 4pm. Would have loved to gone but missed it. Got there at 401pm. Would have went there 1st if would have known it closes early

Michael H — Google review

My first time I went here was during the eclipse. The whole Zoo was an absolute blast and they even let everyone out so they could watch the eclipse too. All the animals were super active too, which is nice. All the animal chats they had too were super informative. I also enjoyed all the different “areas” they had. Like walking with the kangaroos, the whole desert climate, the chimpanzee areas they’re making, everything.

Robert C — Google review

Great zoo, lots of nice animals to see. I wish the penny smasher machines were all up and running. That tiger gets really up close. Still had some animals hidden away because it's not "in season" yet, but I'd bet after Memorial Day that the place is much more exciting and fun with everything on and running. But we had a fun time and if we find ourselves back in Indy we'll definitely make it a point to visit again. The train ride is not for the larger folk, I got squished in fairly well just to ride with my kid.

Chris H — Google review

Really enjoyed our time here. Exhibits were closer to visitors than any other zoo I’ve ever been to. I personally enjoyed the butterfly habitat as it was large and FULL of butterflies. They do have a small train and rollercoaster which sets this zoo apart!

Asheli G — Google review

We always love going to the Indy Zoo!! Loved seeing all of the animals. My son loved the carousel! We took the train around the zoo. We even saw the new exhibit, the chimpanzees! They were moving them through the cages to get to their new exhibit. Saw the baby elephant too!!

Stephanie B — Google review

Great zoo. Decent variety of animals, staff was really nice and some really nice interactive exhibits. You can pet sting rays and sharks, walk with kangaroos and butterflies and mingle with flamingos. We had a great time for our Total Eclipse Visit!I would like to add that I thought their "first come first serve" idea for the Eclipse Day was good, although opening up the online ticket purchases at 8:30 without notice that it was going to happen left a bad taste in my mouth. I am imagining people that got there early, waited in line and could have not gotten in due to online sales (which half the people couldn't even get the site to actually work anyways). Did not affect us as we were first in line, but it felt a bit dirty.

Dragonbird S — Google review

I don't want to be critical of our zoo because I think they are doing the best they can with the space they are allowed but our zoo should be much bigger. And the parking, the fact that the parking lot is SO BIG but they still fill up and people have to park away and then be driven to the zoo. If I came to the zoo and main parking was full, I'd go home. Especially if I had small kids and strollers. Other than those complaints, I love what they've done with it over the years. And it seems like they've wanted to focus on bringing back more interaction with animals like there was when I was a kid. Of course, I remember riding an elephant back then so I don't believe we need be THAT interactive anymore but seeing the option kids have to interact with animals compared to how it was 15 years ago, it's night and day. We went with our friend and his baby to the zoo for her first trip and she loved! ☺️ The orangutans seems to really love their new travel tunnels too and that was exciting to see them out in the day, enjoying sunshine and breeze.

Kelli B — Google review

This zoo is beautiful. I only gave it a 3. That is because of the train ride. It is not worth riding! There was nothing saying it was behind the scenes where you pay.. Nasty gardens, a gas station. The back side of a hippo and an elephant. Never again will we ride that train!

Tara R — Google review

Great zoo. Very unique enclosures for the animals. A lot of walk thru exhibits that are included in your general admission ticket. I've been to a couple of zoos around the country and I would say this one makes the list on my top5. It might not be a huge zoo but it makes up for it because of the unique interactions you can have in some of the exhibits.

Abel R — Google review

Although smaller than other zoos in the midwest, compared to, say, Columbus or Cleveland, Indianapolis Zoo still has a great variety of animals and animal habitats. The star of the show are the dolphins though. The dolphin area is huge, considering how relatively small the zoo is, and the dolphin show is absolutely amazing. The trainers are true experts and run a fantastic show.

Rhys A — Google review

It was real early in the season when we went so a lot of things were still closed from Winter. Best time to go is late spring or the summer. Despite still being chilly, many animals were out and about, even a few baby animals were in the enclosures! I got to see the dolphin show, and it was definitely something I'd like to see again down the road.

Yamper Y — Google review


(19363)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (100)


(2532)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (101)

1200 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46222, USA

(317) 630-2001


Lucas Oil Stadium

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (102)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (103)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (104)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (105)

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Fun & Games

Sports Complexes

Lucas Oil Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana that was built to replace the RCA Dome. It is often referred to as "The House That Manning Built" because of the many awards Peyton Manning has won as a quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. The stadium features modern amenities such as retractable roofs that allows for various events and concerts to take place year-round.

We attended the Big 10 Football Championship game at Lucas Oil Field and were most impressed with the venue and amenities! The stadium is modern, clean and inviting. We had food from concessions and it was very good. Our seats gave us a great view of the game and action! People working the game in Indianapolis were friendly, professional and helpful. It was a very enjoyable experience. Many thanks to all!

Fb N — Google review

Beautiful stadium! Went for Gencon gaming convention. Got to play boardgames on the field. The place is amazing. Clean, comfortable. I would love to see a food ball game here some day. If you get a chance to visit, do it!

Michael C — Google review

Traveled here for the NFL Combine recently. I was very impressed with the facilities, staff, and overall cleanliness. It was easy to navigate and felt safe. I actually found great free street parking within walking distance but there was lots of parking and the overall layout of the stadium makes sense. Sometimes these large scale events don’t have the proper logistics behind them but this was seamless! The concession stands were reasonably priced and standard stadium fare.

S T — Google review

Beautiful facility! Convenient to just about everything. Plenty of hotels and food within easy walking distance. We found the section numbering to be a bit challenging, so pay attention and give yourself time. Craft beer selection could be better. Of course, everything is expensive.

BcOneSeven — Google review

Had a blast watching the B1G championship. Staff was friendly, it was easy to navigate, and concessions were reasonably priced for a football game. Sections are positioned so that even the upper sections still feel close to the field. My only complaint is that my team lost.

Drew B — Google review

Great stadium! It replaced one of the smallest stadiums in the NFL when it opened in 2008. The Colts wanted a new modern stadium built in downtown Indianapolis that featured the same amenities found in new NFL stadiums. In December 2004, the Colts and the City of Indianapolis agreed to construct a new $720 million stadium for the team. The Colts contributed $100 million toward construction with the remaining amount coming from the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. On September 20, 2005 construction began on the stadium, adjacent to the RCA Dome. In March 2006, Lucas Oil Products bought the naming rights to the stadium for $120 million over 20 years.

Zuum — Google review

It’s been a bit since I’ve been back. But the experience was great. View and atmosphere was amazing first time sitting on this side of the football field and the seats were still great. But I do hate the prices of drinks I feel like they are a little much. Food is so so I feel like this could be improved as many football stadiums and baseball stadiums I’ve gone to this is one kind of disappointments me on food. But overall the cleanliness of bathrooms and stadium was great and the staff was great.

Kortni L — Google review

As a Michigan fan it was always my goal to make it here for the big ten championship. After 3 straight championships and two visits I can say it was well worth the wait. The city and surrounding areas are beautiful and welcoming to any visitor. Can’t wait to come back!

Matt R — Google review

Attended Colts Titans game back in October. Beautiful stadium, especially with the roof open. Some issues getting in with purses, only bc website did not mention new rules about small bag sizes or clear bags only allowed now so we had to make an extra trip back to the car. We were concerned about this so we had tried to check online first but saw no mention of any restrictions on purses. The game was great and staff was friendly.

Amanda C — Google review

One of the best stadiums I’ve been to. Tailgating was fun, the fans were cool. I liked how easily it was for the Uber to drop us off and pick us up. Actually getting into the stadium was easy especially for a playoff game. Drinks and food… they were stadium prices so nothing special.Overall it was a fun experience

Jeffrey S — Google review

We had an awesome time at ffa national convention today. We want to the first session. The speaker was amazing. She was funny and had many amazing ideas!

Jillian S — Google review

What a wonderful stadium! Very large and nicely built inside and out. Food was okay but I rather eat nearby for the same price which was my only gripe. Attended Gen Con and this place did not disappoint hosting such a big event. Looking forward to coming back again!

Sok B — Google review

Visited for Drum Corps International Prelim competition. The venue changes entry and exit from time to time, and this year was no exception, but it was nice to see more of the concourse.Bathrooms were cleaned and well maintained by staff this year, and they were very kind and helpful if needed.Food lines moved pretty quickly for the food they were putting out during the "dinner intermission". Huge props to the staff and managers making it happen for everyone to be fed!The only issue I had is that staff didn't seem to be making sure people weren't moving around during the performances. I'm not sure if they knew that shouldn't be happening or not, but the staff behind me were talking loudly most of the day, and not really stopping anyone from moving around. I mostly only notice as someone who visits yearly.Overall, a great visit, and I know I'll be back next year for Drum Corps :-)

Val G — Google review

Visited Lucas Oil Stadium for the Colts vs Rams game last Sunday. The stadium's open design was genuinely impressive, and there was a surprising amount of activities inside. The game was good, even though the Colts couldn't clinch a win. Worth the experience if you're considering a visit.

Jason H — Google review

This stadium is GORGEOUS!!! Large spacious and roomy for seating. Home of the Colts, the atmosphere hits you as soon as you walk in the front door! There is great signage to get you to your seats, plenty of restrooms available, and lots of options for food and beverages. Also, lots of racing things incorporated (Indy 500) into the stadium. Overall, I love this place and would definitely go back 😁

Amber M — Google review

I surprised my husband with a tour and we had a great time. Patty was so sweet and lead our tour perfectly. I personally appreciated the accommodation made for my husband as the fear of heights cropped up when we reached the huge escalator leading to the bud light party area. We learned so much and had a nice time! Reasonably priced!!!!

Miranda T — Google review

Haven't been here in 12 years. It's an amazing stadium, and now they have the PeytonManningstatue up front. Definitely stop by if you're a fan.

Martin M — Google review

Came here for the Bands of America because my stepdaughter was performing in it. I get that they don't want you to interfere with the performance during when the bands are playing. So, during a performance, you can't sit down at your seat, you have to want in-between performances too. But I was literally on the stairs, not interfering with no one. I just wanted to see the North Carolina Marching Machine, and some volunteer told me I couldn't be there. Why? There's no one's behind me, I'm not in the way. If it wasn't for that. I would have given 5 stars. Other than that, I enjoyed my experience here. And our band made top 10!!

Factor A — Google review

State of the art stadium that holds Colts home games, Big Ten championship games, NFL Draft combines as well as other events like NCAA Basketball Final Fours, Super Bowls, concerts, etc. We were able to see what this was possible during our guided tour. Lots of open space, cool little Lucas Oil products on the 2nd floor and honestly it just looks like there isn't a horrible seat in the building. Nice to see all parts of the stadium, even where they keep the kegs of beer. Curious to see how traffic is after home games, you feed into downtown when you leave.

Josh B — Google review

Went there with my kiddos for robotics this place had parking and food and overall great time. Everything is very well labeled and the seats were comfortable as we were there from 8am till 7 pm almost.

Anastasiya N — Google review

I went for the very first time on December 31st, 2023. It was a great experience. First, the architecture on the outside was gorgeous. It fits the city very well with the style and shape, but its sheer size makes the city seem to be there for the stadium and not vise versa. The interior was equally impressive with vehicles on the inside such as motorcycle, tractor, a race car and more. I loved the spacious hallways. It did not feel super crowded even close to full capacity. Screens at both ends for everyone to see easily and every seat is a good view with how it was built. Now, the experience was fantastic. The first thing you encounter upon entering the stadium is receiving a flashing necklace (horshoe) and glasses (2024). 10/10. The announcers were fun, and the entertainment for the crowd via voice and big screen was both funny and had competitive banter. The food was okay, bbq wings were dry and overcooked a little. The cheesteak was good, but the bun was stale. The service was very good throughout and all employees were super friendly. Fans were fantastic! My favorite surprise was the toddler race during the game. As a Chiefs fan, who has been to Soldier Field, U.S Bank Stadium and Lucas Oil Stadium for the first time this season, The Colts definitely did things the best with the Vikings very close second. I would love to go back sometime and experience even more of the stadium I may not have seen.

Chase L — Google review

Awesome stadium to watch cool events and the states football team the Colts. Great view no matter how high you sit though there are some seats that have obstructed views. The stadium also has a retractable roof and window that lets in fresh air and can close in case of bad weather. It doesn't open much even if it is a nice day but it does open randomly on some weeks to let some fresh air and daylight into the stadium. The stadium is easy to navigate and there are restrooms and food/drink areas all over the stadium. Overall great place to see events

M S — Google review

Great stadium. Easily accessible and with fun sights within that are easy on the eye. Foot traffic flows well here which is a testament to the overall design. A top tier stadium in the National Football League

Jeff S — Google review


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(1623)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (107)

500 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA

(317) 262-8600


Horseshoe Indianapolis, Shelbyville

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (108)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (109)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (110)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (111)

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Casinos & Gambling

Featuring live thoroughbred & quarter horse racing, this casino also offers slots & e-table games.

I love this casino so muchvery classy and I love the off track betting and the horse racesI can't think of the restaurant we ate at but the ribs were huge and very good My buddy ate a steak that he said was awesome

Corey F — Google review

I’m not a fan of Indiana Live Casino. It’s closer than my preferred casino (French Lick Hotel & Casino) but my husband enjoys going once a year and I never enjoy myself. Three New Year Eves in a row and every year the band has been terrible, the food / drinks are over priced and have very little alcohol in them…I am NEVER going back. I’ve spent thousands at this casino whereas at French Lick, where I’ve stayed over a dozen times, I’ve lost but I’ve also won. The service is better. The drinks are better. The atmosphere is incredible and the facility itself is absolutely gorgeous.

Nicole S — Google review

I went early and it was not crowded. The staff members were friendly. There was a lot of laughter at the roulette table. There were several sections of slot machines. The music was good and people were happy and singing. I also noticed a seafood restaurant and a bar & grill inside. I will review them later. It is a Cesar owned casino.

JustFollow ( — Google review

Tried Jack Binion's and it was delicious! Our server, Alisha, was amazing, cheeful and helpful! We had shrimp co*cktail, truffle fries, New York strip with mushrooms and onions and a Ceasar salad. Food was 10/10, drinks were 10/10, atmosphere was 10/10. Definitely recommend!!!

Tyler H — Google review

Love the new poker room. They are a little short staffed for servers and some of the dealers don't quite understand all of the rules yet. Overall it was a really good experience and I am planning to visit this poker room multiple times a week.Update: Dealers improved dramatically. There is the occasional issue but that is common everywhere. They could still use more servers in the poker room. I frequent this establishment at least 3 times a week and plan to continue. Thanks to the friendly poker room staff.

Matthew A — Google review

Nice casino that isn't over crowded with a beautiful racetrack in wonderful rural Indiana. A must see!

Judy J — Google review

Nice place. Overall clean. Not worth it to lose all the cash you walk in with. Maybe they should dial back how much they rig their machines. I stopped coming over 7 years ago and I probably won't be back for another 7

Derrick B — Google review

Great Casino 😁 Staff is professional, courteous and all around super friendly. Card Room in the back was Clean, well lit and Professionally run. I had a Great time. Gambled untill sunrise 🌄 and walked out side to See the Race Horses 🐎 exercises. Great place.

Chris C — Google review

You lose often and sometimes, you win some. It's all in the game and part of gambling. The atmosphere is great. Good housekeeping, overall cleanliness is awesome considering the number of people that frequent the establishment daily. The complimentary coffee and fountain drinks are almost always full, and the staff is very polite and friendly.The rewards have slacked up a bit, unless you spend tons of money and in doing that, the casino will always take in far more than they payout, its a business though and they wouldn't be in business if they didn't.I definitely recommend the Horseshoe, if for nothing other than the casino experience...

Michael D — Google review

I like going to the casino because it's a good & safe place to have fun. The security are very thorough with checking ID's. The place is always clean & not too crowded. I always find a game to play, I never win anything but it's still fun to try. Also; parking is free, entry is free & the staff have free fountain drinks or bottled water. There's also a cafe that you can order food from.

Tree F — Google review

May have caught it on a particularly slow day, but on my visit, I would not give it more than three stars.First, the highlights: Spacious, many new and fan-favorite slots, high-end decor, and several eateries with menus to satisfy most all tastes.The venue is part of the Ceasar's Rewards realm, and makes it well known throughout the advertising you'll see around most every turn.However, visiting on a Tuesday night was rather lack-luster, with only one restaurant open and about 10% - 20% of the slot games shut down, or otherwise off-line.Not a fan of indoor smoking, so that's a one-star deduction from me. There was even a guy with a cigarette in the "no smoking" area - so obviously no enforcement, which is a problem if you don't care for the smell of cigarette smoke or have the lung capacity to tolerate it.Signing in as a new member, and only being "rewarded" with $5.00 of free play didn't really entice me to put up a good review. Sure, I'm grateful they offered anything at all, but I've been to much smaller venues offering at least $10.00 or more. Seemed chincy.I was also surprised to find you (or at least myself) are unable to cash out tickets for under a dollar in value with the auto-teller machines. I wanted to combine tickets to push the total amount to the next dollar level, but the auto-teller refused to cooperate, and indicated a visit to the cashier was required. Of course, there was a line and only two cashiers working, so that was extra time just standing around in the cigarette smoke.The slots I did play were particularly stingy, and I dropped $50.00 with little to no return - but that happens anywhere (and seemingly moreso recently). Looking at other players while walking around, I did not witness much success for them either.Like I said, may have been just an off-night, and possibly better on a weekend, or when a horserace event is happening. All I'll say is this evening was a rather uninspiring experience making me question if I'd care to return. Hopefully you'll have a better time. That's why it's called "gambling."

Dave S — Google review

I've been to at least 6 or 7 casinos in Indiana and this one is definitely in the top two. Has a huge selection of slots and also has electronic roulette, electronic blackjack, huge amount of table games so quite the variety. Place is pretty big too and has a covered garage. My wife and I hit the Maxi Jackpot for $850 on one of the slots with only an .88 cent bet so our first experience there was definitely amazing haha. Enjoy and good luck to you guys!

Josh G — Google review

I don't like this place one bit. You couldn't win a thing if u even begged. I refuse to go to a casino the first time and loose everything so quick. I didn't see one person win anything and there wasn't that many people at that!!! Good riddance.

Amanda H — Google review

I can only comment on racetrack/clubhouse (did not use casino). A superb racing destination. The tracks (turf and dirt) are well maintained by a professional maintenance crew. Great equine veterinarian services in cooperation with U of Purdue located nearby. Good food on menu at the clubhouse. If you're into horse racing.... this is a great venue!

Michael D — Google review

Celebrated my daughter's 21st birthday! It was a great place. Even though they allowed smoking, it wasn't strong. I'll definitely be bak

Joan K — Google review

1st time, place is huge. Good mix of old-school slots with new. Lots of virtual table game options. Only food on a Tuesday afternoon was sandwich spot. Hot fries hot burger cold drinks.

Jared F — Google review

Good selection of slots. Over 1700 I believe. Smoking and non-smoking sections, though most areas are indeed smoking. Bathrooms need a little maintenance, but clean. Staff friendly.

Thomas M — Google review

Amazing time! Best nights to go are Sunday-Thursday since Friday/Saturday is too busy and you can’t use any machine you want when you want to use it. Need to go with a little spending money, definitely $200+ to really win enough to take home. Sign up for the rewards and have fun! It’s only 20 mins from my house and my friends and I love it as a quick little mini vacation for the evening. Service is always on point and the casino is always clean.

Jordan ( — Google review

We went for the horse racing and love the track a d ease to get around. Ample parking and several places to eat. Had a great time. Casino is new, clean and table games. Will be back.

Paula S — Google review

Our first time visiting and so glad we finally remembered to come see what it is like compared to Anderson —- we weren’t disappointed to say the least! It’s a beautiful place and the people and workers were all friendly and clean…

Sam I — Google review

If you like poker, coming here is a nice choice. Have everything you need. You can spend 5 hours more. Good ambient has good people and has a nice staff. They also have a restaurant for you to take a break. Good time to spend your money and weekends having fun🙌🏽🤩

Monika C — Google review


Anderson Orchard


Sights & Landmarks


Joined my sons' class on a field trip. We enjoyed the wide variety of apples and seeing the chestnut trees. The playground is very nice and the shop had a lot of options. The big pumpkin I bought was very reasonable and looks great on my porch. I would definitely recommend and will be visiting again!

Talia S — Google review

Spent the day with friends. While they picked apples, I enjoyed some fresh apple cider, and a caramel apple. Walked the grounds, and enjoyed seeing all the products they had to offer.The frozen fruit, and vegetable section was a plus.Looking forward to another visit.

Mike G — Google review

Picked Apples, had a great time as always. Friendly staff, very well laid out place, dare I say huge even. I mean the shop is big enough you don't feel crowded even if they are busy. The Orchard is Huge, so many varieties of Apples.

Christopher K — Google review

We visited Anderson Orchard in the fall, and I cannot recommend it enough!! We visited on a Sunday afternoon. It was crowded but not overly crowded. There was plenty of parking in the lot. Walking through the orchards was a blast and the live music made it so fun. We tried the apple cobbler, caramel apples, apple cider slush, and fried biscuits with apple butter. It was all so delicious, but the fried biscuits were are favorite! I wish we lived closer so we could visit Anderson Orchard every fall.

Laura E — Google review

This place was everything we had hoped for. Just happened to stop by when they were doing their Octoberfest weekend. Soooo many different fruits and vegetables to purchase. Plus canned goods like jams, local honey, apple butter, vegetables and salsas. We walked away with so much produce for very little cost. They had a concession stand that made apple pie, cobbler, apple cider slushies and elephant ears. I will be coming back here again.

J M — Google review

Really nice place. Good food. Entertainment. You can let the kids run free. And the sugar-laden food will have everyone on a pleasant sugar buzz within minutes. Highly recommended for a family daytime outing.

Robert S — Google review

I went towards the end of apple picking season but there was still a wide selection of apple tree varieties to pick from. This is a sprawling orchard that you can walk, bike or drive through. I recommend walking. Once you’re done, you can purchase local items, and eat at the concession section. Everything is reasonably priced and this is a great activity for friends or family. This was my first time apple picking and it’s fun!

Devi — Google review

Amazing place to stop in at. Definitely a place for all the fall lovers ❤️ cute little playground the kids can play on also 😉

Amanda M — Google review

So much fun! The fall festival is going on. Face painting, petting zoo and Skippy the clown making balloon figures for the kids. We got 3 big pumpkins and a huge bag of apples.

Angie — Google review

Highly recommend! Produce is amazing! Extremely reasonable pricing and so many options. I live 2 minutes down the road from apple works and would rather drive here to Anderson. Apple works has went down hill since new owner took over. Go to Anderson instead!

M J — Google review

Wonderful place to spend the day with family. Apple slushy and fried apple pies are the best. Have fun picking your own apples or they also have prepackaged bags if you're in a hurry. Happy Fall!!

Amy E — Google review

Our apple-picking experience at Anderson Orchard was absolutely wonderful! The orchard's sprawling apple trees were full with ripe, juicy apples waiting to be plucked on the tree and in the barn. The joy of handpicking our own apples was exciting, and the staff was incredibly helpful, offering tips and smiles throughout our visit. The crisp autumn air, the scent of apples, and the laughter of fellow pickers created a perfect day. We left with bags full of delicious apples and hearts full of happiness. Anderson Orchard is the quintessential fall destination for fall enthusiasts!

Breanna H — Google review

My family came here on 09/30, it's amazing. Their Elephant ears and cinnamon rolls are delicious.

Thanh V — Google review

Great apple picking experience! Friendly staff, healthy trees, reasonable prices, what's not to like?!

Jose F — Google review

Fun place to take the family. Love picking the fresh apples and their farmers market.

RACHEL H — Google review

It was busy, but we got through the shop and food lines without a wait. Staff was friendly. Good deal on pumpkins. I always pick the apples you can't get at the store. It was a lot of fun for everyone.

Christina — Google review

Awesome place to visit in Fall especially. Lots of events and fresh apples to taste and pick.

Umida H — Google review

We went today for our first time and loved it! Friendly staff lots of things to check out! Big store for jams and jellys, sauces, fudge, apples, apple cider, and much more. We definitely enjoyed the music and all the seating they have to enjoy the show. The play ground is also fun for children. Parents have plenty of seating to watch the littles make lots of friends for the day! We did pick your own apples and had a blast fun family experience. Check out the pumpkins as well the a huge! But have a lot of different sizes. Don't forget the mum's OMG so beautiful all sizes at a great price. Definitely a place to check out for a budget friendly family day. We will be coming back!! Also don't forget those fur babies they are fur friendly which we love cause our fur baby goes everywhere.

Brittany C — Google review


(1554)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (114)


(66)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (115)

369 E Greencastle Rd, Mooresville, IN 46158, USA

(317) 831-4181

I'll never travel to Louisville without this trip planner again

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32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (116)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (117)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (118)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (119)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (120)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (121)

I will never travel to Louisville without this app againAvailable on the App Store


The Historic Artcraft Theatre

Movie theater

Fun & Games

Films from Hollywood's golden age, including kids' classics, in a historic renovated theater.

I absolutely love this theater!Love to travel down to Franklin for one of my favorite classic movies!

Naomi S — Google review

It's always a good time at The Historic Artcraft Theater. Regardless if you are seeing a movie or attending a event. We have enjoyed each classic movie we have seen at the theater. The atmosphere is fun, and the snacks are delicious. The popcorn from a local farm is some of the best you can get at a movie theater. Tripple X (XXX) Root Beer is available from the fountain.The Historic Artcraft Theater has been maintained and well preserved. It's a great place for family entertainment or for a date.

Lonnie P — Google review

A fun experience in a beautiful theater presented by people who love their town. The movies are 10+ years old so it is great to see them on the screen again. The pre film activities are fun and it is terrific when they audience joins in on the National Anthem. Can’t get any better.

Scott C — Google review

This is my favorite theater I've been to in years with all the updated junk out there great to see an old style movie theater that doesn't break the bank to goto.

Robert B — Google review

Downtown Franklin is alive with culture and history mingled with a modern touch and great nightlife atmosphere. This is on full display in and around the Artcraft. This is a great restored movie theater you can enjoy watching classic movies at. You can also enjoy easy access walking around this area and taking in all downtown Franklin has to offer.

Adam H — Google review

A local favorite!!!! We love the artcraft! I can’t say enough. Going is an experience and so refreshing. They play “old/ older” movies- are priced extremely reasonably, and are a community nonprofit.This historic site is beautifully maintained by volunteers and run with community pride. My husband and I do not even hesitate on membership as we cannot imagine Franklin without the Artcraft. A date night here always includes smiles, friendly faces, and AMAZING popcorn! Seriously, though… the locally grown popcorn!! Love going to a movie and not spending an arm and leg. Tix are generally under $5 and your goodies at the concession counter are around $10 for a drink and giant popcorn:)We love bringing guests to experience this wonderful community staple.#localwithamy

Amy C — Google review

You have to see a movie here at least once in your life! It's fun seeing and being in something historical! They play all sorts of movies: old, new, black and white, children's, scary, funny, Christmas. Make sure to check out their website for upcoming movies and buy tickets ahead of time. They tend to sell out way before viewing day, especially the popular movies. The concessions are a good price, and the popcorn is fantastic!

Kelsey L — Google review

This place is a gem! My family comes here quite often. We love seeing the older movies. Saw Goblin in concert here last year!

Todd C — Google review

Been going to movies at the Artcraft since my daughter was 7 (she's 21 now) - "Princess Bride" last night. Always a warm and happy experience. They set the standard for film buffs of all ages. Prepare to be "mesmerized"!

David F — Google review

We had a wonder time at this theater. Staff was warm and welcoming. Popcorn was delicious and better than the big box store theaters.

Sean D — Google review

It's always a good time at the Artcraft. The Franklin Heritage, Inc. has done an amazing job restoring this great old theater. The local popcorn is the best movie popcorn you'll ever have.

Chris O — Google review

Nostalgia at its finest! Family friendly environment! The aroma of delicious locally grown popcorn fills the lobby, the volunteers who staff the theatre are so friendly, the pre-show greetings and introductions help develop a camaraderie and made me feel like I could be friends with others there for the vintage movie.I loved starting with the singing of the National Anthem, the classic cartoon (one can never go wrong with Bugs Bunny) and then the headliner, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.I can’t wait to return!

Melissa L — Google review

Went to this beautiful theater in Franklin for the first time to see The Wizard of Oz on screen, my favorite movie. The staff is wonderfully friendly and funny, the facility beautifully kept up, and the concessions priced perfectly. The ticket prices are inexpensive and the experience is well worth our drive.

Jillian R — Google review

Very fond of this theatre. Been seeing movies here for well over 15 years and I always have an awesome time. Most recently watched Pretty in Pink here (in 35mm film) on Saturday and it was a fantastic experience! Low prices for tickets and concessions. Outstanding local popcorn and they carry Triple XXX Root Beer, which is an all-time great American soda

Jordan B — Google review

It was beautiful.very vintage. Freindly service, nice clean bathrooms, well everything was clean and neat. They have a gift shoo with the name and logo on items to buy. Great prices on snacks. The list goes on and on. Was there for 45RPM band which all proceeds went to the Riley Hospital which was great.

Joshua C — Google review

Such a great historical icon of Johnson County. Always a good time. They have a great little scene going there every week. Before the movie they have drawings for prizes, longest trip award and prize, a cartoon and then the feature film. They even have triple X root beer on draft! If you haven't been, it's a wonderful escape into the past. Highly recommend this charitable, historical facility.

Jason B — Google review

This is my review of the historical Artcraft Theatre in downtown, Franklin, IN, about 20 minutes away from Greenwood, IN.The facade/outside of the theatre is gorgeous, with color bright red, white, and yellow lights. They did a wonderful job renovating this older theater and making it look like new. The outside has almost an Indiana State Fair Midway amusem*nt ride-like feel to it, but it is done in a classy and beautiful manner. Also has an old Roaring 20's Broadway feel to it as well.The inside is bright and colorful, and staffed well with what seems like primarily high school to college kids, with some older adults as well. They even sell clothing merchandise if you are a fan of the Artcraft.Going inside the movie theater, you feel like you are in the 80's, with the retro looking popsicle lights on the walls and original posters for "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" hanging on the walls. It definitely feels retro inside.Before the screening of the movie, the general owner/manager of the theatre comes out and talks about shows to come, the turning off of all electronic devices, and other things.He leaves and they screen a short little comical film from the 30's or 40's that is like Looney Tunes that is silly, and makes one laugh.Then everyone in the audience is asked to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, as the national anthem is played. A surprising twist, but I have no issue with a little patriotism.Then the movie you came to see begins. The film quality is not bad, but you can definitely tell it is not high definition, like what you would expect at a movie theater. If I were to compare it to a format, it would be 480p as compared to 720p or 1080p definition.Movie ticket prices are really cheap- most of the time it is $5 and sometimes $10 for special events. Concessions are VERY reasonable- when I went a medium tub of popcorn was $4 and a large was $6, and you got unlimited refills. So concessions are refreshingly cheap compared to what you would receive at a movie theater.All and all, I give this place a 9.5/10. The only real improvement they can do is to somehow increase the resolution of some of their films to higher definition. But an outstanding venue to watch old movies, cheap concessions, and accommodations. For the atmosphere, you pay very little. Great place for a cheap date or movie night with someone or a family.

V V — Google review

The same and better than my last visit in 1985. It's a wonderful real theater experience. The price is awesome. This theater was showcased in Life magazine December 1940 issue "A small town Saturday night".

Eric A — Google review


(786)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (123)


(63)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (124)

57 N Main St, Franklin, IN 46131, USA

(317) 736-6823


Indiana Premium Outlets

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (125)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (126)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (127)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (128)

Outlet mall


Factory Outlets

Always try to make this a priority stop when on the road. Very easy parking for the RV, lots of shops to choose from - our faves are Nike and Under Armour. Several others get our money, too! Like the fun little rides for kids entertainment while the adults shop🙂. 6pm in a Saturday and it wasn't very busy at all. Shops close early or on-time. Be sure to leave time to hit the ones at the top of your list.

Amy R — Google review

Great outlet. Best mall around. Prices are ok. I wish they were a little better than store prices. You can find some good deals if you look hard. Clean. Has a kid play area to let the kids burn some energy.Located south of Indianapolis on Interstate 65 at exit 76B, Indiana Premium Outlets® features over 70 stores where customers can enjoy savings of 25% to 65% every day. Among the over 70 stores at Indiana Premium Outlets you will find kate spade new york, Michael Kors, Coach, Under Armour, Nike Factory Store, Vera Bradley, Columbia Sportswear and Polo Ralph Lauren. Indiana Premium Outlets is the main shopping destination for the Indianapolis and Southern Indiana region. So from the entire team at Indiana Premium Outlets, we hope that you will visit us soon."

GOOGLE J — Google review

We arrived at a good time and each store we went to weren’t full which is great for a Saturday! There are all kinds of stores to choose from with good prices which is amazing! I seen that some workers were quite judgy especially the big brands which kind of bothered me but the mall overall is great!

aezl — Google review

My first time here was during Black Friday which was horrible! But we came back another day too see what it looks like normally and it was pretty nice! Lots of store and parking. Nice place to walk around too!

Shela M — Google review

Lots of nice stores to pick from. Get your shopping on for sure.

Ray L — Google review

Visited a half dozen stores in the outlet mall on a week day and was pleasantly surprised that I had no problems finding a parking spot by any store I wanted to stop at, the stores were not busy during the time I went(which was noonish on a weekday). The stores had great sales and great selection. Love thus mall!!

Ashlie M — Google review

Love it! Frequent here when passing through on road trips to Chicago. Always able to find the right outfit/shoes for last minute items not in my suitcase. The Crocs store is my favorite store here. Always can find good deals.

Danielle N — Google review

This is only addressing the 2 electric ‘charging’ stations that are near one of the side entrances. They don’t work. I did call in to the Help number on the screen and apparently the payment system was not working. However, they were able to unlock the unit, which allowed me to charge without payment.

Lee — Google review

If you're a bargain hunter then try to make a day of it, shopping for some of the finest designer labels and leading brands at decent savings at 85 outlet shops locatedin Edinburgh between Indianapolis and Louisville.The outlets is featured with tremendous parking area and several hotels and restaurants in the vicinity. I believe the outlets still need some of the leading designer shops to make shopping more enjoyable.

A. A — Google review

This is a standard outlet mall. You’ll find all of the big name outlet brand stores here. The exteriors of the buildings are looking worn and there is no food court to speak of - although there are several restaurants bordering the property. We had a reasonably good time back to school shopping for our kids.

Steven H — Google review

We come from Brown county Ohio due to the selection and friendliness of the people there and this is the only place that carries my show size for my work shoes.

Jessica S — Google review

Best factory outlet within a 300 mile radius!You can find just about everything here in one location and the sales cannot be beat.Been making the trip to shop here since I was a small child.And will continue to when I'm old and gray..You will love all the high quality brands at closeout prices..

Level G — Google review

Pretty much what I said in my review when it called this the Edinburg Outlet Mall. We enjoy going here. Prices do not seem like they are outlet prices though.

Tiffany0 S — Google review

Indiana Premium Outlets serves as a great shopping pleasure providing a variety of lots of great items all priced very competive. Great location at the north east corner of highway 31 at I-65 in Taylorsville/Edinburgh Indiana just 6 miles north of Columbus and 30 miles south of Indy. Location has a ton of parking lot surrounding the entire complex with plenty of at the front door HANDICAP parking and building access. Complex in all on first floor providing rest rooms and eateries on site plus there's lots of different eateries along hwy 31 and 4 motels.

Robert M — Google review


(7218)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (129)


(239)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (130)

11622 NE Executive Dr, Edinburgh, IN 46124, USA

(812) 526-9764



32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (131)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (132)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (133)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (134)

Mentioned on

1 list



Zaharakos is a renowned ice cream parlor that dates back to 1909, featuring homemade ice cream and a classic American menu. The interior is adorned with carved oak, stained glass, and Tiffany-style lamps, creating an old-world atmosphere. The establishment also houses a museum showcasing its rich history. Guests can enjoy the exquisite decor and unique dining experience with mechanical jukeboxes.

We loved this place! Great food, friendly staff, and an awesome atmosphere! Prices seemed ok for what you get and the environment that surrounds you. The real soda fountain is a fantastic choice as well as their homemade ice cream.I highly suggest and recommend checking this place out, even if it's a bigger commute! You won't be disappointed.

Jared D — Google review

Step through the doors for a journey back in time. Expansive marble counters, display cabinets filled with porcelain decanters, and a antique organ with a resonating sound. A truly unique experience. Regrettably with only 1 server and 1 busboy be prepared to wait.

Gary K — Google review

I've been visiting here since I was a very young child, so many fantastic memories! I'm happy to see that it's been well preserved and remains a local icon. My mom said she used to come here for milkshakes during her teenage years . Amazing history. Prices remain affordable and the food was great.

Robin W — Google review

A Delightful ExperienceOur recent visit with a large group was nothing short of tremendous! From the moment we stepped in, we were greeted with warm hospitality. The tasty buffet satisfied our appetites, and the melodious tunes from the player pipe organ in the main room created an enchanting ambiance.The architectural marvels and intricate features of the venue left us in awe. Each corner revealed a new delight, and we couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship.And oh, the ice cream! It was a symphony of flavors, with the strawberry shortcake sundae stealing the show. Creamy, fruity, and utterly delightful—it was a treat for the senses.We eagerly anticipate our next visit. This place has etched itself into our hearts, and we’re already dreaming of the moments we’ll create here in the future. 🍨🎶🏛️The staff’s friendliness during our visit was truly remarkable. Their warm smiles and attentive service added to the overall delightful experience. It’s evident that they take pride in making guests feel welcome and comfortable. 👏😊

Jenn R — Google review

I take great pride in reccomending this restaurant to anyone who has never been. I have been going to Zaharakos at Christmas since I was a little girl and have now made it a tradition with my family. Today we went as a party of 10. One new comer. While waiting to be seated we we watched a girl at the soda fountain dippin ice cream her hair was down and every time she dipped her hair went in. We were attended to quickly after we were seated. We had a long wait on food but we were not complaining. When the food arrived, everything was cold. Sandwiches, fries and chicken tenders. There was a hair in a small cup of ranch dressing. No big deal, things happen. Then when we ordered the traditional ice cream sundaes, they came with the sauce in the bottom of the dish (maybe a spoonful) and not the traditional gravy boats we are accustomed too. The dip of strawberry my daughter received had a big long hair in it. I do want to mention that it was 2pm and they were not busy. All of this for 189.00 with the a 29.00 gratuity. They only thing we really got out of this tradition was pictures. Minus the Santa and Snowman by the kids table. I have never left a review for anything ever. But I look forward to a family trip there every Christmas and we have all agreed we may need to pick a different place.

Janice C — Google review

Such a Neat place to get not only Ice cream but even Dinner. Our Service was Fabulous we were seated and served within no time of getting there ! The Atmosphere here is great , like going back in time . The Ice cream was very good and the food was also great ! Definitely make a stop in here if your visiting the area.

Wyatt G — Google review

Ice cream is awesome and worth the trip. The food is good but is overshadowed by the ice cream. Service was a little slow. That was the only reason it wasn't a five star review.

David C — Google review

We were looking for a place to grab a sweet treat after and stumbled in on Zaharakos. We were a bit shocked when we walked in but what a neat experience it was. The ice cream was great and everyone inside was happy to be there. The old soda fountains were really cool to check out and reading the history of them all added a very museum quality to it. Even got an enamel pin from their little souvenir shop to add to my collection.

Brandon A — Google review

Yes I will have an old fashioned soda shop with a slice of Americana.The Nickelodeon/ Calliope is LOUD but thoroughly enjoyed it. Soda floats and malts in any flavor you could want. Food was fresh and served Fast. Chairs have small seats.New dairy free ice cream coming soon!

OdysseyFan D — Google review

Beautiful building with a cool museum and excellent service. The ice cream and fountain sodas were delicious! We will definitely stop back here in the future if we’re in the area. Highly recommend checking it out

Lacie C — Google review

Such a gem of a store, you need to visit if you’re close by! It’s decked out with Christmas decorations already and the staff is super friendly, plus the whole second half is a museum with old music machines in full working order and candy displays. Genuine soda streams built-in to the back of the counter. Plus the ice cream is delicious! The hot fudge is known near and far ✨

Alexandra U — Google review

The atmosphere was exquisite. The decor was so elegant and very rich in history and nostalgia, truly a work of art. The mechanical jukeboxes were amazing and created such a unique dining experience. The prices were more affordable than one would likely expect. The flavor of the tenderloin was great, but it did take quite awhile and was served lukewarm. We all agreed it would have likely been a 5 star sandwich had it been served fresh and hot. The service in general was mediocre. Everyone was at least friendly. Now on to the ice cream! We shared the Big Z. It was enormous. It was definitely worth the price. We tried 5 different flavors and everyone liked them all. If we are in the area again, we will definitely stop back in.

Midwest R — Google review

My wife and I had a great lunch, and delicious single dip sundae! Our server Emily was friendly, quick to take our order, and brought our food out as soon as it was ready. The food came out in a timely manner, and was cooked and made as ordered. I really enjoyed my burger, and my wife enjoyed her turkey club sandwich. My sundae was brought out quickly after we finished eating and was delicious! I can't wait untill we can make it back!

Abe M — Google review

This is a really cool experience. I felt like I was back in the 1900s with the music and style of the restaurant. They also have old soda fountains and jukeboxes that make their own music. Ice cream was really good as well I got the classic banana split I would recommend to share it as its huge.

Nick N — Google review

What a very nice vintage soda shop with incredible tasting ice cream. I love the chocolate and cookies and cream. I didn't eat the food this time, but they definitely have a great menu.

Linda H — Google review

This place is dripping with charm and atmosphere. The moment you enter the old floors and beautiful countertops practically transport you to an almost dollhouse feeling era. One thing: the sweet smell is very, VERY strong here. If you have a sensitive nose you might find this a bit off-putting as it is a very saccharine sweetness.Me and my wife visited and both got brownie sundaes. You have to be very hungry to finish one of these yourself. If you haven't eaten dinner yet this will surely ruin your appetite for the day as you will be full on ice cream for some time. It's a better idea to get a sundae to split.While I was taking in the sights and enjoying my ice cream I was drawn in by the Orchestrion, and asked if it still works and to my delight it does, and they played it for me! This must drive the wait staff INSANE but they are very good sports about it. This one plays Scott Joplin's "The Entertainer", and it's so cute it's borderline obnoxious. Several children got up to marvel at it. Adorable!Overall, this is well worth the visit. This place is probably great for birthdays. Highly recommended.

Tyler G — Google review

It's so interesting. I love everything about it.

Jane A — Google review

Always an amazing place to visit! A literal step back into time with a soda fountain and handcrafted Icecream. Make sure to try all their food too! Everything is delicious. Pro tip: bring a few quarters

Lauren B — Google review

Walked in on a Saturday around 1pm. The place did not appear to be particularly busy (not a lot of people waiting). The bar had about 4 staff members behind it, all of which ignored us when we arrived.There are seats at the bar but apparently no bar seating.The bar appeared to be the employee break table as they checked their phones, gossiped and double checked appearances in the mirror.We stood behind a couple who arrived before us about 10 minutes before they were even approached by a staff member. It was about another 5 minutes before we were acknowledged, and then asked to wait longer.After waiting nearly 20 minutes to even be offered a seat, we decided to walk out and head over to 3rd street dairy queen (which was quick service and plenty of seating).This comes as a disappointment to my family as we have encountered this situation a few times before, once with family from out of state.We want to be able to experience and share our love with others for this historic part of Columbus with our children and visitors but will find another substitute and settle for photos online.Please, do better at managing the flow of your restaurant. It is a shame to be writing this.

Natasha W — Google review

This is such an amazing dining experience! The food is delicious, and the experience of going to a restaurant that seems frozen in time is so unique. I loved it here when I was little and I absolutely loved getting to take my kids here in vacation

Anita D — Google review

A true step back into a simpler time. Fascinating displays of a time when even service machines were built with a sense of detail unheard of today. The fountains could stand alone as works of art. Everywhere you looked, the customers were smiling.

Charlie B — Google review

Absolutely a must see place. The building and the artifacts they have inside were so cool to walk around and see. Literally pieces of history everywhere. The staff were amazing, nice, and spot on with their recommendations. Got a brownie sundae. It’s the size of my head! Exactly what I needed! Will visit again!

Nate — Google review

We hosted our Co Christmas party at Zaharakos & specifically picked the evening of Columbus' Festival of Lights parade. We rented the Green River Room upstairs with windows facing the parade, which comfortably fit our group of 60. The planning was made easy, by Carol who let us customize our buffet options. We had a selection of chicken tenders, Tenderloin sandwich & Gom cheese brr grr (aka sloppy Joe) served with french fries, Mac and cheese, green beans & salad with a sundae bar. We received excellent service & communication the whole way through. This was an hour drive for our team but it was definitely worth the drive. Carol went above & beyond to make sure everyone could easily get there (due to street closures for the parade.) I was very impressed with the food & service & of course the gorgeous venue, rich in history.

Ashley B — Google review

Great place for customizable sodas and ice cream treats. They have a limited menu but the food is pretty good. It has a great atmosphere but be aware that the electronic organs play music rather frequently. It can get loud. Bring some quarters if you want to play a specific song. The historical soda fountains are really cool to look at. The ice cream portions are huge. 2 scoops is enough for two adults to share easily.

Emily S — Google review

After leaving a wedding next door, we decided we’d go for a sweet treat at Zaharakos. My lady and I were all dressed up, and given phenomenal service by the two ladies at the bar top. One of their names was Lillie. Actually, after our dinner, Lillie was kind enough to go outside in 30 degree weather to take multiple photos of us. Afterwards, she expressed the internal satisfaction it gave her to do this for us. Thank you Lillie for making our experience special!

Seth F — Google review

Took a big group and the waitress was wonderful. Very neat place with the self playing musical instruments and history. Definitely a place to add to your list to stop in if your in the area. We also got to walk through the upstairs apartment which is really cool.

Relentless 3 — Google review


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329 Washington St, Columbus, IN 47201, USA

(812) 378-1900


Brown County Winery

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Food & Drink

Gift shop

Wineries & Vineyards

This is an adorable family owned winery. You are able to do 6-8 complimentary wine tastings. The bottles are really affordable (some are $9.99) compared to any other winery I've been to. My partner and I left with six bottles of wine. Definitely stop by Brown County Winery if you're traveling through this area.

Irina I — Google review

Cute spot that has fabulous wine! I really enjoyed the Autumn White and the Vignoles, and if you like fruit wines then you'll love the ones they have here. Complimentary tastings too which is such a nice perk! Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Hannah E — Google review

My wife and I stopped here on our way to Nashville recently and were very pleasantly surprised. We had the pleasure of being served by Zach, who was knowledgeable, attentive and super personable. He made our day! The wines we tried were very good, and the seating outside on the patio was pleasant, despite it being a very hot and muggy day. We were so glad we stopped in!

Kathy G — Google review

Friendly folks with a nice choice of wines

David L — Google review

An awesome place for both a big group or inner circle of friends to enjoy time together and have great wine. The staff is amazing and very friendly which keeps us coming back over and over.

Tom R — Google review

Sangria our favorite. Nice atmosphere and servers. Outdoor deck was our favorite area.

Joe B — Google review

I really enjoyed this place. First off great variety to try. Second they give you 6 free samples which is unheard of these days but I really appreciate that. There were very good about waiting on us even though it was crowded. Love the Blackberry wine if you like sweet wines. Definitely try the port wines if you like that style they were deliciously smooth and tasty with a kick. We were fortunate enough To be there on a sunny day so set on the porch and drank a bottle of chilled win. Great way to spend an afternoon. Reasonable prices for their wines just make it that much better. WeekendsDefinitely csn get crowded especially in nice weather.

Dan K — Google review

Great tasting room and plenty of seating on the outdoor patio! We visited in the fall and the scenery around this location is wonderful.Pricing is unmatched…. $9.99 for some of the best wines on the menu!The service was awesome and the wines are delicious. Very good balance on the menu from dry to sweet, and the seasonal wines and port are phenomenal. Shoutout to Justin for his welcoming presence, menu walkthrough, and delivering a friendly tasting experience.

Carl M — Google review

John was amazing, attentive, and helpful! We always look forward to seeing him! Thank you John for always giving us a good girls night out!

Amber G — Google review

Tastings are complimentary and you get to choose between 6-8. The person pouring was knowledgeable and personable. We picked out a few very tasty wines. They were also quite reasonable.

K K — Google review

Although this winery lacks the beautiful secluded views of many wineries, their prices and quality are top class. Service was super friendly and personal. Very impressed with the Autumn wines. Highly recommend a stop when visiting Brown County. Cheers 🥂

Lindsey P — Google review

We really love BCW, the staff and the wines are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Rick M — Google review

My husband and I have been to brown country state park and downtown nashville about a million times, but we never had a chance to stop at this winery until now. We did a wine tasting, which was complimentary by the way... that's awesome! We loved pretty much every one we tried so we ended up buying a case of 12 different wines. Everything was very reasonably priced. Also did a little shopping in the little store. They had some really cute Christmas gifts for my girls at work! We then decided to take a bottle and some snacks onto their patio area. Such a nice relaxing afternoon getaway! Can't wait to go back!

Heather C — Google review


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4520 IN-46 East, Nashville, IN 47448, USA

(812) 988-6144


Brown County State Park

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State park

Nature & Parks


Brown County State Park, a stunning park with undulating hills, provides visitors with numerous activities such as hiking and biking on various trails, guided horseback riding, fishing opportunities and a water park. The historic lodge offers rustic accommodation and an array of sitting areas to relax in or play at the arcade. The well-maintained campsite is ideal for camping enthusiasts. Expectant mothers should be aware that trail horse riding may not be permitted.

Beautiful park with rolling hills and lots of activities. We hiked trails 1, 2, and 3 and enjoyed the scenery. The lodge is rustic and historic. We LOVED relaxing in the many sitting areas and porches, playing at the Arcade, savoring the delicious food, and of course playing at the waterpark.

Stephanie R — Google review

Brown County is so beautiful and seems to never end when you stop at a lookout. I spent a couple of days there camping by myself for the first time and had a great experience. Maybe it's the atmosphere or the just the nature of the job but the staff are super friendly and seem to love being there and are very helpful. I'm definitely going to be returning soon!

Thomas C — Google review

First I'd like to share this is not free, you do have to pay for parking which for us was 9$ which okay fair, just didn't realize there was a charge. Other than that, what a marvelous place! SOOO many trails to choose from, some longer than other, some rougher than others, and some more mushrooms then others. Ha! Overall, if we are ever back in this area, we'd love to try more of the trails. Thank you!!

Britt ( — Google review

My husband proposed to me in the park. My absolute favorite place in the world! I love that park. I always have and will recommend going. Also recommend visiting Nashville, it is my favorite little town to visit. We camped out there in the BC park also, we went for our car show, and I loved it also. So clean, pet friendly and absolutely beautiful.

Shyanne H — Google review

We drove to Nashville, IN from Cincinnati with ease and hiked this state park with our dog for the better part of the day. We did the Discovery Trail, Friendship Trail, Trail 3 behind Abe Martin Lodge, and visited the Fire Tower, North Lookout Tower, and West Lookout Tower.The North and West Lookout Towers were the highlights of the man-made features of the parks. They provided decent views of the areas and were well maintained. The Fire Tower, built in the 1930s, was not worth the climb. The whole thing shook slightly as I ascended with others coming down, and the view from the top was not worth the climb it took to get up there. When it was built almost 100 years ago, I imagine the trees were shorter and provided a better draw distance on the land. Still, it’s a neat tower worth photographing.The trails we visited were nice. Nothing substantially better than anywhere else we’ve hiked, but well maintained and relatively easy. Our dog had a great time sniffing the path as we looped around Trail 3 and the others. We stopped by Hesitation Point and enjoyed a pretty good view, too.It’s $9 per car to visit. I’d say it was worth it for at least one visit.

Phil A — Google review

It's one of our favorite state parks! The campground is huge and very wooded with large sites. Also, top rated mountain bike trails.The nearby town of Nashville has lots of nice shops, restaurants and antique stores. And multiple historic covered bridges nearby too.We love this area, nicknamed "The Little Smoky Mountains"

Elizabeth L — Google review

It is one of the best kept natural gems that we have been to recently. Everything is so well maintained and so beautiful. Living in Colorado made us believe that we have every taste of natural beauty here, but a recent visit to Nashville,IN, and then going to Brown County State Park changed that perception. Hikes around the Ogle Lake and Waterfall at Strahl Lake were amazing, and throughout the park, scenic drives and picnic tables/shelters are there. One can stay inside the park in a lodge, cabin, or camp out. If you are a mushroom enthusiast, then you can spend days studying countless varieties. Lake Ogle is full of water dwellers, too. Wild flowers are in abundance. 100 or so feet tall tree will leave you awestruck. Restrooms and playgrounds are everywhere.

A S — Google review

Gorgeous park with different skill level trails and different distances. Nature center is informing. Stables and horseback riding / pony rides for younger ones. Perfect family atmosphere or great for couples getaway. Absolutely love this place!

Cody C — Google review

I've had a decent experience so far with the park. Warning if your pregnant you cannot ride a trail horse. Fishing was great, lodge was amazing and trails are yet to come. Beautiful place for the kiddos.

Nicole L — Google review

Love this state park! It's one of the biggest I've been to! It has great hiking and biking trails and all the bath houses are pretty clean! Although, i wish it had more of a swimming beach, but they make up for it with a pretty big pool! Overall, i highly recommend amd would camp here again!

James B — Google review

I love this park. Apsolutely beautiful! Plenty of hiking trails and mountain bike trails. You can also bring your horse to this park. Outdoor pool, saddle barn and all close to Nashville, Indiana!

Shelley W — Google review

Such a beautiful park with several scenic views. We loved spending time with our family in one of the Abe Martin Family lodges. Lots of hiking trails (for walking, mountain biking, and horseback riding), playgrounds, and picnic areas for enjoying the outdoors. Our son loved the Nature Center and the Discovery Trail right next to it. My husband and I did the trail that went around the lake and loved the views!

Anna C — Google review

Camped at the Horseman's camp, first time in the last ten years and it was wonderful! The parks and local horse clubs have done an excellent job improving the campground and horse trails. Nice pit toilets, concrete manure pits, gravel sites. Trails in good condition even after rain. There are two dump stations in the horse camp so you don't have to go up to the main campground to dump.

Maelstrom E — Google review

Beautiful views! Only critique/comment I have is that the trail around the lake needs a little touching up for VERY muddy spots that are slippery and dangerous for some right now in the spring, but it's gorgeous.People, don't bring your date on a hike unless they're properly dressed/prepared for one. Passed an upset couple arguing over the mud he'd gotten on his new, "expensive" running shoes. I feel like it's common sense to not wear shoes you care about getting dirty when you're walking a trail, especially one near a large body of water.

Fiona C — Google review

Stayed one weekend camping and mountain biking. The park has diverse trails for MTB, hiking, and horse riding. The shower rooms and restroom at the campground are kept clean.Love the Hesitation Point trail. A good mix of technical then smoother end to the North Gate.The park is busy in the fall season. The views at the vista points during the season are amazing. Lots of picnic tables scattered around under the shades of trees and vista points.

Nate T — Google review

This is a wonderful absolutely beautiful state park. Make sure and visit during fall time if you can, the views are stunning and the leaves are so colorful & bright. We love hiking the trails, checking out the fire watch towers, exploring around the lakes. Great campgrounds. Bathrooms are always nice and clean. The nature center is nice & the attached bathrooms that are open even when the center is closed is nice, always clean & you can refill your water bottles here. Dog friendly, we've brought along our 3 dogs to walk the trails lots of times. Nice pool during the summer. Horseback riding. The playgrounds are great too and my kiddos love them. This park is definitely a must visit. So beautiful & peaceful! An outdoor lovers DREAM!

Micah B — Google review

Largest and most scenic state park in Indiana. Hopped on a couple of the trails today without any issue. Passed a couple mountain bikers, who had more guts than me on these trails. A few pull offs for great views without hiking. Lakes. Camp grounds. Horse trailers. Really can’t go wrong.

T. H — Google review

Brown County NEVER disappoints! First time horseback riding and it was amazing. Paid $52 for two people. Total spent $87 including tips. Please tip the guides if you go. They are unpaid volunteers.

George K — Google review

Beautiful park to visit in the fall. Horseback trails were great for all ages, 7-77. Close to Nashville, the two stops make for a great day out.

Victoria D — Google review

Brown County State Park is a nature lover's paradise! The park offers a diverse range of outdoor activities, from scenic hiking trails to picturesque picnic spots. The natural beauty, including the stunning views from the tower, is awe-inspiring. Well-maintained facilities and friendly staff make it a top-notch destination. Whether you're into hiking, birdwatching, or just unwinding in nature, Brown County State Park is a must-visit gem in Indiana.

Divya C — Google review

I was surprised to see so many cars in line to get in, but I get it that place is beautiful. The scenery is amazing, and in the next few weeks, as more trees change colors, it will be stunning. We just went for the scenery but they have loads to do. There is fire tower, stables, hayrides on the weekends. A nice lodge trails and pool in the summer. I'm sure I didn't see all they had to offer.

Kelly H — Google review

What a great State Park! Camping was great, with clean showers and bathrooms. The hiking views were amazing.

Celena B — Google review

Really something for everyone here. Hiking, biking, horse trails, outdoor swimming pool, lodge with indoor swimming pool, playgrounds, cabins, camping, restaurant, picnic areas, scenic drives, horseback riding during the spring, summer and fall. It is easily accessible from Hwy 46 and a short drive from Nashville. One of Indianas' best State Parks full of adventures for the individual or families.

Judy O — Google review

Excellent nature spots.Good for kids too!Ample parking spaces !Oh, I absolutely love coming by for horse riding ! Sometimes horses are available immediately and on busy days you might need to wait for a few hours! Explore the trails while you wait.. it’s worth it :)

Z I — Google review


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1801 IN-46, Nashville, IN 47448, USA

(812) 988-6406

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Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

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Nature preserve

Nature & Parks

Nature & Wildlife Areas

We visited here to view the total eclipse and had a great time. We took an easy walk around the paved/wooded walkway, saw a snake, some cool birds and a bunch of turtles, then settled down to watch the eclipse. Nice areas to chill out while children played in nature like they should. Bathrooms were adequate and the staff was super friendly.Glad that I found this place!

Thomas L — Google review

I remember these trails from my youth going here with my grandpa before he died over 10 years ago. I love the nature here with all the birds chirping and the wind through the beautiful trees. I would recommend this place to anyone who loves nature and hiking. Being a camera and some good boots for walking and you're golden. There are picnic tables for your enjoyment and lots of wildlife to see. I can't wait to go back.

Joe L — Google review

Tennessee Warbler, Oven Bird, Towhee couple, and a gnat catcher ... and that's just at the first trail by the Visitor's Center! We'll certainly be back to explore the Bird Trail.

J T — Google review

Great place to see all kinds of wildlife. The visitors center is small but informative about local wildlife. There are a number of trails, most of them short and right off the main pathway. There is an auto trail as well that takes you around the entire park. This was perfect for our family, as it allowed us to see the entire park in a reasonable amount of time. Definitely bring bug spray with you, the bugs here are large and relentless. Also, the bathrooms were not open during our visit, and they only had two porta potties available.

Sam S — Google review

A lovely little gem in Indiana. I had gone twice before I finally found the otters this place is famous for! Also had the pleasure of viewing the THOUSANDS of sand hill cranes congregating in the area.

Erin G — Google review

There are many easy hiking trails.3 trails are paved so they are handicap friendly.The fishing is good.( Bank or boating).The wild life is abundant.Briding is fantastic.The wildflowers are beautiful spring,summer and fall.When visitor center is open their is a nice gift shop and displays to look at.This is a great place to enjoy for the young and old.

Jim D — Google review

Stopped here on a whim as we were driving by. My son loved the interactive nature exhibits in the nature center and the kids area outside. I really enjoyed chatting with the nicest volunteer and shopping in the bookshop. Really enjoyed our stop.

Megan D — Google review

It was a nice spot. I’d have stayed longer, but a thunderstorm chased me out.The bugs were ferocious and didn’t give a damn about my Off.

Dave H — Google review

A great wildlife refuge and night time home to 1000s of Sandhill Cranes in November, December and January

David ( — Google review


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12985 E. U.S, Hwy. 50, Seymour, IN 47274, USA

(812) 522-4352


Clifty Falls State Park

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (162)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (163)

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State park

Nature & Parks


Waterfall- & canyon-lined park with hiking, swimming, tennis, camping, a nature center & an inn.

Oh my gosh, Clifty Falls State Park is BEAUTIFUL! Such a huge park filled with so much to see. As a plus size hiker, it's definitely doable but be prepared for stairs and inclines! So worth it though! Lots of beautiful bridges overlooking creeks and streams. Also a neat little cave to check out! (and cool down near, thanks to the air that shoots out of it - it's like nature's AC!) Highly recommend checking out if in the area/planning a day trip/or are wanting to have a picnic with a view!

Mercedes T — Google review

Beautiful place. We went on a weekday end of June 2023 and it was practically deserted. No rain for a little bit, so the trails were very dry. There are many trails to choose from and many different falls to see. Hiking back up the mountain was a chore. And watch out for the poison ivy everywhere!There is a tunnel that we didn't go through. It was very cool at the opening, but looked very dark...Part of one trail runs parallel to the road, so you have to listen to cars and music from the cars occasionally.Another trail is the stream bed, walking over the rocks. Again, things were really dry, so you don't have to walk in the water.We saw deer and a fawn. Tons of birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Very clean park with lots of interesting trails.

Shannon G — Google review

Love hiking here. I've been on a few trails, and I suggest trail 7 for beginners. The tunnel is definitely worth the trek, too. i personally love trail 6 route. So many different waterfalls to explore.

Oliver L — Google review

Amazing hiking! Clean park! Gorgeous falls! Serene views! First time actually getting into the trails, and it was awesome, totally worth the all day visit. Come prepared if you're going near the creek, the water is so alluring that you will probably need a change of clothes in the car. Packing a picnic is a great idea as well.

Kristi L — Google review

We did several trails. Trail 7 was probably my favorite. We stayed at the Inn which let us get an early start. Some of the trails don't have railings, so keep an eye on your littles.Nice park! We enjoyed seeing a lot of people and their dogs!

Deb O — Google review

Top notch park with everything you can imagine to include a hotel, pool, camping spots and the highlight are the incredible hiking trails that can highlight a vacation or even day trip to the park. I felt the Tunnel trail was the best followed by trail number 7 that takes you to the Namesake Falls Clifty Falls. You will enjoy yourself even if there is not a lot of water fueling the several falls in the park.

Jeff ( — Google review

Some of the trails here get pretty busy, on account of how popular the park is. Maps are readily available and there are bathrooms and a recreational area.I find not too many folks care to walk the creek (trail 2), due to the fact that you have to walk almost 4 miles of other trails to access it. I'm here to tell you, it's totally worth it, especially if you're a geology enthusiast. Bring water, or lifestraws and snacks, but for the love of keeping nature natural, carry out your darn trash!If you want to cool off for a bit, try the tunnel, which is not open certain times of year, due to bats! You'll want headlamps/ a flashlight or (what works best for me), your phone flashlight. Go see some stuff and have fun!

Shyraptor J — Google review

Great place for a good relaxing getaway. Rooms are a bit dated, but comfortable. Everyone was friendly. Restaurant in the inn has some unusual hours for dinner, they close at 8pm. Trails are well maintained, park overall is one of my favorites. Also this park is one of the only pet friendly parks.

Matt B — Google review

Well kept trails, beautiful waterfalls. The trails are fairly well marked, but you’ll definitely want a map. Pay attention to which says rugged vs moderate, etc. Beautiful space, dog friendly trails. Moderate trails are basically boardwalks through the woods so fine for kids, rugged is more difficult for small children and would not recommend trail 2 for kids.Campground was good too, nice shower and bathroom facilities. Small sites but perfect for tents and small campers.

Grace M — Google review

Great Park!!! Super Clean!!! Well taken care of. Wonderful hiking trails. My wife and I went here on a cold day in November and had the place to ourselves. The natural beauty there is amazing. Great for hiking.

Scott B — Google review

Making reservations for this place was easy. Stayed 2 nights at non electric campground. Check in was smooth. Campground was not full, plenty of spots open. There's a store, laundry, shelters, playground, Picnic areas, big bathrooms, showers, and plenty of trails. This was a beautiful park. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Had a great time here. I will come back again.

She N — Google review

There is an entrance fee of $7 if you’re instate and $9 if you’re out of state. This park has several beautiful outlooks and an awesome nature center showcasing several types of live snakes, reptiles and birds. Watch out for snakes on the trails! We crossed one while hiking a very well traveled path. There are some great hammock spots near the creek bed.

Aliza B — Google review

Hiked trails 7, 5 and part of 2 on our trip here. Trails are rugged and the scenery is amazing. Lots of sloping terrain. The tunnel was really neat. The park has a lot of picnic areas. I suggest hiking shoes for the rugged trails and bug repellent. Paths are narrow at times and can be muddy and slick.

A ( — Google review

I'm from MO up here for work and wanted to see as many park as I could. Definitely a great experience! Nice trails. Gorgeous water falls. Definitely recommend as a must see for any out of towner like myself. Or even any locals that havnt been.

Caleb R — Google review

I loved hiking on this trail today, it is full of mysterious and cool animals you would may never find but here. Trail 7 and 5 is the best. You get to go down a staircase and climb on rocks to touch the water of the water fall. On trail 5 there is a really long, mysterious cave/tunnel. Theirs is lots of funny spiders, bats, and mice/rats. If you are scared of critters like these then don’t go on trail 5, go on trail 7. Trail 7 has awesome waterfalls and views. It’ll be a great place to have a nature photo shoot in front of a waterfall.

Aiden C — Google review

The park is beautiful but if you are hoping to see actual waterfalls it is best to plan your trip in the Spring for Falls or Winter for Frozen Falls. We visited in September and they were barely a trickle of water. Be sure to bring a flash light/head lamp if you plan to do the Tunnel Falls Trail as you will be walking through a cave that is wet, slippery, and DARK. The Tunnel is off limits to hikers Nov 1 - April 30 to protect hibernating bats.The trails are not clearly marked and even with the park map it is easy to get turned around and not know what trail you are actually on. We had a lot of "do you know what trail we are on" encounters with other hikers during our visit. Even hikers using Trail Apps on their phones weren't sure what trails they were on.All in all the park is beautiful, you will enjoy your time outdoors and the ruggedness level is up to you.. and your ability to stay on the correct trail LOL. Am definitely planning a Spring visit to see the falls.

Jessica W — Google review

This park is a really neat place to spend a fall afternoon. We took our 2 kids to explore and got some really neat pictures and some really great views. It had been a while since it rained last so the Falls weren't flowing a bunch but it was still fun. This park is rmvery well maintained too with the stairs, bridges and roads being in great shape.

Kenneth R — Google review

We stayed at the Clifty Inn Lodge during their 2 for 1 special in February 2024. It’s been several years since we have been here but the staff that runs the lodge were all very friendly. We stayed in a room on the 3rd floor overlooking the Ohio River and watch an occasional barge go up and down the river and I thought about the stories of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer (except their story was on the Mississippi River). We ate at the lodge twice. Their food is always well prepared. We visited several of their beautiful waterfalls and walked trails that were a moderate one as far as being rough, a rough trail, and an extremely rough trail. We could tell that we haven’t done this type of hiking for sometime. We were pretty tired! Back to the lodge. It is well appointed, several sitting or “great rooms” with fireplaces, study, and a few little nooks. Beautiful pictures are hanging everywhere and we always try to find the duplicate pictures! One of the nicest things is meeting new people either at the restaurant, in one of the great rooms or out and about. People we run into usually like to share where we’re all from, how long we’re staying, and our faith in God. It seems a lot of people make a spiritual connection with being out in God’s creation. We love to go in to the downtown area of Madison when we go but unfortunately most businesses downtown are usually only open Thursday through Sunday. It is a quaint little town and it has a lot of businesses outside of town on the main routes and they probably have taken away a lot of the down town businesses. Overall such a beautiful Lodge to visit, plenty to do and with the 2 for 1 special it makes it a lot more affordable.

Harold P — Google review

Clifty Falls State Park is a decent state park to visit and spend a few hours hiking. It is not overwhelming in size and offers a nice day hike option. Hikers will enjoy the challenge of the elevation changes. For the Midwest this SP offers some good trails. As of 2024 there must have been some work done to enhance trail identification. I thought the trails were well marked with numbers and colored blazes. There are also numerous posts with maps and the trail highlighted in color to match the trail blaze. The trail conditions are what I would consider rugged. Again it looks like work has been done to improve some trail conditions. We visited in the spring when leaves have not yet come out. So the geological formations and waterfalls were fairly easy to see. I don't know what you would see in the summer with all of the growth. There just doesn't seem to be thought put into viewing access for the waterfalls that should be the stars of the hike. I'll also note that the trails are really segments that run between locations (like parking lots). There is a way to loop around the park (6 - 7 mile loop) with many significant ups & downs to make for a nice hiking workout. But many will hike out and back along the same paths. Park maps are available to help provide guidance. The Nature Center is smaller but still very informative. Easy to spend 30 minutes in there. Add another 30 minutes if you want to see the fire tower. Like other reviews, I'll add that there is typically a fee to enter the park (amount based upon IN state residency). If you are spending the whole day it doesn't seem so bad. But if you don't have 4 or 5 hours to spend here I would bypass the park.

Jeff S — Google review

I have been here several times, each time presented a different view of the park. It has never been a disappointment. Water was high because of the weather, so rocks were slick. Waterfalls, 22 in all, when weather is like this, however 4 are mainly advertised and pretty much run year around. Some of them you can see with a short hike, others for great pictures, require a little more effort and distance. I think I hiked about 8.5 miles and saw 3 waterfalls. If you plan to go into the creek bed trails, be prepared. If you're a novice, this is especially true for you. Take water with you. In summer, be prepared to see snakes, in fall just before cave closure, might see bats. Park is beautiful and provides multiple facets of scenery. Additionally, there is a cave, but due to the potential spread of white nose syndrome, it's off limits until, I think, March. I will come back again. If you'd like to stay in the park there are campsites both primitive and for campers as well as a lodge.

Leslie I — Google review

I went here on April 8 2024 to see the eclipse. It was cool. But not as cool as the trails I went on and seen so many beautiful waterfalls. It was a great view everywhere and the trails are just right for walking and seeing something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Make sure you go there!

Antonio M — Google review

Loved visiting the all the falls, and the trails vary from easy to hard. The campground has many different types of sites, but it is pretty open with not much tree cover. Overall a great state park with beautiful views and a great location close to Madison!

Kimberly P — Google review

Staying at the Inn within the SP for 4 nights, I purchased the breakfast package. Comfortable, quiet accommodation offering full meals, build your own fire with provided wood, sunset views, pool, and hot tub for soreness after hiking trails that range from moderate to very rugged changes in elevations. The best time to have water in the falls is spring and fall or after a good rain. This park sits beside the quaint town of Madison, Indiana, along the Ohio River. 3 wineries, several breweries, tons of historic Edwardian homes still in use, and they will have power boat races around the July 4th holiday. Great music vibe as well on most every Friday night, even in the off-season of winter.

Vicki K — Google review

A couple of fun little day hikes here. The waterfalls and natural rock formations are a ton of fun to find. Had a fun experience and would definitely go back.

Ben R — Google review

1500 Acres of sheer Cliffs and plunging waterfalls wooded areas with many trails from easy to rugged. Try hiking the trails in the Clifty Canyon Nature Preserve. December watching with nesting species like the Louisiana water thrush Great Crested Flycatcher scarlet and summer tanagers

Jeffrey L — Google review


(4531)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (166)


(668)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (167)

2221 Clifty Dr, Madison, IN 47250, USA

(812) 273-8885


Historic Madison Inc

History museum

Sights & Landmarks

Heritage preservation

Historical landmark

Historical place museum

Local history museum

I really enjoyed the “Madison’s Treasures Walking Tour” last weekend with two friends. Volunteer guide Happy Smith did a great job - very knowledgeable and personable. Now as I walk around town, I’m thinking about window heights, columns, fan lights and brick patterns! I highly recommend this tour.

Sally M — Google review

We we in Madison on a weekday in April, and found when we stopped at the HMI office that most of the historic sites were closed. But we had a great conversation with Jess, the director, and learned enough that we know we want to come back! 2 tips we picked up - call ahead if you’d like tours, and Friday’s are good if you want to schedule tours at more than one site

Lisa M — Google review

Omg obsessed this place is beautiful lots of fun shopping great food everywhere!!!!

Jessica E — Google review

Madison has ton of beautiful historical buildings downtown. This page doesn't do them all justice. I will be trying to add as many as I can as soon as possible

Whitney P — Google review

Historic Madison under John Stacier's leadership is an invaluable asset to all who value the notable historic preservation efforts to protect the architectural heritage of our beloved city.

Phil M — Google review

I love my Madison. A great place to live and visit

Wanda R — Google review

Beautiful, quaint, historic town with plenty to do & see!

Tina R — Google review

They do good on restoring place's.

Amber S — Google review


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(293)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (169)

301 W 2nd St, Madison, IN 47250, USA

(812) 265-2967


Goat Milk Stuff Online - See GMSFarm.com to visit the farm

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (170)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (171)

32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (172)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (173)



Gift shop

Gift & Specialty Shops

OMG, this is the best place on earth!!!!In the summer they have fresh organic fruits and vegetables, ripe and ready, sweet and delicious. Oh, and there's fresh berries too.They also have prepared food like jams and pies, home made goat cheese and goat milk caramels. It's the perfect place for the lactose intolerant, like myself, because the goat milk doesn't have lactose!Year round they offer dozens and dozens of home made goat milk soaps, made with various ingredients and fragrances, including my favorite olive and tea tree oil (there are many other choices for the skin sensitive). I also found many shampoos and lotions in the gift shop, which is also chock full of other unique local gift items, sure to intrigue the selective shoppers.Goat Milk Stuff has over a hundred goats roaming the farm in different areas with chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits and more, all yearning to be pet, and as friendly as it gets.In the Springtime there are baby goats that can be cuddled and pet. Be prepared for many photo opportunities.The farm is close to Louisville and a great day trip for all. I highly recommend a trip to the farm and a relaxing lunch in their restaurant. Try the goat cheese pizza, you'll be glad you did.

Mark F — Google review

Fun place especially for your little ones. They have a shop inside with treats, soaps, clothing, and other items for purchase.

Brent J — Google review

We had the most amazing day. Our girls fell in love with all the babies. The family owned business was full of loving and kind people. We couldn't believe how lucky we were to get a tour with so many babies born this week. Everyone answered our questions and made it such an incredible experience. We bought soaps to try and toys galore. There was also a play area for the kiddos while we shopped. I highly recommend visiting this one of a kind establishment.

Kim L — Google review

In addition to the skin benefits and the lovely scents, I love the lemongrass, citrus basil and lavender mint, it washes clean from my skin and my tub too! This is the best goat milk soap I have found. The lip balm and moisturizer sticks are also great to carry in my purse for dry lip and cuticle. I prefer the unscented. Would like to have sunblock added to the lip balm, any way to make that part of the ingredients for a sunblock lip balm? Thanks to the goats and the family!

Lisa W — Google review

Love their soaps! My daughter has eczema (has since the day she was born) we have tried EVERYTHING nothing helps much at all I ordered some goat milk soap online (we had nothing to lose) 2 baths later her feet and ankles were completely clear just ordered some more can't wait to go visit their farm🤗 thank you so much for giving my daughter some much needed relief!! You guys have made a huge difference in our lives 💛 THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Cindy M — Google review

My son has alot of allergies, my sister suggested we stop by here and she bought him a bar of the castile soap. It has worked wonders on his skin. A lot of the bumpy skin he had has cleared up. We noticed the difference from the first use.. He loves the soap and will not use anything else now.

Julio H — Google review

THE BEST DEODORANT THAT I HAVE EVER USED!!!I have tried so many other 'natural' deodorants and either they did not work or they gave me a bad rash (even the ones that did not have baking soda). I AM SO GLAD THAT I STUMBLED ACROSS GOAT MILK STUFF! I ordered the Unscented -Baking Soda Free Deodorant and it is amazing how well it works! I dab on a small amount once a day and never have to worry. And I never stink...not even after sweating from a workout or hours of yard work. Plus since I only use a small amount and I don't have to reapply during the day, it lasts long.Goat Milk Stuff- PLEEEEEEASE DO NOT STOP MAKING THIS DEODORANT!!!

Diana L — Google review

I have been purchasing Goat Milk Stuff products for over a year now. These items are simply fantastic and I cannot recommend them strongly enough. Great for my skin, wonderful fragrances and just solid products that work well. I think this company is tremendous and look forward to using their various goods for years to come.

Paul M — Google review

Had a wonderful time, Stephanie, and I did. Love the cats and goats. Ask questions and got the answers. I encourage all families to do this. Doesn't cost much, try it. I think you will have a great time.

Ginger K — Google review

Amazing! The baby goats were delighful and the farm was breath-taking;— picturesque! We attended the 3:15pm snuggle experience 😍 and the afternoon sun made everything gold and dreamy :) This was everything a farm visit should beAlso, the pasture and animals were SUPER clean! So no one brought any unwanted souvenirs home with them ;)

Alexis J — Google review

Wanted to go there for fudge, but they didn't have any. Tried all of the cheese choices. My favorites were the tomato and the original. My husband liked the original and the garlic. He bought the cheese and I bought a bar of soap and some lip balm. They have so many amazing scents. It was a tough decision. I did get to feed the baby goats. That was a ton of fun!

Treva H — Google review

Our family had a wonderful time at Goat Milk Stuff! The baby goats were so adorable, our kids loved them. We bought some garlic goat cheese that had a great flavor and one of the soaps that smells amazing!

Kasey P — Google review

One of the best attractions I have seen in Indiana yet! Haha, honestly stopping here was just kind of a whimsical thing, but my party was pleasantly surprised when we got here because we had a wonderful time looking at the different goat milk products, specifically the Sweet treats they have (I would definitely recommend the toffee)! After picking up a couple of treats, we went to see a little area where they had many many baby goats and they all came up to us and we were able to pet them.Definitely a wonderful little place and I would happily return.

Alex C — Google review

I just love these products! My family has sensitive skin and had eczema until I started using these soaps and shampoo bars. Our skin is softer, healthier and the littles haven't had a flare up in ages . I love that there are no harsh and nasty chemicals! The oatmeal milk and honey is probably my favorite scent, it's divine!

Tara H — Google review

This place is FANTASTIC! It's family own and ran. They personally give you the tour of the property and answer all questions.

David R — Google review


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(78)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (175)

76 S Lake Rd N, Scottsburg, IN 47170, USA

(812) 752-0622


Huber's Orchard and Winery

Mentioned on

3 lists


Food & Drink


Farmers' market

Located in Borden, Indiana, Huber's Orchard & Winery is a sprawling farm with fruit and vegetable picking, wine tastings, vineyard tours and a bakery. The venue is perfect for weddings and events, with convenient modern amenities.

This tour of the winery and distillery was awesome. Ken did a fabulous job! The wine tasting was fabulous and you get to pick six wines or you also had the option to taste the spirits. There was music out on the patio and we also bout the package that included lunch. Burgers were huge and moist and fries were good too. If you are going to visit, I highly recommend the $35 package! Includes tour, tasting, lunch, glass of wine and a wine glass too! Pick a day when they have music. It was the perfect day and you cannot beat the experience for the price!

N I — Google review

The best winery I have been to so far! The food was delicious, the wine was extraordinary, the market, ice cream, swans oh so much to do, I should have picked blueberries!! Worth a visit!!

Joseph B — Google review

We had a great day ar Huber's. Purchases some preserves and baked goods. We had a wonderful wine tasting experience with Ken. He was very knowledgeable about our choice of wines and the winery.We purchased a case of wine!

M. Z — Google review

Great place to visit for the family or a couple. The produce is fresh, ice cream for the kids, music to listen to while you shop or dine at the winery. Some of the best wines on the market at a decent price, and let's not forget their latest additions for the onsite distillery. Thumbs up 👍 the best place locally for a great getaway for a few hours to a day break. A chance for you to enjoy the local community and what they have to offer.

Bobby P — Google review

Stopped in for a wine tasting while in town visiting my parents. Beautiful property and establishment. Had a great wine tasting and definitely will be back when I visit next. Took home the their lakeside white, sweet stella di luce, and limestone white blend as my top three but others were good too. My step dad did the spirits tasting and I'd love to try some of their co*cktails. Sipped his black raspberry bourbon liqueur and it was delicious.

Sara F — Google review

Ken at the tasting bar is the absolute best. Very informative going over the tasting menu and we even got to have an extra taste of one of the newer wines they have to offer. Wine Down Wednesday was a success!!

Tammy Q — Google review

What a great find just a short drive from Louisville KY. Great wine and spirits along with a wonderful staff of 8 generations! My fav was the apple sparkling wine ! Hubby loved the blackberry whiskey. Shared lots of area suggestions with us. They also have a bakery nextdoor and the bread was fabulous. Lots of homemade goodies. Ice cream shop and picnic area also on site ! Will visit again. Highly highly recommend!

A M — Google review

So much to do at this place. Orchards and patches, markets and shops. Something for everyone, including the kids. Bamboo and corn mazes, slides, inflatable, racetracks... The winery and distillery are great. Youll easily spend a whole day here. There are several restaurants in the grounds too.

Tyler D — Google review

My wife and I visited Hubers Orchard about a month ago and had the best time! We only expected to be there for an hour or two and ended up staying four hours. They have a winery with 15 dollar tastings but you get to pick 7-8 wines or spirts. Also they have a general store with fresh produce and other goodies. On top of that the parking was free and the hay rides were free (or at least it was when we went). Before we left I got some of their ice cream and my wife got their coffee (they were delicious). We definitely plan on visiting again sometime!

David G — Google review

We did a barrel tasting tour with John and had the best time! John did a great job and was so informative. The spirits were delicious. We were very impressed. I highly recommend the tour and John!

Karen G — Google review

We brought the kids just to have a day outside and pick pumpkins and apples. Hadn’t been since a child and I believe there’s two locations now. We ate at the restaurant and went to the play area before doing the fruit picking options . Food at the restaurant was decent but not delicious like I remember it and not worth the price in my opinion but I think they have a Huber restaurant at the other location with more home style food. We had burgers and chicken strips at this place . Smaller kids can definitely run around and use up their energy. They charge you by pound for the apples you pick so if you go with a family be mindful . My family enjoyed the fish pond the most . May come back with just her so we can try wine tasting and just relax with great views. It’s beautiful land and everyone should visit at least once. The drinks and home made snacks and cider were hits for us as well, riding on the traitor was my favorite part on a hot day, the breeze is amazing lol wear comfortable clothes and shoes !

Greg I — Google review

We visited this place in October 2023 and I thought it was one of the best places I have ever seen. We tasted wine, enjoyed live music, ate and bought local products that the farm itself produces. We picked apples, tried the best pecan pie ever, bought cheese bread, orange marmalade and apple cider vinegar. One of the best experiences for me and my family that you could have once you visit Jasper, Indiana

Ili D — Google review

We always have a great time visiting Huber’s Winery. We eat at the cafe, as the pizza is one of the best we have ever had! Service is great. The atmosphere is amazing and Brandy (winery bartender) and the rest of the staff were super fast and excelled at creating a positive customer service oriented vibe.If this place isn’t on your monthly to-do list, I don’t understand why!

Sondra D — Google review

Patty gave us a wonderful wine tasting! She was very informative and a delight to talk to. The wine was amazing and we left with 3 bottles. Highly recommend this as a must-do activity for anyone visiting from out of town or even a fun time with friends and family. The fall harvest decorations were gorgeous and Huber’s was selling the most perfect pumpkins I have ever seen. We will definitely be back before fall is over to go pick pumpkins!

Olivia D — Google review

Peace!I’ve been coming here for years.Well worth a visit, make sure you do a tasting and a tour.The wine doesn’t miss.BELIEVE THEHYPE☝️

A F — Google review

This place has always been fun and just keeps getting better over the years. I went when I was a kid and with both my oldest on school field trips. So much for adults to do and children. The cherry on top is the scenery.

Siamona F — Google review

Love this place. My wife and I have been wine club members for several years. They have live music on the patio area, food to eat and a couple bottles of wine. Always well kept and clean. Staff is always friendly. The Family Fun Park is excellent for the kids. They have a plenty to keep them busy for several hours. We will be back soon.

Brad A — Google review

Picked punkins and apples. Ate the buffet,excellent. Buffet and drinks four people for 80 dollars. Hard to beat for an authentic home-cooked meal. Shopped and fed fish. Be careful!! I always spend too much money shopping here. Blackberry pie was 16 dollars, loaf of homemade cinnamon bread for 10$ we love this place!

Cg L — Google review


(1345)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (176)


(262)32 Best Stops Between Auburn and Louisville (177)

19816 Huber Rd, Borden, IN 47106, USA

(812) 923-9463

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