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  • 2 Family
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    • 2.2 Unnamed mother
    • 2.3 Barbie Wire
  • 3 Goetia Royal Family
    • 3.1 Stolas
    • 3.2 Octavia
  • 4 Former Co-workers
    • 4.1 Fizzarolli
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  • 5 Seven Deadly Sins
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    • 6.3 Chazwick Thurman
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    • 7.2 Vortex
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    • 7.4 Bombproof
  • 8 Angels
    • 8.1 C.H.E.R.U.B
  • 9 Humans
    • 9.1 Eddie
    • 9.2 Martha
    • 9.3 D.H.O.R.K.S.

Employees of I.M.P[]


"Look, I'm hard on you because I know what you're capable of, Mox. You care too much about with everyone thinks except for me because, you know, my opinion is correct but, just keep doing a good job, kay? You shoot and kill good, you escape things easy, you can be strategic and coldblooded when you need to, and don't expect any more compliments, I'm maxed out."
―Blitzo, to Moxxie

Blitzo seemingly enjoys a positive, if not antagonistic, relationship towards Moxxie. Among his employees, Blitzo ridicules Moxxie the most. He hardly addresses Moxxie's concerns when they are not focused on his interests, mocks Moxxie's sex life and belittles his manhood; on top of this, Blitzo has zero respect for Moxxie's privacy, going as far as to repeatedly stalk Moxxie as he slept.

Blitzo/Relationships (1)

Despite this, Blitzo views Moxxie as a vital member of the I.M.P team, stating on at least one occasion he is glad to be working with him. Blitzo has also shown to be protective of Moxxie when he is threatened by other individuals, such as Verosika and Striker. It has also been evidenced that while Blitzo loves to aggravate Moxxie, he does not wish to hurt him emotionally. This can be seen when he looks confused once Moxxie becomes disappointed after realizing his boss had offered Striker to come work with them, as he made him feel inferior.

However, Blitzo also has an obsession with Moxxie's relationship with his wife, he would stalk them outside of work and even regularly trespasses in their home to watch them sleep. This obsession seems to have a sexual side to it, as he made dolls resembling Moxxie and Millie, with whom he seemingly pleasured himself with. This is further amplified by Blitzo threatening to rape Moxxie and Millie during an incident when Moxxie had failed a task.

Blitzo/Relationships (2)

It is revealed in "Truth Seekers" that Blitzo harbors an inferiority complex towards Moxxie's intelligence, seen during his drug trip when a hallucination of Moxxie verbally dresses to him down in "Satan's plain English". Afterwards, Blitzo confesses that despite his constant disrespect, he admires Moxxie's brains and work ethic and they somewhat make up.

In the episode "Ozzie's", his obsession with Moxxie and his wife was slightly expanded upon. Blitzo learned of Moxxie and Millie's anniversary and assumed he would be in attendance with them at the restaurant they had reservations to, only for Moxxie to strictly forbid Blitzo from attending. Blitzo attempted to continue to stalk the pair, even to the point of recruiting Stolas to gain entry into the establishment. It is suggested that Blitzo is jealous, even envious, of the relationship that Moxxie enjoys with Millie.

In the episode "Exes and Oohs", it's revealed that Blitzo helped Moxxie escape jail and that he cares a great deal about him, even stating that while he can somewhat mess with Moxxie and Millie's marriage, he sure as hell wouldn't let anyone else do it. He's also seen helping Millie save Moxxie.


Millie and Blitzo seemingly enjoy a positive relationship. Blitzo is more openly affectionate and nurturing towards her than he is towards Moxxie and shows it through gestures such as complementing her and giving her nicknames. Blitzo appears to think highly of Millie in terms of her assassination skills, often complimenting her abilities and praising her to her parents.

However, Blitzo stalks both Millie and her husband and sexually fantasizes about them both, once sticking two crude dolls of them into his pants, and at one point threating to Moxxie that he would rape Millie if Moxxie failed another mission (albeit this threat was made while under duress and significant pain). While possibly dismissed as simple perverted behaviour, it belies that Blitzo appears to harbour some jealousy towards Millie for her close relationship with Moxxie, something that is seemingly unattainable for him.

Blitzo/Relationships (3)

Despite having a positive relationship with each other, it doesn't mean Blitzo would give her special treatment in the same vein as Loona. In "Murder Family", after Moxxie apologizes to Blitzo for ruining his shot and getting both Blitzo and Millie almost killed, Blitzo threaten to hurt both Moxxie and Millie, although this threat is only made to Moxxie, when Millie is out of earshot.

In the episode "Exes and Oohs", he helped her save Moxxie from Crimson and Chazwick Thurman.


Prior to the events of the series, Blitzo adopted Loona and hired her to be the company receptionist. He seems to genuinely see her as a daughter figure, and loves her accordingly. As an employee, Blitzo disproportionately coddles her, covering up for her negligence and making excuses for her sloppy work and disrespectful behaviour. In the episode "Spring Broken", Loona slips up and almost refers to Blitzo as "dad", making him quite happy, before she stops herself and calls him by his name, instead.

Blitzo has shown to be very concerned for Loona's safety, in one case he become incredibly scared when he lost sight of Loona, he furthermore shows a sense of overprotective towards Loona, as shown towards Vortex whenever Loona tries to talk to him.

Blitzo/Relationships (4)

Despite the affection he frequently displays for his daughter, Blitzo will at times be disappointed when she fails to do serious tasks. As in "The Harvest Moon Festival", he got irritated when she didn't come to save him and Moxxie from Striker when called for. Blitzo's desire to try and discipline Loona reached a critical junction in "Seeing Stars", Blitzo tried to talk to Loona about her bad attitude, only for her physically assault Blitzo. While Blitzo initially threatened to fire Loona from her job, however Blitzo chose to relent on his threat following her efforts to locate and recover Octavia within the same episode.


Cash Buckzo[]

Blitzo/Relationships (5)

Cash is Blitzo's father. As a child in "The Circus", Blitzo is shown to be subservient and submissive towards Cash. Blitzo is hesitant to carry out Cash's plan to steal some of Stolas' family's belongings. However, Cash's manipulates Blitzo into carrying out the plan.

Unnamed mother[]

While the relationship between him and his mother is unknown, Blitzo does seem to love and care for her. As shown in "The Circus", where Cash convinces him to burglarize the Goetia family on the grounds that it would benefit their family, mentioning helping him and Blitzo's mother.

Barbie Wire[]

Barbie is Blitzo's twin sister. As an adult, Blitzo keeps posters of their time in the circus in his office. Furthermore, Blitzo was shown to be visually offended when Verosika made an insult regarding his sister.

In "Ozzie's", following a disaster date with Stolas, he observed a picture of him with his sister, upon seeing this Blitzo began to tear up and cry. This implies a Blitzo holds, or held, a strong relationship with his sister, something about which causes Blitzo great sorrow in the present.

Blitzo/Relationships (6)

In "Unhappy Campers", she has a complete hatred of her brother and wants nothing to do with him despite his attempts to reconcile after she got out of rehab.

Goetia Royal Family[]


"Stolas, don't act like what we have is anything but you wanting me to f*ck you, okay? You make that really clear all the time."
―Blitzo, to Stolas

Blitzo has a complicated relationship with Stolas, ranging from begrudging affection to complete avoidance. The foundation of Blitzo's relationship with Stolas is his agreeing to have sex with Stolas on a monthly basis, in return for access to the grimoire. This agreement serves as the primary motivating force that has influenced Blitzo's relationship with Stolas.

Blitzo/Relationships (7)

As a child, it was revealed that Blitzo had met Stolas when the latter caught one of Blitzo's circus performances. After being bought out for the day by Stolas' father, Blitzo proceeded to form a one-time friendship with the goetia prince. Even then, however, this relationship was undercut by the fact that Blitzo had been instructed by his father to loot the goetia's palace. The pair seemingly never met again until they were adults.

Twenty five years later, Blitzo's unexpected re-encounter with Stolas, while attempting to steal the grimoire, quickly transformed into a transactional sexual relationship. At the commencement of this relationship, Blitzo expressed no obvious signs of affection nor romantic interest towards Stolas. Conversely, Stolas had begun to shown an increasing level of romantic attachment towards Blitzo, who was seemingly oblivious towards this.

Blitzo/Relationships (8)

Blitzo was shown to be initally attempting to keep this arrangement strictly professional, expressing a disinterest in sexual encounters with Stolas outside of the bare minimum under their agreement, which is implied to have been made under duress. Slowly over time however, as shown in "The Harvest Moon Festival", Blitzo is shown to become less "fussy" over the matter of having sex with Stolas. With Blitzo even become flustered at being described as Stolas' boyfriend by Millie, eventually Blitzo would willingly engage in public acts of loving affection towards Stolas, such as kissing him aggressively in front of his employees.

After discovering Striker's attempt to assassinate Stolas, Blitzo rejected Striker's offer to cooperate, and came to Stolas' defence, saving his life. It is unknown if Blitzo was, at the time, actually concerned for the life of Stolas, or was saving him so as to not lose access to the grimoire.

During a hallucination trip, an illusionary Stolas confronted Blitzo on his fear of being alone affecting every relationship he ever had, causing him to push away any intimacy and affection shown to him, including the real Stolas. This implies that Blitzo had begun to feel or care about Stolas, but he is quick to reject away these accusations. It is also suggested that he sees Stolas as leagues above him because of their difference in social standings.

Blitzo/Relationships (9)

The relationship between the pair deteriorated significantly in "Ozzie's". During an attempt to stalk Moxxie and Millie on their anniversary, Blitzo was forced to invite Stolas as his date to get into the club they had reservations to. The end result of this event was Blitzo and Stolas being abjectly humiliated by the club operators, Asmodeus and Fizzarolli. Blitzo then states that Stolas makes it clear all the time that has absolutely no interest in treating their relationship beyond it being transactional.

The relationship between the pair remains in limbo, however, the grimoire was still entrusted to Blitzo. During the events of "Seeing Stars", Blitzo was forced to work with Stolas to locate and rescue Octavia, who had stolen the grimoire and fled to Earth. Blitzo expressed extreme fear when confronted with the need to inform Stolas of the theft. Blitzo made no attempt to reference the prior events with Stolas while conducting the search.

In "Western Energy", Blitzo expressed worried and frustration when Stolas called Blitzo to rescue him from Striker. Unable to do it due to taking Loona for her shot, Blitzo sent Moxxie and Millie to rescue Stolas. Blitzo was also shocked and horrified to learn that Stolas got badly injured to the point he needed to go to the hospital. Blitzo did sent him a get well message but didn't text back when Stolas said he can visit him.

In "Oops", while locked up with Fizzarolli, Blitzo is still trying to believe that Stolas only wanted him for sex since he's a royal prince. But Blitzo also listened to how Stolas would call Blitzo asking about his day, laughing at his jokes, and commenting on his pictures. As Fizzarolli pointed out, it's possible Blitzo just hates the fact that Stolas is a prince not disliking him in general since he does care about Blitzo.

Blitzo/Relationships (10)

In "The Full Moon", Blitzo reveals to his employees that it has been multiple months since he and Stolas had participated in their monthly arrangement, though Blitzo enjoyed taking a break from it. When Loona suggests Stolas is actually getting bored of him, Blitzo becomes concerned for the future of his and his employees' careers and decides to buy new sex toys, thinking that some particularly impressive sex will score them more security with the grimoire. However, when he attempts to seduce Stolas, the latter takes his grimoire back, and instead gives Blitzo an Asmodean Crystal, essentially releasing them from needing to meet up once a month. Blitzo initially misinterprets this display of affection as roleplay, causing Stolas to walk away, upset that Blitzo isn't taking him seriously. In a fit of rage, Blitzo calls out Stolas' dismissive behavior towards him and sudden confession onto him after so much time of treating him like a plaything, calling him a "pompous rich asshole". Blitzo, however, realizes too late that Stolas' affection for him was true after he bid him a tearful goodbye and transports him out of the house, leaving Blitzo to realize that he has seemingly destroyed another relationship.

In "Apology Tour," Blitzo tries to restart his sexual relationship with Stolas, but by this point, Stolas is so heartbroken by their previous argument that he refuses and acts cold toward him. This shocks Blitzo since he can usually get Stolas to be sexually active, making the former realize how seriously he hurt Stolas’ feelings. This leads to another argument about how Blitzo sees Stolas, ending with Stolas asking Blitzo if he has ever apologized for his wrongdoings. This leads to Blitzo going on an 'apology tour' to prove him wrong and to spite him that ends at Verosika's Anti-Blitzo party, where he listens to Stolas sing about his sadness, which causes Blitzo to feel highly ashamed. After meeting with him at the party, Blitzo genuinely apologizes to Stolas, admitting he didn't understand why a prince like himself would want to be with someone like him, only for Stolas to not only point out how everyone at the party did care for him at some point, but he also refuses to accept Blitzo's apology, once again telling him he doesn't want to be around him right now. Near the end of the episode Blitzo watches Stolas dance with an incubus who starts making out with him, which at first makes Blitzo jealous before he sees how happy he is right now, which makes him leave the party in shame.


Blitzo/Relationships (11)

Blitzo seemingly enjoys a cordial acquaintanceship with Octavia. Seemingly meeting for the first time in "Loo Loo Land", they had no issues when interacting with each other. They both expressed a disapproval of Stolas' dirty talk, and have a shared hatred of Robo Fizz.

While Blitzo has not expressed any issues towards Octavia, he is seemingly unaware of Octavia's generally negative disposition towards himself.

Blitzo did not seemingly have any issue at the prospect of sleeping with Octavia, as evidenced by his nonchalant response to the prospect during a miscommunication with Stolas (which Stolas was very quick to rectify).

Former Co-workers[]


Blitzo/Relationships (12)

Early in his life, Blitzo was on good terms with Fizzarolli, seemingly enjoying a solid friendship. As children, the two were stage performers who worked together and enjoyed spending their free time together. Their friendship continued seemingly into their teenage years with Blitzo working with Fizzarolli to steal his dad's alcohol.

Blitzo/Relationships (13)

As revealed in "Oops", Blitzo eventually became jealous of Fizzarolli's success, and accidentally started a fire which set off some fireworks that burned down the circus along with melting Fizzarolli's arms and legs. By the present day, their relationship has deteriorated towards a bitter, antagonist one. Blitzo was shown to be highly nervous at the prospect of an accidental encounter with Fizzarolli, compared to Fizzarolli who eagerly mocked, insulted and degraded Blitzo during their first encounter in 15 years.

Fizzarolli continues to have an impact on Blitzo. As one of the main people who has negatively impacted Blitzo in his life, a black and white cartoony version of Fizzarolli appears as one of the specters that torment Blitzo during his hallucination in "Truth Seekers", reminding him of his failure to go solo.

Later in "Oops", Fizzarolli and Blitzo find themselves in the Greed Ring, where they are both kidnapped and imprisoned by Crimson and Striker in one of Crimson's lairs. During their escape, Blitzo apologizes to Fizzarolli for abandoning him in the fire, explaining it was an accident yet taking responsibility for it. After revealing that he was actually trying to get help for him and his family, they both realize somebody lied to them both about the other not wanting to see each other.

Blitzo/Relationships (14)

After escaping, Striker catches Fizzarolli and holds him at gunpoint but Blitzo frees him by shooting a jerry can. After escaping the fire caused said canister, Fizzarolli, touched that Blitzo came back for him, embraces him in a hug, which the latter tearfully reciprocates, finally mending their broken friendship.

It's implied that Blitzo might harbor romantic feelings for Fizzarolli, as shown in the flashback during "Oops", he is seen throwing away a card meant for him with a rose attached before accidentally starting the fire. Furthermore after the two hug and makeup, Blitzo ruins the moment by asking if they could make out, much to Fizzarolli's annoyance.

In "MAMMON'S MAGNIFICENT MUSICAL MID-SEASON SPECIAL (ft Fizzarolli)", Asmodeus calls Blitzo to convince Fizzarolli to stop listening to Mammon, as Blitzo and Fizzarolli's friendly relationship was somewhat restored. Blitzo defended Fizzarolli from his obsessive fans and encouraged him during his resignation.

In "The Full Moon", Blitzo was helped by Fizzarolli to purchase sex toys to satisfy Stolas, with Fizzarolli even letting him into the private area and giving him one of the best vibrators. Before leaving for their night with Stolas, Blitzo and Fizzarolli give a friendly fist bump, showing that they are friends again.

Robo Fizz[]

Blitzo holds an intense, negative, hatred towards Fizzarolli's robotic doppelganger. Blitzo made no effort to hide his disdain for the machine, and eagerly engaged in an all-out firefight with the robot during an encounter. It is unknown if Blitzo holds a personal grudge against Robo Fizz, or if his hatred stems from the machines extension of the real Fizzarolli.

Seven Deadly Sins[]


Initially, Blitzo was seen as an object of ridicule by Asmodeus and Fizzarolli to demonstrate the lust placed between the imp and Stolas.

Blitzo/Relationships (15)

After Fizzarolli's rescue from Crimson's Mafia, Asmodeus asked Blitzo for help, as he and Fizzarolli had kind of reconciled, to convince him not to push himself too hard in Mammon's Clown Pageant. Blitzo sees him as a hypocrite because the former got ridiculed by Asmodeus for dating a Royal, yet Asmodeus himself loves an imp like how Stolas loves Blitzo. Despite this, Blitzo respects Asmodeus because he treats Fizzarolli kindly and truly loves the latter.


Blitzo/Relationships (16)

Blitzo informally met Beelzebub in a drunken state while drinking Beelzejuice and accepts his bet to show who is the better drinker. Aggressively, Blitzo drinks the entire keg, gaining Beelzebub's respect for him, however, she becomes concerned about the ruckus Blitzo causes and tries to make Loona see that Blitzo needed to be stopped.


Blitzo/Relationships (17)

In his youth, Blitzo was a fan of Mammon's clown shows, as was Fizzarolli, but he had no interest in working for Mammon. In "MAMMON'S MAGNIFICENT MUSICAL MID-SEASON SPECIAL (ft Fizzarolli)", Blitzo shows contempt for Mammon for how he treats Fizzarolli and disowns him because he spent his savings to attend his show.



"The f*ckin' supremacist is on my side, wonderful."

Blitzo first met Striker at Millie's family ranch on the day of the annual Blood Moon Festival. Blitzo initially held a sense of admiration towards Striker, especially after being complimented by Striker for his business skills. It is suggested Blitzo may have developed a slight crush towards Striker, though this was seemingly not reciprocated.

After they tied for victory in the Pain Games, Blitzo decided to hire him to come work for I.M.P, much to Moxxie's displeasure.

Blitzo/Relationships (18)

Following Blitzo discovering Striker's assassination plans against Stolas, Blitzo's opinion of Striker rapidly deteriorated. Striker tried to convince Blitzo to join him in killing Stolas and the other Overlords of Hell by manipulating Blitzo's insecurity of being a degraded demon in Hell's hierarchy. Blitzo seemingly appeared to agree, but it is implied Blitzo allowed Striker to lead him on so as to distract him.

Despite their brief time together, Striker left a lasting impression on Blitzo. He returns as one of the spectres that torment Blitzo during his hallucination in "Truth Seekers", mocking him for not really wanting to be alone.

Blitzo sees Striker as a supremacist due to his immense hatred of royalty, however, Striker admits that at least Blitzo has some sense because he only has sex with Stolas for work reasons and is not in a relationship like Fizzarolli and Asmodeus. After a couple of conflicts against Striker, Blitzo became a hated enemy of the hitman after so many defeats and sexual taunts.


Blitzo/Relationships (19)

Initially, Blitzo gets along with Crimson, soaking in the latter's compliments. However, after Crimson's comment about his previous career having good money, Blitzo is seen awkwardly smiling and uncomfortable. The discomfort, now along with surprise, becomes more apparent when Blitzo realizes Moxxie belonged to a mafia family.

However, things come to a head when he, along with Millie, crash his plans at the forced wedding, putting them on negative terms. Blitzo saw Crimson as a dangerous threat after his kidnapping along with Fizzarolli and they were able to humiliate his mob again.

Chazwick Thurman[]

Blitzo/Relationships (20)

Upon meeting him for the first time, Blitzo instantly dislikes Chaz both for his boastful behavior and learning he used to date both Moxxie and Millie at different points. Nevertheless, he later accepts Chaz's offer to sleep with him out of curiosity for his sexual experiences with Millie and Moxxie.

Suspicious of his lackluster performance in bed, Blitzo does some detective work in Chaz's car, discovering his massive debt and plans to marry into Crimson's crime family through Moxxie, only to be drugged and locked in the trunk by Chaz himself. Escaping with help from Millie, Blitzo literally crashes into the wedding and ultimately seals Chaz's fate by loudly revealing his deception to Crimson.


Verosika Mayday[]

"No. You're right. I actually am, you know? Sorry. I- I don't want to be this way. Not forever."
―Blitzo, apologizing to Verosika
Blitzo/Relationships (21)

Verosika Mayday is Blitzo's ex-girlfriend. Blitzo has expressed anger and regret towards his previous relationship with Verosika, stating that their relationship was a waste of time. The amount of time that has passed since their breakup is unknown but the two of them remain bitter about it.

Whenever the pair encounter each other, they would instantly begin to argue and hurl insults at each other, with Blitzo typically using insulting language targeting Verosika's promiscuity, alcoholism and tastes, with Verosika insulting Blitzo's family, love life, business and competence.

As of "Truth Seekers", the emotional scars from Blitzo's time with Verosika are implied to not have fully healed. She appears as one of the slimy spectres that torment him during his hallucination, resenting him for his selfish nature. It's suggested that on some level, he regrets hurting her but seemed to believe that she would eventually break up with him and their split was inevitable.

Blitzo/Relationships (22)

In "Apology Tour", Verosika's resentment towards Blitzo became so great that she orchestrated a party on Halloween eve in the human world, where she invited several people who were harmed and harmed by him. Later after Stolas leaves him, Blitzo spots Verosika and decides to have a talk with her, in which Verosika explains how their relationship fell and how embarrassed she was. After Verosika notices that Blitzo is changing, she helps him try to change, by first telling Blitzo that he needs to let Stolas enjoy himself.


Blitzo has a strong dislike of Vortex due to his association with Verosika, in addition to disliking him due to Loona's initial interest in him.

Wally Wackford[]

Blitzo/Relationships (23)

Blitzo dislikes Wally Wackford, using a TV playing his commercial for target practice. Later, when Wackford arrived to hire Loopty and the newly deceased Lyle Lipton, Blitzo promptly ordered him to leave.


Blitzo was completely fascinated with Bombproof, as he is seen admiring the horse throughout "The Harvest Moon Festival".



Blitzo/Relationships (24)

Blitzo holds a strictly negative disposition towards the members of C.H.E.R.U.B, finding joy in annoying or antagonizing them at any opportunity. Blitzo seemingly did not care about the cherub's being exiled from Heaven following their confrontation.

In "The Full Moon", the cherubs attempt to capture, and later kill, Blitzo while he is alone in the Lust Ring, but they are stopped by the other I.M.P members, although this goes completely unnoticed by Blitzo.

In "Apology Tour", Blitzo personally delivered a letter to Cletus, one of the cherubs, but instead of being forgiving, he expressed his abiding hatred towards them.



NOTE: The events depicted within the Helluva Boss pilot are confirmed to be not canon to the main Hazbin Hotel franchise by the creators.

Blitzo was concerned about assassinating the wrong target, and went to lengths to ensure his survival, however he quickly became annoyed at the negative disposition of Eddie. After learning that Eddie was the right target all along, Blitzo immediately kills him.


"I know we killed you in the past, but I just wanted to say no hard feelings and offer this."
―Blitzo, to Martha
Blitzo/Relationships (25)

It is revealed in "Loo Loo Land" that he keeps her eye in a jar in his office as a memento from her assassination in "Murder Family".

In "Apology Tour", Blitzo visits Martha's new residence in Hell and gives her a basket as a way to apologize for her death, a gift that Martha accepted and he watched fascinated as Martha and Mrs. Mayberry, the client who asked him to kill Martha, became lovers.


Blitzo despises the organization for capturing Moxxie and himself after a mission. He mocks and belittles two of the members during his interrogation. Then, later gleefully joins his teammates in slaughtering several of their agents.

Blitzo/Relationships (2024)
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