Unlock Creativity: CapCut AI Templates for Inspired Video Editing (2024)

Are you stuck finding the perfect spark for your next video masterpiece? Use CapCut AI templates to overcome creative blocks and transform your video editing. Whether you're a social media enthusiast looking to up your TikTok game or a budding filmmaker with big dreams. CapCut AI templates are your secret weapon. Let's dive in to learn more.

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  1. 1What is a CapCut AI template
  2. 2How to use CapCut AI templates on a PC
  3. 3How to use CapCut AI templates on your phone
  4. 4How to use CapCut AI templates online
  5. 5Make your videos with the CapCut desktop video editor
  6. 6Conclusion
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What is a CapCut AI template

A CapCut AI template is a pre-designed video template that uses artificial intelligence to simplify your video editing process. These templates offer a variety of styles, effects, and transitions customized to specific themes or trends. They are editable, and you can easily insert your footage, which the AI will automatically adapt to fit the design. This saves time and effort for your video production.

When using CapCut, you can access 100+ preset AI templates for all your video creation needs. It has templates for advertising, announcements, make-up shows, sharing outfits, food, etc. Each template has a unique design, including orientation for mobile and desktop. That way, you can make videos with standard aspect ratios for TikTok 9:16, YouTube 16:9, etc., hassle-free.

Even better, CapCut is a cross-platform multimedia editor with PC, mobile, and web versions. The CapCut PC software program is designed for professional video editing, while the web and mobile offer on-the-go editing tools. Read on and learn how to use CapCut AI templates on different devices:

How to use CapCut AI templates on a PC

The CapCut desktop video editor is a free, all-in-one editor with powerful editing tools and features for both beginners and experienced video editors. Click the following link to download it on a Windows or Mac computer. Proceed and follow the steps below to use CapCut AI templates:

Download for free

  1. Import video and search for AI templates
  2. If you have an existing video to which you want to add AI templates, first import it to CapCut's editing interface. You can instantly drag-drop a video into the timeline or click "Import" to browse your device's local files. Alternatively, you can use files from your CapCut spaces.
  3. If you are starting from scratch or have already added a video to the CapCut PC timeline, click "Templates" on the top left-side panel. This will give you access to CapCut's preset templates and you can filter your options by typing "AI" into the search bar. Scroll until you find a template design that matches your requirements. Click on it and add it to the timeline. Right-click on the video timeline to edit the template and replace the clip with a personalized video. You can replace the entire template or sections of the template. Also, you can crop, trim, or hide the template video.

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  5. Step
  6. Edit video
  7. Click on the "video timeline" to access CapCut's editing features and media resources. Just above the timeline are the essential video editing features. These include resize, split, freeze, rotate, reverse, and flip. You can also right-click the timeline track for more editing options, like split scenes. On the left panel, you have all of CapCut's free media resources to enrich your content. You can find stock music under "Audio", text effects, and templates under "Text", video effects, transitions, and filters. The right panel hosts all advanced AI editing tools for professional video editing. These include a stabilizer, flicker removal, auto reframe, animations, noise reduction, speed curves, color adjustments, relight, motion blur, etc.

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  9. Step
  10. Export and share

Once your video edits are satisfactory, click "Export". This allows you to select the destination to save the video, add a title, and set video exporting options. These include resolution up to 4K, frame rate, codec, bit rate, and format (MP4 or MOV). Click "Export" to finish saving the video and redirect it to the quick sharing window.

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Fortunately, you don't have to exit the CapCut desktop video editor to share a video on YouTube or TikTok. CapCut offers effortless video sharing through its integration with both platforms. For example, click the "TikTok" tab, add a video title, change the visibility, and allow comments, duets, and stitches. Also, remember to set the correct aspect ratio of 9:16 and run a copyright check free of charge. Click "Share" to finish posting the video instantly.

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How to use CapCut AI templates on your phone

Another way to leverage CapCut AI templates is through its mobile editor for iOS and Android. It is feature-packed and easy to use as follows:

  1. Enter the CapCut mobile app
  2. Open your App Store on your iPhone or go to the Google Play Store if you use an Android smartphone to download the CapCut mobile app. Install, launch it, and sign up/in to get started.
  3. Step
  4. Find and use a CapCut AI template
  5. The easiest way to find a CapCut AI template is through your TikTok app. You can either search or scroll your FYP for a video with the sticker labeled "CapCut • Try this template". Click the sticker and then click "Use template in CapCut". This will redirect you to the CapCut mobile video editor app. Click "Use template" and select your videos from your gallery. Click "Next" and wait for it to load the effects and open the editing window. Press and hold on to a clip to adjust or reorder.
  6. Step
  7. Export and share

When you're done reshuffling the clips, click "Add sound in TikTok". This will automatically export and post the video directly on your TikTok account. After the TikTok exportation process, your video will be ready to share. You can share it on Instagram, IG Stories, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other platforms.

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How to use CapCut AI templates online

If you want to use CapCut AI templates without installing any app, then the CapCut online video editor is your perfect companion. You can use it as follows:

  1. Visit CapCut online video editor
  2. Type "capcut.com" on your web browser to access the CapCut web video editor. It works flawlessly on any browser, including Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, etc.
  3. Step
  4. Pick your AI template
  5. On the first page, click "Templates" in the left panel to see all of CapCut's free templates. At the top search bar, type "AI" and search. This will leave you with AI CapCut templates only. Click on one of the designs that suits you best to select it.

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  7. Step
  8. Use the template and edit it
  9. A new popup window will appear, displaying more information about the selected AI template. This includes the template title, number of clips, duration, uses, text, and aspect ratio. Moreover, you will see details about whether the template is viable for commercial use. Click "Use this template" to open the editing interface.

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  11. You can now edit the template to meet your needs. At the bottom of the editor, click "Batch replace" to quickly replace all the clips in that template. Alternatively, click on each clip individually to replace that specific clip with your own footage. After you replace the clips, click on the new clip to edit it. You will see options for cropping and trimming, as well as replacement, hide, and resume. On the right panel, you can replace the text on the template and even change the background.

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  13. Step
  14. Export and share

Click "Export" after all your edits are done. You'll see options to share the video for review and as a presentation. There are also quick-sharing options for social media channels like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. If you don't want to post instantly, use the schedule option. And if you want to save the video, click "Download".

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Make your videos with the CapCut desktop video editor

Do you know that CapCut offers more than just AI templates? As a professional-grade video editor, CapCut PC has all the features needed to make studio-quality videos. Here's why?

  • AI-powered video dubbing: You can replace a video's original audio with AI-generated voices in different languages or styles. This simplifies localization, allowing natural-sounding voiceovers to add creative flair to your content.
  • Create personalized stickers using AI: Using simple prompts, CapCut lets you generate unique stickers to personalize your videos and increase engagement. For example, you have stickers for vlogs, journals, emojis, summer, weddings, etc.
  • AI text templates for diverse needs: You can create custom text templates for your videos by entering the text and describing the desired effect. This is ideal for adding captivating video titles and subtitles.
  • Generate AI characters for narrated videos: Make outstanding content by incorporating an AI character to replace and mimic your video actors. This feature is perfect for adding a visual appeal to your footage and when making funny videos.
  • Various interesting voice changers: Experiment with various voice-changing effects to modify your voice in fun and creative ways. CapCut PC has voice filters like tremble, deep, sweet, echo, etc., to enhance the entertainment value of your videos.


In conclusion, mastering video editing with AI CapCut templates simplifies editing. You can effortlessly create professional-looking videos that resonate with your audience. CapCut AI templates offer you a starting point, and you can personalize them and experiment with different combinations. They're easy to use, allowing batch replacement or individual clip replacement. Moreover, you can edit the text and remove the background to fully customize a template. So, go forth and create outstanding content. Let your imagination run wild with AI CapCut templates!


  1. Are AI Manga CapCut templates free to use?
  2. Yes. You can use AI avatar CapCut templates free of charge. Simply enter the description of your AI manga on the CapCut desktop video editor and generate an AI manga for free. Moreover, you have the option to adjust the styles (general or anime) and choose the perfect aspect ratios. Once done, CapCut presents you with up to four drafts so that you can pick the most impressive one. The best part is you also have all the basic, advanced, and AI tools to edit and refine your AI-generated manga templates. Try it today!
  3. Will using AI CapCut templates make my videos look generic?
  4. Not really. However, there is a possibility that overusing AI templates or relying solely on them could lead to a generic look in your videos. This is because some AI templates use similar styles and effects, are trend-driven designs, or have limited customization. To avoid generic-looking videos, you should take time to personalize your templates and combine multiple designs. Alternatively, you should try to rely on AI templates for inspiration only or try creating your own. Download the CapCut desktop video editor now and experience it yourself!
  5. What video types can I create with CapCut AI templates?
  6. CapCut AI templates offer a wide range of possibilities for video creation, catering to various styles and purposes. For example, you can create vlogs, social media content,personal videos, marketing and promotional videos, educational and informative clips, etc. The possibilities of using AI CapCut templates are endless. They are limited only by your imagination and creativity. Check it out!
  7. Are there any limitations to using AI avatar CapCut templates?
  8. Yes. While AI avatar CapCut templates offer a convenient way to create engaging videos, they come with limitations. These include restricted customization options, reliance on pre-existing assets, and the potential for lower-quality or less realistic avatars. These factors can hinder your creative freedom and may not always deliver the most polished results. However, AI avatar templates remain a valuable tool for creating accessible and engaging content. You should try it yourself!
Unlock Creativity: CapCut AI Templates for Inspired Video Editing (2024)
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