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On February 25, 2009 aFamily Matterswas filedinvolving a dispute betweenandfor DISSOLUTIONin the District Court of Montgomery County.



onc. copy Redacted by Clerk of Court ecitthcmneyOBLIGOROBLIGEE ; ’SEA FILEDDOMESTIC RELATIONS COURT200 OCT -1 A 8: 41GREGORY A. BRUSHCLERK OF COMONTGOMERY ot iro20TesIN THE COMMON PLEAS COURT OF MONTGOMERY COUNTY, OHIODIVISION OF DOMESTIC RELATIONSTARA J OWINGS Case No. 2009 DM 0009517 E NORMAN AVENUE SETS No. 7012277054DAYTON, OH 45405 Judge: DENISE L. CROSSDOB: 06/27/19584ST PETITIONER OBLIGEEandTARIQ A AL KARIMDECEASED 8/31/10DOB: 09/24/1949 ENTRY AND ORDER TERMINATING2ND PETITIONER OBLIGOR CHILD SUPPORT OBLIGATIONThis matter is before the Court for an Order terminating the child support obligation. Itappearing to the Court, based upon the attached documentation and/or prior Orders of the Court, thatthe child support obligation should be terminated.When health insurance is provided, the current child support order is for 1 child at $308.00 permonth per child. When health insurance is NOT provided, the current child support order is $290.00per month per child, and $65.00 per month cash medical support. There is a Notice/Order toWithhold currently in effect.The records of the Support Enforcement Agency show that the child support account does nothave an arrearage and that funds are being held pursuant to the General Order filed May 17, 1988.IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED AND THE SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT AGENCY SHALLADJUST ITS RECORDS ACCORDINGLY:1. The child support obligation is terminated as of August 31, 2010, The date of death of theObligor.2. An Order to terminate the Notice/Order to Withhold shall issue herewith.3. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED by the Court that the remaining Clerk administrative fees inthis action are hereby waived.Case No. 2009 DM 00095SETS No. 7012277054Page 2’ DENISE L. CROSS, JUDGENOTICE OF FINAL APPEALABLE ORDERCopies of the foregoing Entry and Order, which may be a final appealable order, were mailed toparties herein on the date indicated below, by regular mail. GREGORY A. BRUSH, Clerk of CourtsBy: SHARON HARNESS Date:10/1/2010/TE/LBW(oth ho) >) au so) hae‘STATE OF MICHIGANDEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY HEALTHCERTIFICATE OF DEATH 27277361 BECEDENT S NAME thon waar oer T DATE OF BIRTH ines Boy tor [SEX [DATE OF DEATH Gee Ox DeTariq Al-Karim Aug 24, 1949 ‘Avg 2/, 2010SNAMEAT BIRTH OR OTTER NAME USED FOR PERSONAL BUSINESS fe A Vou AGE tan Birtay [os UNDER TYEAR ~ [ée. UNDER DAY.Tames Baskeaville mr gy | memes oan peerFBGA Or BE Repeat ats" coco TELA on TOO DERT T OFBT_Henry Ford Hospital Detroit Wayne.Taree HosEL Rc ABCA ea sms oa AC TREY ND NBER ee Es‘STATE, Wayne rroavaua D] wecomonrnn sceigan 22160 Clevelandice OO rr er TRG RTARTA [BEGETS SEATON eSDTT eichic ne Se Soot48126 phia, "ister's DegreeA Tl eo a ar |S GRCERTRY wane ca ina on pope uae] HAN ONG] a WAS DORDET eWERPe Cimene Pow ian lant Ee al hes sen (ae a apply ances nan pp fawn 'S ARMED FORCES?Black African-American NO IS USUAL OCCUPATION Give tnd of wr aw] 16 KIND OF BUSINESS OR INDUSTRY i MARITAL STATUS” ar] 1 NAME OF SURVIVING SPOUSE (oop am ow RwOFafertng ht Dw te tne Marve. noone, Dares | int maraAccountant Financial Saidirriea Katherine Klima9 FATHER'S NAME (Fon sas av) 120, MOTHER'S NAME BEFORE FIRST MARIED om wilt landDon Robert Baskerville Clara WilliamsTia INFORMANTS NAME Tost 2b, RECATIONSHIP TO [31e. MAILING ADDIESS [vert ox Namow Paral Rowe ber Cov ov Wigs Sas CaerDeceDeNTRoselim Robinson Sister 3120 Princeton Lumbarton, NC 28360‘BE METHOD OF DISPOSITION [2a PLACE OF DISPOSITION (mane Geen. Cresion or wr aso) F238 LOCATION Cay o Vilage, See ‘nal cromBataan Rome Sorte aes)Burial Woodmere Cemetery Petroit, MichiganPE GCENSENUMEER [oo NANEANDAODRESSOTRNEAUMGUT 77700 W, Warren7180 juman Funeral Home Detroit, MI 48228{B onooReD bean ov Ta. TE ONDUNCEDAugust 31 220. 12:05 p “30, PLACE OF DEATH Gros, 31 TF HOSPITAL, tapens OnenoBerm Hame Hepa Anco nis) |” Enero Roo, BO oe-——_ <= fe SS pital inpatientTi bate Se dame | EEN EROINETS OnE AME OF TENDING na OnE TTR peo” Pom.September 1, 2010 {| 4301 093 62334 NAME AND ADDRESS OF CERTIFYING PHYSICIAN rim o rn)Tr Bly. i 48202emoet ND eat Oe on PB igsse Sorry, Lt =Ose36. PART I. Enter the cain af vena - dese, injrics or complicaions - tw Gfecly caotad he aan DO ROT cole teal eens ach ws carbs wien TPG WOES‘o*venincoltiblition witha! rowing the eulogy Enier only one ceo neSevere sepsis with multi system organ failure‘Ba TO (OR ASA CONSEQUENCE OFICH‘DUE TO om aS A GORSEGUENGE OF nen End-stage liver diseaseESE wr cece ‘BORO (OR AS A CONSEQUENCEsoem tae Ti DID TOBACCO USE SEF ENALECONTRIBUTE TO DEATH?PART NOM eNEnea CMON tng dx teu e wneting cme pene an.| ED We Cy noses [DME mn wns[Jee te fee — LS ae pt te en ehi DEATH «Accent. Soe, Homie Tix WAS AN ATTORSY | a WERE AUTOPSY FINDINGS AVALABLE35 WARNER OF vier 5lermiate oe Peng Sesh PRIOR TO COMPLETION OF CAUSE OF Nor ena opamp 1 eerwal id Pens ever DEATH? fs for mcr SeonNatural No unas teem wis he as eaeia Bae OF TRY Fam Teak OF ITURY | ale DESCRIBE HOW INTURY OCCURRED “Ta TOON AT WORK Yare ean | RS QRS RL [oe tacktow seentone Gn via onDevwonen ‘naps, Pema enc ans 100OF‘THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT THIS IS A TAUE AND CORRECT REPRODUCTION OF THE ORIGINAL RECORD AS RECORDED WITH THE DETROIT DEPARTMENTDD SECURITY PAPER DISPLAYING THE OFFICIAL SEAL AND SIGNATURE OF THE ISSUING AGENCY.HEALTH. DO NOT ACCEPT UNLESS PREPARED ON APPROVE! APER DISPLAYING THE OFFICIAL SEAm0 Mast, favsDatesMildred L. Johnson, RegistrarCity of Detroit Health DepartmentDepartment of HealthDeath Records

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Case No.

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February 25, 2009







  • KATHY L. ELLISONAttorney

  • KATHY L. ELLISON Attorney


  • SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT AGENCYChild Support Enforcement

  • TARA J OWINGS1st Petitioner

  • TARIQ A AL KARIM2nd Petitioner

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