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Moxxie normally wouldn't advise drinking this early morning, but he was about to throw that rule out the window. Of all the things he had expected, his boss potentially killing himself was not one of them. Millie was helping a near hysterical-looking Loona calm down with a glass of warm milk. Neither of them had ever seen the Hellhound cry before, but the way she kept begging and pleading to tell them that her father was here made it clear this was serious.

Especially since neither of them had ever heard Loona call Blitzo her father.

Moxxie looked at the letters addressed to him and Millie, as well as the one addressed to Loona. Combined with the Hellhound telling them that Prince Stolas and Princess Octavia had gotten similar letters, there was no denying it.

These were goodbye letters, as in letters left behind by someone who was going to end their life or already had done so. Moxxie prayed it was not the latter and that it was not too late to save Blitzo. He knew Blitzo had issues. They all did. It was f*cking Hell, for crying out loud. Suicides were plenty all around them, but that didn't mean anything if you didn't know the person. It was a selfish thought, but most demons didn't care about each other. And those who did care only for those close to them.

Rereading the letter, Moxxie couldn't help but wince. He had no idea Blitzo felt this way about him. All this time, he was jealous of Moxxie, which baffled the smaller imp. He didn't think there was anything to be envious about him. He wasn't super strong or confident in himself like he wished. He often messed up, and he came from a terrible life with a horrible upbringing. And yet Blitzo, super confident and brazen devil may care boss of a murdering company, was jealous of him.

It was like the world had turned on its head.

"...Please tell me he's not dead..." Loona whimpered as she raised her bloodshot eyes at both of them. "Please tell me he's still alive."

Moxxie and Millie looked at each other in silence. They didn't know what to do. The letters stated that Blitzo said he was already dead by the time they got these, but they didn't want to believe them. Not everyone who attempts suicide goes through with it, or anyone serious sometimes needs hours to get the drive to have it.

Ending one's life wasn't just something you did out of the blue. It was basically going against the primal instinct to survive. There was a difference between depression and despair. To reach that form of hopelessness and self-hatred required you to cross a threshold few were willing to do.

And yet Moxxie couldn't help but feel that Blitzo had finally crossed the line.

"H-How could he do this?" Millie whispered in disbelief. "Why would he do this?! Leave everything behind! Leave us! Or Loona! This...He wouldn't..."

"Something must have happened," Moxxie said as he tried to think about anything related to this behavior change in the last few days. "What could have done it? The only thing he's been doing is..."

It then hit them all. Stolas. The Full Moon. They hadn't seen Blitzo since saving his life from the Cherubs, who were trying to kill him at the time. They just let him go have his fun time with Stolas and assumed everything was going to be okay.

Only something must have happened. Something bad.

"We need to get to Stolas's place now," Loona growled. "If he did anything..."

"We'll worry about it when we get there," Moxxie said, trying to calm the Hellhound down. The last thing they wanted to do was attack a Prince of the Goetia family, who also happened to be the lifeline for their company's method of getting to the human realm.

However, a part of Moxxie felt that there would be some payback if the Prince were responsible in some way. Or are you trying to shift the blame to Stolas and not your failures to practical the only real friend you have?

Moxxie didn't have an answer to that internal part of his consciousness. He didn't think that he and Millie played a role in his boss's possible suicide. It was clear from Loona's facial expressions and actions that she was already blaming herself, and Moxxie would be the first to admit that she could have been a better and more grateful daughter to the man who adopted her. However, was he really going to cut his own mistakes out? Maybe he didn't do too much to hurt Blitzo, but did he do anything to help him? Listen to him? Get to know the real him?

Even though he abused your trust? Spied on you? Put you down constantly? One part of him asked.

Even so, that's no excuse for not wanting to see him unharmed and alive, Moxxie thought back.

Suddenly, the company phone rang. Moxxie sighed and went to pick it up. "Sorry, but due to an emergency, I.M.P. is not-"

"Is my brother there?!" A familiar voice cried out on the other end.

"Brother? Wait a minute." Moxxie recognized the voice. "Aren't you Blitz's sister, Barbie Wire?"

"Yes! Listen! I got a letter from my brother, and I think-"

"sh*t," Moxxie cursed while gritting his teeth. "We got one too. Me, my wife, and his daughter."

"...Blitz has a daughter?" Barbie Wire whispered in shock as if the wind had just left her. "I never...knew that..."

"... I guess there isn't a lot you know about Blitz," Moxxie sighed heavily. "Look, do you have any idea where he could be?"

"No! I don't know! Look, whatever issues I have with my brother, I don't care anymore! I just want him to stop him from killing himself!"

"Okay, look, it may have something to do with Prince Stolas's. Blitz's lover and-"


"Ugh! Listen! Worry about your brother's life after we save it! Just meet us at Prince Stolas's palace! Okay?!"

"O-Okay! I'll be there!"

Moxxie hung up the phone and turned to the girls. "Okay, enough of us sitting around. We're going to Prince Stolas's place to get answers now."

The girls nodded, and Moxxie set up a taxi to pick them up. Prince Stolas better have answers for them.

Or he would see what a son of Don Crimson could do when pushed to his limit.

Farewell Blitzo - Chapter 8 - TalosLives (2024)
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