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Gates of Heaven are shown and opens up to Cherub Town; Cletus introduces Cletus who narrates to the commercial welcoming them to Heaven and they must have done something good to go there and good people deserve to give special blessings.

"OH f*ck no... This was annoying to watch the first time..." Blitzo groaned with his employees as Emily's eyes brightened up as Charlie looked interested.

"It's the CHERUB commercial... The previous one at least... Before main ones got fired..." Emily said before sighing sadly as Charlie batted an eye.

"Fired?" Vaggie questioned as some eyes were on Sera.

"They messed up an assignment in which they were trying to convince a man not to kill himself but got him killed instead." Sera explained with a sad sigh as IMP stayed quiet.

"I though angels don't make mistakes..." Vaggie couldn't help but put in as Sera sighed and Lucifer and Blitzo snickered.

"Wow... If 3 angels screwed up that badly... I could only wish that I saw that..." Lucifer then said.

Censored deaths are shown and the CHERUB sing about loved ones having to die as it pans on a hanged man's face turning blue.

"Wow... That's a lot..." muttered out Charlie unnerved as Emily had to agree with her on that.

They sing about making them feel alive so they can make them thrive and says that htey will save people from dying violently and Collin gets the short end of the stick in the clips; they will spread the love without asking for a fee and they will bless a soul for them.

"Poor sheep Cherub..." Charlie then muttered out and then smiled. "But still... CHERUB sounds like a nice organisation; those in Heaven wanting to look out for their living loved ones." Charlie then said as Emily nodded enthusiastically.

"It is! I always supported the idea of it and encouraged the residents of Heaven to seek them out. Was saddened to hear that such a failure occurred as I did like the three..." Emily said with a smile and then sighed.

"Why are we watching this anyway?" Vaggie ended up asking as they shrugged; maybe an episode set in Heaven...

It's shown that it was playing on a TV in the IMP office that Blitzo shoots and has Moxxie put up another one.

"Yeah; that's fun..." Blitzo laughed as Vaggie, Sera and Octavia rolled their eyes.

"Splendid back to you and this must be the Heaven pirating TV that was explained earlier..." Sera asked sarcastically and they nodded. "I wonder what you all were up to this time... Just know that I am going to regret it..." Sera sighed to herself with Emily frowning along with Charlie as much as they both didn't want to think ill of them...

He has him change it from the news to a Betty Boop styled cartoon and then to Wally Wackford recruiting those looking for work coming up with crazy contraptions and goofy gadgets and to come to Waly Wackford's Wacky Idea Factory where they make the things and he makes the money. He then pleads that he is very desperate.l

"Wasn't that demon at the amusem*nt park?" Emily ended up asking recognising him and IMP nodded.

"At least he is honest about his desperateness..." Octavia then said.

Blitzo shoots it and then ground starts shaking; Blitzo asks if it's possible and Millie tells him not to panic after he asks if it's possible and he retorts that he isn't because Hellshakes don't happen.

"They don't happen and I wasn't being hysterical..." Moxxie sighed before gasping in panic as eyes were on them. "I remember what this must be... We might be in trouble..." Moxxie whispered as they thought about it and their eyes widened.

"Oh no... The angel bitch is gonna be up our asses again..." groaned Blitzo as IMP wasn't being noticed as they wondered what was causing the ground to shake.

"I don't remember anything shaking the ground in the Pride Ring..." Charlie then said as Lucifer then smirked.

"I remember the whole of Hell shaking when you were conceived..." Lucifer then said as tall of their eyes widened at that.

"DAD!" screamed Charlie as Lucifer got looks.

Loona yells at him not to be hysterical and throws him into the wall and a ball of robotic tentacles breaks through it and Loopty Goopty comes through.

Loona grumbled an apology to Moxxie as Charlie gave her a look as eyes were on Loopty.

"Who is that who looks like a generic supervillain with Doc Ock arms?" Emily ended up asking as they stared at him.

Blitzo asks if he has the insurance thing and Loopty introduces himself with Loona saying that he could have used the door and he retorts that he is eccentric and must do eccentric sh*t.

"An explanation and a stupid one... Too many times we had to replace the wall at the Hotel..." Vaggie muttered out as Loona and Blitzo gave her looks as if to say that they heard her.

"Yeah... If it wasn't for the family wealth; the hotel's finances would have been in worse shape than they ever were..." Charlie admitted with a sigh.

Blitzo asks if he just died and Loopty said moments ago; Loona brings up the front door and gets angered when Loopty calls her a furry.

"Was a reasonable question and he acts like that..." Charlie muttered out as Octavia's eyes widened.

"Hang on... He said that he died moments ago and yet he knows he is in Hell and knew about IMP's business..." Octavia asked as they were confused about it.

"Is there some sort of process to let you know before you are dumped there?" Loona asked as they weren't sure.

"I don't know... I ended up at the gates to Heaven after I died..." Vaggie then said as Blitzo then looked at her.

"What? I thoguht you were a f*cking Excorcist..." Blitzo asked as Vaggie folded up her arms.

"I was sent to Heaven and I signed up with the Excorcists or rather... Heaven's army to combat demonic activity rising up as they are advertised to Heaven's public considering they don't know about the Exterminations." Vaggie clarified to Blitzo as they took that in.

"Well... f*ck you bitch." Blitzo then said as Vaggie glared at him and Charlie ended up glared at him with her horns out.

"I am just disappointed that you couldn't think of a better retort sir..." groaned Moxxie shaking his head.

Loopty brings up a photo of Lyle Lipton for them to kill and Blitzo is impressed and introduces himself with Loopty confused about the silent 'O'.

"He didn't look like he could have done anything to him recently for him to be sent to Hell..." Stola asked as IMP were not looking forward to that.

Moxxie yells for help and Loopty gets asked why they are killing him; Loopty explains that he was his business partner.

"Come on... Not even his wife is noticing him like that..." Charlie yelled out and Moxxie looked touched by the concern as Millie took his arm.

"I made sure he was alright when we fished him out of there..." Millie then explained as Moxxie smiled.

Loopty explains that they ran Lyle-Loopty Robotics; earlier the day they were creating a machine to stop or reverse the aging process which could have saved all 3 trillionaires; they neglected to test the machine on the poor as they usually did and went in not noticing that the machine was set to old and when they got out Loopty had aged himself to a state where he was killed by a heart attack.

"Wow; the world would have been better off if they both died..." Vaggie stated as Charlie frowned.

"I know there are horrible people up there on Earth who does horrible things in the name of profit but to see..." Charlie muttered as Sera was pondering something.

"Lyle Lipton... But that was..." Sera muttered out as he her eyes widened as she glared at IMP who whistled innocently. "I can't say that I am surprised at this point..." Sera said gritting her teeth as there were looks of confusion.

"Sera; what's wrong?" Emily asked as Sera was shaking her head.

"While the business and ethical practices of Mr Lipton was terrible; his technology did help people who made it to Heaven and so CHERUB was to bless him and... Guess who the 3 Cherubs were supposed to save but got killed?" Sera then explained as they took this in.

"Ah here we go... Was worth a try at keeping quiet about it..." Moxxie groaned.

"So you have gotten on Heaven's radar; oh that talk we will have... You are so gonna..." Lucifer ranted at them which made them gulp.

"Hold on... I looked at that report and it didn't say anything about any demons involved..." Emily brought up as Sera frowned confused at that was well.

"I bet they somehow covered their tracks..." Vaggie then said shaking her head.

Was seen Lipton getting medical treatment while Loopty's body was put into a bag; to run their company alone and make all the money to become a 4th trillionaire with all the credit. Moxxie continues to complain and Loopty wants them to send Lipton to Hell; Blitzo points out that he would be stuck with him and Loopty is counting on it showing his weapons which Moxxie finds kind of hot.

"Yeah it was Mox..." Blitzo grinned in agreement with Moxxie as Stolas looked confused.

"Why were you asking him that Blitzy? Why was this any different to most of your clients that their targets might be stuck with them if they end up in Hell?" Stolas ended up asking as Blitzo pondered.

"I don't know Stolas; I guess I was just lost in the moment..." Blitzo then shrugged.

IMP are on a bus tour in disguises in front of Lipton's mansion and they get in with their weapons with the tour guide thinking they are murderous stalkers which happens to famous people all the time.

"He didn't even bat an eye..." asked Sera as Loona looked at him.

"I was kind of impressed that you bothered to disguise yourselves..." Loona then said as Blitzo grinned.

"Even if they are sh*tty..." Vaggie put in.

They then look at him through the window at his bed looking at a framed photo a free stock photo of money that he kisses and calls his one true love.

"With that any empathy or sympathy for him dies." Vaggie then said as Charlie looked at him.

"But he had his life cut short after just being in his prime." Charlie told her as Vaggie looked her straight in the eye.

"After making untold billions testing machines on poor people; trust me Charlie, he doesn't deserve anything but small pity." Vaggie told her as Charlie sighed unable to argue with that.

With the cord of his medical liquid he fashions a noose since he is too old to do anything with value with Blitzo excited about him doing their job for them.

"Yeah we get paid anyhow; the clients just needs to know that the target is dead and don't really care about how or why. We would have gotten paid for nothing..." Blitzo smirked as Emily and Charlie cringed at what he was about to do.

They watch with snacks but the noose turns bright and explodes sending IMP back.

Lipton looks up and sees CHERUB descending and he thinks that he is being haunted by ugly orphan children and Moxxie points out who they are.

"So it was you that caused them to get fired and banished..." Emily said to IMP judgementally as Blitzo groaned.

"They weren't that much better than us... Trying to save the life of a sh*tty old man... I bet there are plenty of people on Earth that celebrated his death... One less evil billionaire for them to worry about..." Blitzo retorts as Emily just kept her look on them.

CHERUB tells Lipton that they are there to convince him not to kill himself on behalf of those that benefitted from his technological advances.

"So did Heaven want him to keep living so he could possibly invent more stuff to test on the poor?" Blitzo asked as Sera just glared his way.

Blitzo says hell no and gets his gun to go through the window with Moxxie going through the door saying to continue doing what he was doing, Millie goes through asking what he expects to do with his money now that he's old and gross.

"I have a question... Did it ever come up for him to try and use his machine on himself?" Vaggie ended up asking as they thought about it.

"I think his company had locked it away after what happened to him..." Loona said trying to remember what Loopty said after it had cut off after Moxxie's comment.

Keenie says he could spread his wealth around and feel good about it and Lipton says no to that.

"Yeah the little angel bitches don't know about evil billionaires and what they thought about spreading their cash..." Millie said rolling her eyes along with her husband.

"Well; it was a suggestion at least..." Charlie said.

Collin suggests that he builds new hospitals and schools and Lipton just wants to die with Moxxie showing off his weapons to help off Lipton in regards to Blitzo asks what he has. Collin says that he is classier than that and then Lipton points a gun to his chin which Collin takes away.

"While I have seen that you are not as bad as your boss; I am now reminded that this and the fact that you had little problem with killing that human child still shows that you are still an evil demon... Albeit one with more morals than your compatriots." Sera said towards Moxxie and even Charlie had to mentally admit her point but Moxxie didn't look bothered.

Collin says that they are plenty of reasons for him to live and Millie barfs after saying that it smells like he hadn't been out of bed for months.

They looked grossed out and Millie was ready to gag at the reminder of it.

CHERUB says that they will show him that life can be beautiful at any age to which IMP protests.

CHERUB shows Lipton in his bed the beautiful nature and Blitzo insults him as he appears in a literal cat suit and Millie says to kiss their ass calling Keenie a prude when she protests in her own catsuit.

Millie high fived her co=workers as Sera glared at them.

"Why were you dressed up as cats?" Emily asked as IMP shrugged.

Blitzo gives him binoculars to watch rabbits eaten by wolves with a bear coming in making Lipton want to die more with more horrific death coming.

Charlie, Vaggie and Sera were put off while Emily was outright screaming as Sera covered her eyes. "I can't unsee it... Why must nature be so cruel in the human world..." cred out Emily as Charlie just looked away.

Cletus nervously wants them to check out some place else as MIllie and Moxxie fist bumps.

"Proud of yourselves; were you?" Sera asked as Millie and Moxxie just smirked her way.

"Well we do live in the Pride Ring." Millie answered as Lucifer snickered at the joke to which Sera rolled her eyes.

"Do I even want to know what happens between this and Mr Lipton's death?" Sera asked sighing.

"Hold on... Did the Cherubs not even react to the presence of the demons..." Emily ended up asking as they took that in.

"Yeah; was weird that they didn't react to us showing up... Just knew that we were demons from Hell..." Moxxie said thinking about it.

Reacting to Hellaverse - Chapter 15 - Cornholio4 (2024)
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