Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding Recipe (2024)

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Along with pound cake, bread pudding is a dessert I grew up eating. I think of it as an “old school,” old-fashioned dessert—one that I dearly loved—and today I want to share my gluten-free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding recipe with you.

Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding Recipe (1)

Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding

One of my grandmothers made great bread pudding. It was one of the few things she was still making “from scratch” when I was growing up.

My mom’s bread pudding was very similar to that made by my dad’s mother—both in taste and quality. Of course, I learned from both of them and made bread pudding the same way—using stale bread and saved ends of bread and throwing it all together with a few eggs, spices, and milk.

To be clear, there was never a recipe. You sort of eyeballed how much bread you had once you crumbled it in a bowl, covered it with milk, added some eggs, and went onfrom there.

This method actually worked pretty well, but you were never 100% sureyour bread puddingwould be a success until you had your first bite.

Then one day a goodfriend of mine, Denise, brought her bread pudding into work for a luncheon. It was truly wonderful!

It had a rich custard flavor, but wasn’t heavy in any way, and the cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla made both the smell and taste lovely. Best of all,Denise had an actual recipe … with measurements.

What a concept! LOL

With her recipe, I and anyone else could re-create delicious bread pudding again and again—with no moments of uncertainty. I passed the recipe on to my mom and she’s also been enjoying using itfor many years now.

Yes, Denise’s bread pudding recipe guarantees success every time.Incidentally, Denise also made a scrumptious pound cake. That recipe she would not share. Not yet anyway!

She made her pound cakes for everyone during the holidays. As you can imagine, nobody complained about the lack of the actual recipe when they had that gift in hand!

Of course, going gluten free made me push the bread puddingrecipe card to the back of the box. But, when I had some leftover gluten-free challah bread from a vendor’s donation to our support group, I thought it was time to pull out the recipe again. (Using homemade gluten-free challah also works of course.)

I’m very happy to report that Denise’s bread pudding recipe worked just as beautifully with gluten-free bread!

Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding Recipe (2)

So start saving your stale bread and look forward to a delightful dessert. This gluten-free Bread Pudding makes a very nice breakfast, too.

Although bread pudding is often served with distinctive sauces like lemon, vanilla, caramel, and even whiskey, I grew up enjoying it with a little milk poured over it. (We actuallydid that for any type of pudding at my house–yum!) This time, I enjoyed my bread pudding with a drizzle of honey mixed with some vanilla.

Incidentally,Mr. GFE is not a big fan of bread pudding … unless I add some raisins, then he’ll enjoy a bowl or two. I added a small amount of raisins to part of the bread pudding mix left in the bowl to allow one section of the pan just for him. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos that really show the raisins.

By the way, the bowl in the photos is from my grandmother’s china.Even with cracks and chips, it gives me suchjoy to use it.

Spooning my gluten-free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding out of this bowl, I can almost imagine myselfback at Grandma’s table. And that’s a delight, because she’s been gone many years.

But I’m happy to say that I can still see the twinkle in her eyes and hear her voice, especially her laugh when she was truly tickled by something.

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Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding Recipe

Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding Recipe (3)

Yield: 12 servings

Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding (Gluten Free, Dairy Free--If You Wish)

Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding Recipe (4)

Remember Grandma's Bread Pudding? You can still enjoy it even after going gluten free! You can often even use that loaf of gluten-free bread that wasn't quite your favorite or the loaf you made that didn't come out absolutely perfect.

Prep Time10 minutes

Cook Time45 minutes

Total Time55 minutes



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Grease 9 x 13 baking dish.
  3. In large bowl, mix eggs, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract.
  4. Add bread and raisins (if used) to mixture.
  5. Pour milk into saucepan. Fill milk can halfway with water; add to saucepan with water. Heat milk and water over medium heat until warm, not hot.
  6. Add milk and water mix to other ingredients in bowl. Let sit 5 minutes.
  7. Pour into baking pan and bake for 45 minutes. Serve warm or cold, topped with milk or any sauce of your choice.


Any leftover bread, muffins, waffles, and such, should work in this recipe. Even the results of failed recipes for such “bread” products could potentially be used. If you only have a small amount at any given time, just stockpile them in a container in the freezer until you have 4 cups worth.

You can substitute for the evaporated milk. If using full-fat coconut milk, you can use the full can, which is generally about 14 ounces, but be sure to use only ½ cup of water in that case. Regular, whole, or 2% milk can also be used, but the resulting bread pudding won't be quite as "rich" as when made with evaporated milk or coconut milk.

Coconut sugar or palm sugar can easily be substituted for the granulated sugar for an even richer taste that's lower glycemic.

Adapted from a recipe from my friend, Denise

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Originally published March 12, 2010; updated September 23, 2022.

Gluten-Free Old-Fashioned Bread Pudding Recipe (2024)


What makes gluten free bread stretchy? ›

The binders used to make gf bread "sticky" and "stretchy" like xanthan gum and psyllium husk powder, need time and agitation to work properly. Once water is added to either binder they will get sticky to the touch immediately. Over time psyllium husk will also thicken into a gel of sorts.

Why is my homemade gluten free bread dry? ›

Dry, crumbly loaf- you may need more liquid (see above), fat or binder. Gluten free bread dough needs more fat than wheat bread dough whether it's oil, butter or something else. So if your bread is dry, simply add more fat to get a better crumb.

Why is my bread pudding so watery? ›

Only Cover The Bread Pudding In Oven For Some Of The Time

If you take it out too soon, you'll be left with a mushy and wet middle that hasn't been given the time it needs in the oven to set, but with a super crispy top -- not ideal, to say the least.

Why does my bread pudding fall after bringing out of the oven? ›

Not allowing it to rest after baking

It is usual for bread pudding to somewhat collapse when it goes from the oven to the room temperature air, but you surely don't want to further contribute to it becoming flat. Therefore, don't dish it out too quickly.

What is the trick to making good gluten-free bread? ›

Use a gluten-free flour blend that is specifically designed for bread baking. This blend will typically contain a variety of flours, such as rice flour, tapioca flour, and potato starch, as well as gums and starches that help to bind the dough and give it structure. Add psyllium husk powder to the dough.

Which yeast is best for gluten-free bread? ›

What type of yeast should be used to bake Gluten Free Bread? Active dry yeast and instant yeast both work well and are often interchangeable. Be on the lookout for any Rapid Rise yeast that is best for one rise. For most of us that's the way gluten free bread is baked, a single rise in the tin.

What is the biggest challenge of making gluten free bread? ›

One of the challenges is that when gluten-free dough is thickened with additives like starches and gums, it becomes sticky. Some bakers dust sticky dough with flour, but that's problematic with gluten-free formulations.

Why is gluten free flour not good for bread making? ›

These breads take longer to bake because the gums and fiber in Gluten-Free Bread Flour hold onto water more than gluten (which is typical of gluten-free flour), so they take longer to fully bake and “dry out.”

What is the best gluten free flour for yeast baking? ›

If you want to buy just one gluten-free flour, we highly recommend the Pillsbury all-purpose gluten-free flour. Not only is it our favorite gluten-free flour, and easy to use in gluten-free recipes, but it's also one of the few gluten-free flours currently on the market that is recommended for baking with yeast.

How do I know when bread pudding is done? ›

Bake about 1 hour or until toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Another way to judge whether the pudding is fully baked, is to gently press down on the center of the pudding. If any custard comes up to the top, the pudding needs to be baked a little longer.

Should bread pudding be wet in the middle? ›

One major problem that you may have come across is bread pudding that is just too wet. A good bread pudding needs to be moist -- it is made from custard, after all -- but it should not be anywhere close to runny.

Why did my bread pudding come out eggy? ›

You are probably cooking your egg dishes too hot for too long. Eggs contain a lot of water and also chains of proteins; if you could see them, the proteins would be coiled like little springs.

Should I cover my bread pudding when baking? ›

Masterclass recommends covering your bread pudding with aluminum foil to protect the top from burning and removing it about 15 minutes before the end of the baking time so that the top can become appropriately crispy.

How wet should my bread pudding be? ›

Let's get one thing straight right from the start though: bread pudding shouldn't be soggy. The top should be golden and firm (mine has a nice slightly crunchy texture from turbinado sugar) and the remainder should be moist, soft, and slightly springy.

How long can bread pudding sit out after baking? ›

Can bread pudding sit out overnight? Do not let your bread pudding sit out at room temperature for more than 2 hours after it has been baked. You should make sure you eat it within 4 days.

How do you make gluten free bread more elastic? ›

Made from modified tapioca starch, Expandex adds wheat-like texture to gluten-free bread and also improves the crumb, elasticity, texture, taste, and shelf-life. It can be added directly to your dry ingredients or you can use a mix like in gluten-free honey buckwheat English muffins.

How do you make gluten-free flour more elastic? ›

The sticky effect created by gluten can be simulated to a certain extent by adding gums, such as guar gum or xanthan gum. These gums are only added to recipes in small amounts (such as 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per cup of flour) and are already included in many commercial gluten-free flour mixes.

What ingredient makes bread stretchy? ›

Combine gluten and water, and a network of long, unorganized, knotted gluten strings will form. Kneading aligns these strings, creating a dough you might be able to stretch so thin you can almost see through it. The more gluten, the more elastic, stretchy and strong the dough will be.

Does xanthan gum help gluten free bread rise? ›

Without xanthan gum in a gluten-free bread or cake recipe for instance, the dough or batter would be dry and crumbly and would not rise, despite the presence of a leavening agent.

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