Garbage and Recycling | Township of Huron-Kinloss (2024)

In Huron-Kinloss we do our best to provide good service and be kind to the environment. We are always looking for new ways to improve our waste management. For detailed information on our Household Services, Landfill Sites and Yard Waste Depots, Recycling and Composting Options, and Hazardous Waste Disposal see below.

Household Services

The following services are available to all households in the Township of Huron-Kinloss.

Garbage Collection Service

Bruce Area Solid Waste Recycling (BASWR) collects household garbage in Huron-Kinloss Township on a weekly basis. See section details and map below.

Garbage should be at the curb by 8:00 a.m. Each bag should be tagged with a Huron-Kinloss bag tag/sticker. A bag should weigh no more than 18 kg (40 lbs.) There is no large item pick-up.

If your garbage is missed, please call them at1-800-794-9770.

Know Your Section

Please check the table below for your collection day. If you are unsure about your area, review the Garbage Pick-Up Map.

SectionDescriptionCollection Day
Section 1Lakeshore South - Ashfield boundary to south side of Pine River Lake Huron shoreline east to and including both sides of Lake Range Drive & Arthur StreetMondays
Section 2Lakeshore North - North of Pine River to Kincardine boundary Lake Huron shoreline east to and including both sides of Lake Range DrTuesdays
Section 3All rural properties east of Lake Range Drive east to Bruce Rd 7 but excluding Bruce Road 7 and Arthur StreetWednesdays
Section 4Bruce Rd 7 and all rural properties east of Bruce Rd 7, excluding Bruce Rd 1, and including Silver Lake Rd.


Section 5Village of RipleyTuesdays
Section 6All rural properties east of Bruce Rd 1 from Grey Ox Avenue north to Southline Ave, and including Grey Ox AveWednesdays
Section 7All rural properties east of Bruce Rd 1 and south of Grey Ox Avenue, including the Village of Lucknow and the Hamlet of WhitechurchThursdays

The garbage pick up schedule will not change except for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Garbage Bag Tags

Huron-Kinloss bag tags will be increasing from $2.50 to $3.00 as of April 1, 2024. Each bag left at the curb must have a Huron-Kinloss bag tag attached. Tags may be purchased at:

  • Amberley General Store
  • Circle K (Lucknow)
  • Esso Gas Station (Lucknow)
  • Lucknow Ultramar
  • Lucknow District Co-operative
  • Municipal Office (Ripley)
  • Pollock Electric (Ripley)
  • Ripley Variety
  • Holyrood General Store
  • Huron Landfill
  • Fogal's Your Independent Grocer (Wingham)
  • Sobey's (Kincardine)
  • Lakemart Esso (Kincardine)
  • Kwik K Variety (Kincardine)
  • Hi-Way Variety (Kincardine)
  • Canadian Tire Gas Bar+ (Kincardine)
  • Kincardine Home Hardware

Blue Box Collection Service

Bruce Area Solid Waste Recycling (BASWR) provides curbside collection for common household recyclable items on a bi-weekly basis for all Huron-Kinloss residents.

To find out your section, click on the Garbage and Recycling Pick-up Map.

Once your know your section, click on the 2024 Blue Box Schedule to download or print. You can also sign up for recycling reminders on the BASWR website.

Click here for details on What Can I Recycle.

Need an additional blue box? Blue boxes may be purchased at the Municipal Office, 21 Queen St, or Huron Landfill site, 2087 Concession 6 E.

For further information see the BASWR website or call at 1-800-794-9770.

Fall Leaf Collection Service

Leaf collection is provided once a year in early November by Township staff. Leaves must be in paper bags and weigh no more than 11 kg (25 lbs). Paper bags are available for purchase at local hardware stores. Bags must be at the curb by 7:00 AM on the scheduled day.

Please check back later for 2024 Leaf Collection dates.

Landfill Sites and Yard Waste Depots

We have two Landfills in the Township of Huron-Kinloss, the Huron Landfill and Kinloss Landfill. See below for specific information on expectations and requirements and what types of waste are accepted at each.

Expectations and Forms

When bringing waste to our landfills, the following things are expected:

  • Proof of residency.Only residents and property owners can use the Landfill sites. You may be asked for proof such as your driver's license or a tax bill. Please bring something with you so you are not turned away.
  • Proof of Source.Only waste from the Township can be taken to the Landfill sites. If you are not a property owner in the Township but are bringing waste from the Township, you will need to fill out aProof of Source formand provide it to the attendant.
  • If you are making regular deposits and would like to have an account, please complete and submit the Landfill Application Form.
  • Respect and Responsibility. The landfill is under the RZone policy which is to promote respect, commitment, and considerate relationships between the Township and the public to foster a safe and positive environment. Please respect our Staff and they will in turn respect you. Thank you.

Huron Landfill

The Huron Landfill is located at 2087 Concession 6 East, Ripley ON, N0G 2R0.

Phone Number: 519-395-3500

Hours of operations: Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays

10 a.m. - 4 p.m., year round.

Accepted Waste & Fees

We take the following itemsfree of charge:

  • Bale wrap
  • Batteries - Single use batteries only under 11lbs, NO car batteries or lead acid batteries.
  • Brush, leaves, branches, and grass and garden clippings
  • Household recyclables including flattened cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, aluminum containers
  • Electronics / E-waste-Don’t forget to wipe your drives before dropping off. 50kg maximum loads. No vacuums or refrigerants.
  • Expanded Polystyrene - rigid, clean - NO flexible foam, food containers, pool noodles, insulation panels, packaging peanuts.
  • Scrap Steel & Appliances - with appropriate CFC tags, if required (CFC tags are required for proof that hazardous Freon/coolant has been removed from refrigerators, air conditioners, de-humidifiers, freezers)
  • Tires

Some things cost a fee to dispose of at the Huron site. Payment types accepted include cash, cheque, and debit. Rates are below.



Minimum Charge, max 90kg load


Domestic Sorted Waste, per tonne


Construction Material / Concrete / Brick, per tonne


Stumps and logs over 6" diameter, per tonne


Unsorted Waste, per tonne


Mattress/Box Spring Disposal (recycled)


Untagged Appliances (refrigerators, air conditioners), per unit


Kinloss Landfill

The Kinloss Landfill is located at 690 Kairshea Ave.

It is open Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., seasonally.

It will be open starting Saturday April 6, 2024 to Saturday October 26, 2024.

Accepted waste:

  • Scrap steel & white goods (any Freon must be removed prior to drop off)
  • brush
  • tires
  • recyclables

All takenfree of charge.

Yard Waste Depots

There are two Yard Waste Depots in the Township of Huron-Kinloss:

  • Huron Yard Waste Depot: just east of the landfill at 2083 Concession 6 E.
  • Lucknow Yard Waste Depot: 907 Havelock St. just south of the soccer fields.

Both sites are open seasonally starting from April 19, 2024 at 10:00am to mid-November, weather dependent. These sites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .

These depots are for:

  • grass, leaves, and garden clippings in paper bags
  • brush
  • small branches under 6"

Contactors loads and large loads of loose leaves should be taken to the Landfill on days that it is open.

Absolutely NO logs or stumps, construction material, household garbage, or plastic bags. Abuse of these facilities may result in the removal of the depots.

Landfill Monitoring Reports

The following annual reports are prepared by contracted engineers and sent to theMinistry of Environment, Conservation & Parks (MECP), per MECP regulation:

  • Huron Landfill Annual Monitoring Report
  • Kinloss Landfill Annual Monitoring Report

Recycling and Composting

In the Township of Huron-Kinloss we have the following options to help you Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle to help create a more sustainable environment.

Cardboard Recycling Depots

There are several recycling depots for flattened cardboard available in our communities and open 24/7. You will find the bins at the following locations:

  • Lucknow Old Firehall, 592 Willoughby Street, Lucknow
  • Lucknow Community Center, 694 Willoughby Street, Lucknow
  • Ripley Public Works Shed, 12 Blake Street, Ripley
  • Point Clark Community Center, 344 Lake Range Drive, Point Clark

Food Composting Solutions

Green Cone Digesters

The Compostec Green Cone works quickly to digest almost all organic waste with minimal effort on your part. It's double walls heat up in the Sun and cycle warmed air to the chamber below which is humid and connected to the surrounding soil which is full of powerful bacteria, famished fungi and very hungry worms. This is the perfect microsystem for the natural processes of digestion, decomposition and dehydration.

Green Cone Digester Facts:

  • manage kitchen food waste including meat-scraps, dairy, oil, and even pet waste
  • does not need stirring or frequent emptying
  • holds in smell
  • squirrel and raccoon proof
  • can handle approximately 10lbs a week with correct usage
  • removes kitchen waste from the landfill reducing household waste by 25-40%
  • delivers compost tea to surrounding soil

Notes: The Green Cone Digester does need to be placed in a sunny spot. It will slow down digestion in winter months.

Click here for more information Green Cone Digesters.

Green Cones are available for purchase for only $54.60 + tax and are available at the Township office in Ripley or the Huron Landfill.

FoodCycler™ Pilot Project

The Township of Huron-Kinloss participated in the Municipal Innovation Council’s Pilot Project in partnership with Canadian company Food Cycle Science Corporation, to offer an innovative food composting solution in the form of FoodCycler™ units.

The partnership allowed 130 residents of Huron-Kinloss the opportunity to participate in an on-site food waste diversion solution to reduce the amount of organic waste headed to the landfill. Interested residents purchased their units at a subsidized cost and agreed to track use of their FoodCycler™ unit for a 12 week trial period from May - August 2023 and complete a survey of their experience. See the Municipal Resident Guide for comprehensive details on the project.

What is a FoodCycler unit?

The FoodCycler™ is a closed-loop indoor compost alternative, which speeds up the natural decomposition process through aerobic digestion of waste. The unit dries and grinds food waste into a dry, odourless, nutrient-dense by-product that is significantly reduced in weight and volume from its unprocessed state. The end product is free from bacteria, and weed seeds and food-borne pathogens are eliminated in the process.

Benefits of the FoodCycler™

  • Up to 90% volume reduction
  • Quiet, compact, odourless operation
  • Easy to clean, easy to operate, no special training or skills required
  • Quick (compared to composting, the FoodCycler™ processes food waste in hours, instead of months)
  • Produces a valuable soil amendment, low in odour and less attractive to wildlife
  • Reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) impact vs landfill

Results of the Food Cycler Pilot Project

The Food Cycler Pilot Project had impressive results! All 130 available units were sold to Huron-Kinloss residents. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Average of 3.7 cycles run/week = 11.7lbs of food/household = approximately 277kg/year/household diverted from landfill
  • Residents generated 0.42 fewer garbage bags/week = 21.8 bags/year
  • Recommended by 89% of users

Click here for the Full FoodCycler Pilot Survey Results.

Recycling Programs Available at our Landfills

The following recycling programs are available at the Huron Landfill site at 2087 Concession 6 E open Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Bale Wrap

Loose bale wrap will be collected, compacted, and recycled off site.

Note to large-scale farms that recycle more than 1 tonne of bale wrap/year, you may be able to have a compactor on your own site. See Cleanfarms for more information.

Note: The Huron Landfill participated in the Cleanfarms Agricultural Plastics Recovery pilot project and has collected and diverted 4,632.5 kg of plastics from the landfill since 2021. The pilot program funding is expiring at the end of March, 2024. As a result, the Huron Landfill will no longer be able to collect baler twine, bunker cover, or silage bags after March 16th, 2024.


Single-use batteries only. No car batteries or lead acid batteries ie. lawn mower, boat.

Household Recyclables

Bins are available for common household recyclables including:

  • aluminum and steel containers (no pie plate, tin foil etc)
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastics
  • newspaper
  • flat cardboard and boxboard

See link for detailed list of what is accepted and what isn't

E-Waste - Electric and Electronic Recycling

You can dispose of electric and electronic products at no charge. We have an expanded list of items which basically includes anything with a cord. Click here for the full list. Don't forget to wipe your drives, clear your SIM cards, and protect your privacy!

Mattresses & Box Springs

Mattresses and box springs are taken for a fee and shipped off site for recycling.


A shipping container is available for clean, dry expanded polystyrene. This is taken free of charge. Please see link for details and conditions.

Scrap Steel & Appliances

We recycle any scrap steel including appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers are required to have CFC tags for proof that hazardous Freon/coolant has been removed. Glass shelving is to be removed and placed in the pit.


All tires are accepted for recycling except large tractor tires.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste is a waste with properties that make it dangerous or capable of having a harmful effect on human health. Hazardous waste is diverse in forms and can be liquids, solids, or contained gases. Residents are encouraged to remove hazardous waste materials from their homes, garages, and basem*nts and dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner.

We are supported by Bruce County in the collection of Hazardous Waste. Click below to find the full list of locations and dates that this service is available and which materials are accepted.

2024 Hazardous Waste Event Schedule

Hazardous Waste Accepted Materials

Garbage and Recycling | Township of Huron-Kinloss (2024)
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